Meet Digital Media Student Devonte Glover

Name: Devonte Glover

Campus: Los Angeles

Major: Digital Media

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am an inspiring digital media artist specializing in photography, motion graphics, editing and videography. A San Diego native, I just moved to Los Angeles about a year ago.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far?
My proudest accomplishment so far is landing my internships with FIDM as well as my internship with Mandate Records, which is based in San Diego. My team, The Creative Captivators, won the recent YouTube challenge at FIDM, which meant getting to work with youtube and google +. I was also very proud that my video for the challenge, which, in fact, was my first time ever shooting and editing video, received over 1100 views within the first week it was posted.

What made FIDM right for you?
Actually, I didn't know FIDM was right for me until I got here and actually started my major. Once I began to get deeper and deeper into the program, I discovered that I really had an undiscovered talent in the Digital Media industry. I also realized I had a unique style that would be greatly needed in this industry.  

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is my photography class, because my main passion is photography. I love being able to tell a story through one picture.

Are you interning/working in the industry?
I'm working with Mandate Records as a photographer, videographer, and motion graphic artist intern. I'm also working with FIDM as an editor.

What are your career goals?
My career goals as of now are to ultimately work as photographer and videographer for live events, as well as get into post production for a major network.



Just Accepted Fashion Design Student Wants to be a Designer With a Purpose

DSCN1427Just Accepted Fashion Design Student Grace An is an upcoming graduating high school senior who loves 1980s pop culture, dancing, and design. She already has experience creating apparel and hopes to one day be a designer with a purpose of helping others along the way.

"I got to be a part of the O'Neill Gen Next design competition, which was really cool. Although I partook in such a huge event, I'd say my proudest accomplishment was completing a small clothing line each year for our school's fashion show. That definitely took a lot of my effort and it was through that experience that I realized where my best interests for the future were."

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FIDM to Issue Adobe Creative Suite 6 to All Students This Summer


One of the many perks of studying at FIDM is continuous access to the latest and greatest innovations in design technology. This Summer, FIDM has announced that all new and currently enrolled students will receive a licensed copy of the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium.

The suite, which is set to release in June, includes Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, and InDesign CS6, among many others. In addition to this, all students in the Graphic Design and Digital Media programs will also receive the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection which includes Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, and Flash Builder 4.6,  just to name a few.  These suites will be included in the students' supplies and will help properly equip them to perform at a professional level.

"This software is at the heart of what we do," explains first year FIDM Digital Media Student Devonte Glover, from El Capitan High School in San Diego. "Now we'll have access to everything we need to work on projects for school and our career anywhere, at anytime."



Just Accepted Visual Communications Student is Competing for Miss California

529934_3625545637823_1691080238_nJust Accepted Visual Communications Student Heidi Uzelac is a Senior at Beverly Hills High School where she is president of the FIDM Fashion Club, cheerleads, and serves as a peer counseler.

"I love making art, following fashion blogs, designing clothes, watching movies, participating in pageants, and planning events. I am currently Miss Bel Air and am running for Miss California, USA next March. My platform is to raise awareness for heart disease which is the number one killer of people in Los Angeles. I became inspired to advocate for the American Heart Association after my mother suffered from cardiac arrest this past October."

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San Diego Computer Engineer Pursuing Passion for Graphic Design at FIDM

DanielleEastbergFull Name: Danielle Marie Eastberg

Age: 27

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN

Current City: San Diego, CA

Previous College History: I hold a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an M.S. in Systems Engineering. Time to change things around! I'm looking forward to being more creative.

FIDM Major: Graphic Design (Branding Track)

FIDM Campus and Start Date: I will be commuting between Orange County and L.A. beginning this Summer.

Admissions Advisor: Christina Haynes

Tell us a bit about yourself. I love photography, cooking, yoga, traveling (small towns, big cities, abroad), I get inspired by cooking/lifestyle blogs, nature walks, camping, and reading fiction. I also know the Thriller dance.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? I made the decision to leave my very stable corporate job and make a complete life transition in order to come to FIDM and pursue a career in the arts. It's the boldest move I've ever made, and I know it will be rewarding.

What made FIDM right for you? I want to start my own business designing websites and FIDM had the right blend of courses to give me the tools and structure for that. I also was floored by the students' final design projects and the successful careers I've seen coming from FIDM Alumni. I want all of that too!

Describe your entrance project. I designed a blog (header, social media buttons, layout, etc.) for a "Mixed Tape Project." This was a fictitious start-up I created where my client wanted to introduce a drag-and-drop playlist that included retro vector graphics of cassette tapes - where you could 'gift' playlists to friends. I designed the website to draw in a target market who would have respect for the vintage feel of an old mixtape, while embracing new technology. It was a blast!

What are your career goals? I 100% want to start my own business designing websites and e-book covers for bloggers and companies. I also draw comics, which would be fun to turn into a business if possible. Everything I want to do will benefit from understanding design theory and becoming a graphic designer.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? A friend once told me that "design school teaches you how to see." I expect to start paying closer attention to design in the world. I want to be able to have a critically trained eye to know what I like and what I would improve on. With these skills I want to start a business creating my own designs for other bloggers.



Just Accepted Visual Communications San Diego Student is Passionate About Art and Design

9Just Accepted Visual Communications Student Charmaine Lim will pursue her dreams at the San Diego campus this fall. The 18 year-old is an active Polynesian dancer, writes poetry, paints, sketches, and plays the guitar. She also has a YouTube Channel that has received more than 27,000 views!

"I am quite proud of myself for being accepted as a student at FIDM. I am proud that I am not afraid to pursue my goals and turn my dreams into my reality. I am proud that I was given this opportunity and that I took advantage of it, I am also proud that I am creating this process (because education is something you have to want) so that I can not only make myself proud in the end, but give thanks back to both of my parents who deserve a lifelong appreciation."

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FIDM Students/Grads to Meet With Three-Time Oscar-Winning Costume Designer

A special group of 15 FIDM Students and Graduates have been selected to get a first look at three-time Academy Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood's first-ever apparel collection. They will also get to spend time with the famed designer.

The 12-piece capsule collection, inspired by Universal Pictures' Snow White and the Huntsman, will be sold on HSN during a one-time multi-platform Shopping Event on May 30, 2012. Atwood is the costume designer behind films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Chicago.

Read an interview with Colleen in Harper's Bazaar UK.

Find out more about FIDM's Film & TV Costume Design program.



Just Accepted FIlm & TV Costume Design Student is a Talented Costumer and Cosplay Enthusiast

383660_200866506656924_143246695752239_441279_870751064_nFull Name: Avery Lynn Faeth

Age: 26

Hometown: Anaheim, California

Previous College History: AA in English from Fullerton Community College

FIDM Major: Film & TV Costume Design

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles campus, July 2012

Admissions Advisor: Sheryl Lewin

Tell us a bit about yourself. I am an avid costumer and clothing designer inspired by a range of media and genres. I have always been interested in creating my own looks and clothes, and that collided with my niche interest in what might be referred to as "subculture": sci fi, fantasy, cult classics, and horror. I love to take iconic costume pieces and make them into wearable, real-life items. 

This quickly translated into an interest in cosplay (costume play), which is replicating a character costume (typically from a video game or fantasy reference) for the purpose of display, competition, or recreation. Conventions for video games, anime, comics, movies, and television provide the perfect forum to show off a costume; and a worldwide community has grown out of these crafty fanatics.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My proudest moment has been winning the Blizzcon 2011 costume contest. At the annual convention for video games produced by Blizzard Entertainment, I designed and created a costume based on one of my favorite characters in Starcraft and Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. The Adjutant, a computer control center for the protagonist forces in the game, presented many unique design challenges that utilized my years of cosplay along with the technical trade skills I already possessed. 

The look of a half-woman, half-machine tested my creativity and innovation to pull off a look that was both convincing and wearable. As opposed to previous costume efforts, I tackled every aspect myself, from fabrication to engineering to makeup. The overwhelmingly positive response to the costume was especially poignant, since fans are usually the harshest critics and I won the approval of an entire convention. This was the first experience I had with costuming where the general consensus was that I had found my calling.

What made FIDM right for you? FIDM is an environment that will nurture my creativity while still treating it with the discipline necessary to turn it into a career. I have always wanted to do something creative for a living but the reality of managing that sometimes looked bleak. I kept myself busy in school and with job goals that were oriented with my interests in literature, but it was never particularly fulfilling. 

When I realized that there was an entire school based around honing my talents and letting them bud from a hobby to a life goal, I knew I had found the perfect fit for my education.

Describe your entrance project. My inspiration board was a collage of styles, images, and themes that have influenced me my entire life, not just in my design and fashion. My interest in a dark aesthetic, mortality, and the macabre definitely shapes my personal views as well as the way I like to present myself. Artists like Edward Gorey and Stephen Gammell were featured, over a backdrop of Renaissance anatomical sketches. 

Stylized character drawings from some of my favorite Disney films and Star Wars, represent my ideal of taking the character design to a personal level. I included pictures of anime characters whose costumes I have worked on or have in progress for conventions, as well as concept art of the three characters I have cosplayed as for Blizzcon. My sketches represented many different looks and styles. 

What are your career goals? My dream is to design and create costumes and makeup effects for sci fi and fantasy films and TV. I would love to be able to attach my name to designs that might possibly inspire future geeks like myself. The impact of a character's look or signature is so important, especially in media so dependent on visual styles such as comic books and movies. 

Beetlejuice's striped suit, Lilly's evil wedding gown from Legend, Wednesday Addams' collared dress -- these looks have become iconic and part of our collective subconscious, and they began with fashion and costume designers bent on thinking outside the box.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I expect to learn more of the actual hands-on skills I will need to improve my craft and sculpt it into a lifelong career. I look forward to the immersion into new ideas and styles, so I can further inspire my own creativity. I want to be able to bring my talents from the level of an amateur fan to that of someone who can do justice to the characters and images others have created. 



Just Accepted Merchandise Marketing Student Has Been Teaching in Japan for Two Years

456713_10150634801102891_531202890_9362227_491496076_oFull Name: Misty Ahmadi

Age: 23

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

Previous College History: B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley

FIDM Major: Professional Designation, Merchandise Marketing

FIDM Campus and Start Date: LA Campus, October 2012

Admissions Advisor: Joleen Harris

Tell us a bit about yourself. Like so many others, fashion was always been an interest of mine. I loved playing dress up, which lead to my interest in sewing. I also spent a lot of time sketching and painting. 

These hobbies led way into following designers, trends, and, eventually, marketing campaigns. While at UC Berkeley, I was able to take several classes on different aspects of marketing and I was instantly hooked. I owe a lot to my marketing professor for believing so much in a non-business major student.

Right after graduation, I moved to Japan to teach English. I have been so fortunate to call Japan my home for the past two years. I’ve had a truly amazing time living abroad and meeting people from so many countries. My students are hilarious, mischievous, and lively, to say the least! By living in Japan, I have been able to witness a foreign consumer market first hand. 

It’s been really interesting seeing retail companies such as UNIQLO trying to branch out globally, much like GAP or H&M has done. I owe to this experience my desire to continue working in a foreign environment. I’m a big collector of specialty magazines and photo books.  Inspiration can come from pretty much everywhere and I love having reference material from around the world.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Getting accepted to FIDM definitely ranks high in regards to my proudest accomplishments. It’s extremely reassuring to get accepted into your dream program! I’m also extremely proud of my participation in the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Programme. I’ve been teaching English to adorable elementary and junior high school students for the past two years in Kobe, Japan. 

It was very unnerving to move to a foreign country where I knew no one and didn’t speak the native language. Luckily, this job has been so much fun and I’ve been able to meet so many interesting students and teachers. Living abroad has definitely made me more independent, more culturally aware, and more determined to achieve my personal goals.

What made FIDM right for you? Simply put, FIDM matches my expectations of a marketing program. Professionals currently in the field teach classes and others who share similar types of passions surround you. There are a lot of opportunities for hands-on learning. The locations of the campuses are ideal for anyone who is interested in fashion.

The faculty, staff, and students I have had the pleasure of interacting with so far have all been so pleasant and it just really sets the stage for a fantastic program.

Describe your entrance project. I had to act as a store owner, describing not only the typical customer, but also five complete ensembles that the store would carry. Inspired by my time abroad, I created a shop that carried fashion collections inspired by different countries. I focused this particular collection around Japan. Each of the looks in the collection were inspired by famous cities in Japan and each ensemble was made up of brands that were famous in both the US and Japan, or specially made in Japan. 

The “typical customer” I was buying for was heavily inspired by where I saw my female friends being in a few years time: powerful professionals, working in urban settings, reflecting back on their time abroad, and looking for ways to keep their connections between countries strong.

What are your career goals? I want to work for either an international brand/retail store in the marketing or buying department or work at an international advertising agency in the future. The idea of marketing on a global scale is so exciting!

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I want to gain knowledge in current marketing trends, terminology, practices, and business relations. I want to be immersed in both the fundamental terminology and business practices of marketing, but I also want to be exposed to the quickly changing world of fashion. I’m looking forward to some really interesting and thought-provoking presentations from FIDM’s faculty.



Just Accepted Apparel Industry Management Student Owns Urban Wear Line R-me

412559_10150747854607398_377857712397_9439589_1993980595_oFull Name: Damir Gajiani

Age: 23

Hometown: OC/LA

FIDM Major: Apparel Industry Management

Previous College History: Cal State Fullerton

Admissions Advisor: Rose Mendez

Tell us a bit about yourself. At a very early age I was introduced to urban fashion companies such as Akademics, Sean John, Karl Kani, and many others. In the sixth grade my dad bought me an Akademics signature brown and orange color scheme t-shirt which sparked my interest in the field. Soon, I began shopping in stores buying more clothes similar in style. I wear these brands because they offer a special look and style that adequately expresses my individuality.

However, I realized fashion was more than just nice clothes. It is a way to be more comfortable in your skin as well as represent a lifestyle. My fascination evolved from buying and wearing clothes to acquiring certain shirts solely as collectibles. One of my most admired collectibles is a shirt by LRG, which depicts a silhouette of a man reaching out to a microphone. The shirt embodies a message that if one desires something in life they have to reach out and try to grab it. That is the way one can make a dream into a reality.

My hobbies include listening to hip-hop/rap music, reading magazines, playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and shopping for fly clothes. My interests are everything to do with hip-hop culture and looking fly (wearing nice clothes and learning about style). Everything is a inspiration to me but the biggest ones would be music, life experiences, and art.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My proudest accomplishments to date are getting my brand, R-me, in the hands of respected people in the music industry such as Lupe Fiasco, Dj Quik, and Mac Miller, plus many more. I'm also proud of creating the Mic Ring (pictured), a jewelry fashion piece that demonstrates music and fashion being parallel to one another.

What made FIDM right for you? FIDM is well known for providing students with the education and skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry. Pursuing a fashion career has always been my dream and I know FIDM will give me the skill sets necessary to achieve this goal.

Describe your entrance project. It was line sheets of my clothing line, calibrations I have done (Rock Da Bells official concert t-shirts, KIIS-FM book covers, etc.), and promotional products such as flyers, stickers, posters, and promo t-shirts. It featured all of the accomplishments I have achieved in my clothing line and future goals.

What are your career goals? After graduating from FIDM, I hope to use my education to manage and design my clothing brand and also continue to grow my father’s manufacturing company to its full potential. I want to take my brand from graphic t-shirts to a full line of apparel including knits, jeans, jackets, jewelry, and more.

I want to combine art and fashion together in a way that attracts people to my brand as one of their favorites, and to supply my brand to retailers. I also want to use my brand to sponsor concerts, skate events, musicians, athletes, and art galleries to raise awareness of pressing issues in society today. My goal is to get the proper education needed to successfully design my clothing company and take it to the next level by hopefully making it a strong part of street culture and hip-hop.
What do you expect to learn at FIDM? The education to run and structure my clothing line so it is set up for success. I expect to learn new technology that can be used to innovate.

Follow R-me on Twitter @rmeclothing



Just Accepted Interior Design Student Wants to Host Her Own Show on HGTV

Picture 2Full Name: Gwyn Salcedo

Age: 28

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Prior College: Cal State University, Fullerton

FIDM Major: Interior Design Professional Designation

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles, Summer 2012

Admissions Advisor: Susan Pope

Tell us a bit about yourself. Growing up in a strict Vietnamese household, I wasn’t allowed to do much outside of the house, so at a very young age, I found myself thinking of new ways to improve my interior living space and make it reflective of my personality and taste.

I didn’t have much freedom to do what I wanted, but I was fortunate that my parents allowed me to paint and decorate my room however I pleased. I didn’t realize it at the time, but they allowed me more freedom than I gave them credit for; they allowed me to use my bedroom walls as a blank canvas, and designing and decorating became my form of self-expression.

Although I’ve always enjoyed interior design, I never thought that I could make it a career for myself. I started college with my parent’s dream of becoming a doctor, only to quickly realize that I was not a fan of being a science major, and it clearly didn’t like me, either. So after graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Psychology, I accepted a job in business marketing because it was the perfect mix of business (a.k.a. financial stability) and creativity. 

But after spending seven years of working in the marketing industry, I realized that it wasn’t enough of a creative outlet for me and I needed more. I believe everything happens for a reason, and although I wish I pursued interior design at a younger age, I’m happy that I’m pursuing it now.

These days, you’ll find me painting the walls and decorating my first home that I share with my husband and dog, watching interior design shows on HGTV (until my better half forces me to change the channel), and sharing my love for interior design with my family and friends by inviting them over for dinner.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? It has been a long road, but I’m proud that I made the decision to pursue a career in something that I’m truly passionate about. I’m shocked that I’m actually taking this leap, but I know it’s the right thing for me because I haven’t been this happy and excited in a very long time!

What made FIDM right for you? I immediately fell in love with the interiors of the LA and OC campuses of FIDM the moment I walked inside.  The beautiful and well-designed space made me feel at home, and it also inspired me to do and learn more. While touring the campus, I learned that instructors at FIDM not only teach classes, but also work in the industry, and it was important to me that my instructors are current and up-to-date with industry standards. 

I believe that to be the best, you must surround yourself with the best, and I can’t think of anything better than to be around that all day long.

Describe your entrance project. For my entrance project I was required to design a residential living room space, complete with a color scheme that included small samples of materials, fabrics, and paint. While browsing tonline for inspiration, I saw a set of throw pillows that were a bright turquoise and chartreuse green. The bold colors brought me to a fun place, but also brought feelings of relaxation and calmness. Immediately, the colors brought back memories of blue skies and green trees from my travels, and I decided to incorporate that in my design. What’s better than feeling like you’re on vacation everyday in your very own living room?

I love taking old things and mixing them with new and modern pieces for an eclectic but cohesive style. I started off with the floors by using old reclaimed wood in a herringbone pattern for an Old World feel, such as the floors that you would see at the apartment that you stayed at while exploring Rome. I paired the floors with a neutral paint color and curtains to allow light in the room and keep it airy. 

The furniture consists of a couch and chairs that were a simple and modern style in an ivory color with tufting for texture. The turquoise and chartreuse green throw pillows offered a bold splash of color. I included accessories, such as an antique Louis Vuitton trunk repurposed as a coffee table and a collection of décor, that was purchased while traveling abroad. And last but not least, I included a world map wall decal as a focal point on the main wall. The overall theme represents the world traveler, and the design brings back memories of being on vacation.

What are your career goals? I would love to inspire others with creative ideas and help make their house feel more like a home. My ultimate goal is to have my own interior design show on HGTV and reach out to a broad audience on ways to improve and style their home.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I hope to learn everything that an interior designer should know and more! I’m looking forward to connecting with the FIDM community and learning from those who are working in the industry.

Follow Gwyn on Twitter @GwynSalcedo



Congratulations to the Karen Kane Little Black Dress Challenge Winners!

Karen Kane awards first place to Joshua Christensen

This year's FIDM DEBUT Runway Show featured a glamorous collection of Little Black Dresses designed by the eleven graduating students in FIDM's third year Advanced Study DEBUT program. The students worked with famed designer and FIDM Alumna Karen Kane, who chose three winning designs to be featured in an upcoming collection. "I thought it would be really interesting to give students a classic item, like the little black dress, and see how each would interpret such a timeless style," explained Karen. "It was fun to see what they came up with--sequins, open shoulders, embellishments. No two dresses were alike. It was really nice to see the wide range of creativity behind each dress." All three winning dresses will be produced under the Karen Kane label.

Karen Kane is sold in most major department stores and over 550 specialty boutiques across the country. Karen serves on the Advisory Board at FIDM, and generously offers The Karen Kane Scholarship, providing one student the opportunity to pursue his or her dreams in the fashion industry each year. "The campus is totally different and the curriculum has evolved in so many ways, yet some of the best instructors (like Mary Stephens--who taught me!) are still there," said Karen. "It's always inspiring to see how passionate and enthusiastic FIDM Students are."

First place winner Joshua Christensen’s design

Second place winner Tracy Moore's design


Third place winner Wensi Michelle Gao's design



Just Accepted Visual Communications Student is Finally Pursuing Her Passion

Lydia_Yun_Profile_PictureFull Name: Lydia Yun

Age: 25

Hometown: Irvine, CA

FIDM Major: Visual Communications

Start Date: July 2012

Admissions Advisor: Roxy DeGuzman

Tell us a bit about yourself. I'm a recent college graduate stepping into a completely new industry. It has always been just a "what if" idea of mine to do something I'm actually good at and enjoy. My true labor of love includes creating things with my hands and captivating those, like myself, with clever and unique ideas brought to life. I love to see my work on display and admired by others.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Applying to FIDM fits right up there on my list of accomplishments. It took a lot of courage and strength to completely step out of the traditional career route to follow a path lead by pure passion.

What made FIDM right for you? FIDM consists of many features that make it right for me. The small classes would give students like me an opportunity to work closely with the instructors. Also, the resources that are available on campus can certainly be beneficial.

Describe your entrance project. My entrance project was inspired by Anthropologie's unique way of using space to captivate wandering eyes. The first part of my project showed how simple the repetition of commonly used shapes can create a innovating wallpaper-like pattern. My interior and exterior displays were inspired by a spring theme, which consist of key descriptions such as growth, bloom, floral, colors, and more.

The interior design comprised of wooden pallet boxes, potted plants, metal water buckets, and lightbulbs -- altogether forming all the essential needs for growing. As for my exterior design, I used spools of thread that were attached to the displayed outfits, arranged to emphasize the the current floral collection.

What are your career goals? My career goal is to ultimately utilize my skills and talents in visual displays and set designs.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I expect to learn many skills and traits from FIDM. I hope it will open many doors of opportunity.



FIDM Student and Grads' Work Featured on Vogue Italia

F3ec2292-6ac5-4f6d-8973-2bcac0247590_IMGBeauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Student Olivia Martinucci recently did the makeup on a photoshoot for the brand Kid Dangerous. Little did she know that a photo from that shoot would be published on the Vogue Italia website.

The photographer, Neave Borzagi, is a Graduate of FIDM's Graphic Design Program and the stylist Jessica Ozette is a Merchandise Marketing Alumna. "The beauty industry is truly amazing," says Olivia. "I am so proud to say that I am part of this circle."



Just Accepted Graphic Design Student is an Award-Winning Artist

IMG_5037Just Accepted 18 year-old Graphic Design Student Quinn Palmer is already selling his artwork on his website, THESK.IN. His incredible digital creations have also won national art competitions.

"Because I'm working on my artwork with a spin towards the business aspect, FIDM really stood out to me as a school that's very up-to-date in the industry and could also train me in the aspects of business I need to make my company really take off."

Read the entire interview on FIDM's Daily Blog.



Catching Up With 2010 Designer of Tomorrow VisComm Scholarship Winner

Picture 1Name: Brooke Michelle Mumford

Major and Grad Year: Visual Communication, Summer 2012

Hometown: Houston

Scholarship won: DOT Visual Communication Scholarship for 2010

How did you feel upon hearing that you had won? I felt like I was at the top of a roller coaster.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Lugging all of my supplies on the first day.

What are your career goals? I'd love to become a stylist for a magazine company.

How has FIDM helped prepare you for your career? The curriculum and teachers aided me to boost my career.



Just Accepted Digital Media Student is an Award-Winning Video Maker

FIDM picJust Accepted Digital Media Student Daniel Franco was attracted to FIDM's curriculum and atmosphere. He liked the fact that his major would be a priority "from the get-go."

"So far, my proudest accomplishment has been recieving an award from AAA for a PSA I did in school. Out of all of southern California, my video was one of the 25 best. To think that someone thought my work was worthy of being top anything was an honor."

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



Just Accepted Fashion Design Student Has a Clothing Business With His Sister

MeFull Name: Remington Johnson

Age: 26

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Previous College: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - Architecture

FIDM Major: Fashion Design

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Orange County Fall ‘12

Admissions Advisor: Sheryl Lewin

Tell us a bit about yourself. I grew up playing a lot of sports. I lived in Lake Tahoe, NV during grade school and was on the ski team for many years. In high school, I played football, basketball, and volleyball. I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study architecture. I also joined the Cal Poly men’s club volleyball team. After a few years I took some time off. I moved to Mammoth Lakes for the winter and was a ski instructor.

Although I played a lot of sports, I still had to be fashionable. I always had to have the newest, craziest looking shoes or cleats. In football I had the visor, white gloves, and silver shoes that reflected like mirrors. If you went skiing with me you probably wouldn’t lose me. I’m a huge fan of neon colors on the slopes. Other than sports I enjoy art. I love painting, drawing, mixed-media art, sculpture, furniture, and computer graphics.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My senior year I received Scholar Athlete of the Year for University High School in Irvine. Since I was a jock, I thought the “manly” thing to do with art was to become an architect. Over the past year I have realized that I love fashion a lot more than architecture.

My sister and I started a business six months ago called He Had Swagger… and She Sparkled. We take donated or used items and upcycle or revamp them into more fashionable things. Our website features some of our items, but most of it can be seen at the Huntington Beach Art-a-Faire on Fridays.

I really enjoy the flexibility to design what I want. One week I’ll graffiti on shoes and the next I’ll use men’s button down shirts to make a dress. The best part about it is that everything is one of a kind.

What made FIDM right for you? Through my business I have realized there is so much more to learn about fashion business and design. For weeks I was going to the library and checking out books to teach myself. I ran out of books and I want more of a hands-on learning experience. I would also like advice and critiques from professionals. FIDM offers me that and so much more.

Describe your entrance project. I got my inspiration from the saying “lips sewn shut.” For my inspiration I took a 2’ x 3’ piece of glass and used mixed media art. I used papier-mâché to make a half-face on one side using scraps of poems, music, and colored paper. The other half I painted the face using lipstick. The lips were formed using pictures of lips and sewn shut with ribbon.

For the illustrations I based each one on a function or trait of lips. Kiss, Paint/Lipstick, Expression, Form, Seal/Close, and Pierced. For most of the looks I used strips of fabric to tie and sew the pieces to the body. I used fleshy tones with colors that “pop” to accentuate parts, just like lips.

What are your career goals? I want to one day design my own line. I also want to grow the outreach of my business to help people struggling with addiction, depression, and suicide. I know firsthand that life doesn’t always have a direct path and may come in the form of a blessing in disguise. I just want to help people struggling see that and realize it’s never too late to start over.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I want to learn about the different types of materials, methods of construction, and how to achieve the best fit. I would like to be more efficient at patternmaking. I also look forward to growing artistically. There are so many things, I could go on for a while.



Meet 2011's Visual Designer of Tomorrow Scholarship Winner

8-20-12Name: Taylor Mansfield

Major: Visual Communications

Campus and Grad Year: Los Angeles, 2013

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Scholarship won: FIDM's National Scholarship Competition, Visual Designer of Tomorrow

How did you feel upon hearing that you had won? I couldn't believe it at first. Once my advisor repeated herself a few times, it hit me. I fell to the ground and started crying. I was completely overwhelmed. I couldn't wait to call my parents and tell them the news.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? I'm proud that I have been able to maintain good grades in all of my classes and impress my teachers by putting all my effort into homework and projects.

What are your career goals? I would love to be an event planner someday; that is my dream job. However, I would also love to be a Visual Merchandiser or work on runway shows.

How has FIDM helped prepare you for your career? Many of my classes (sketching, trends, computer courses, survey of VCOM, etc.) will be very useful once I graduate. I will be able to apply everything I learn in the real world. Instructors have given me outstanding recommendations and my career advisor has helped me with my job search.



Just Accepted Visual Communications Student Wants to Design Windows and Concert Stages

IMG_2518Seventeen year-old high school junior Francisco Villasenor has already made his school's drumline, was voted Associated Student Body Leadership Class Secretary, and now he has been accepted to FIDM's Visual Communications Program. The Calexico, California resident will attend the San Diego campus in the fall of 2013.

"My career goals would be to work for a major designer designing campaigns or window displays, or work for a big artist designing their concert stages. I expect to learn the necessary skills required to carry out a successful career."

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



FIDM San Diego Students Compete in Live Draping Contest for Princess Project RUNWAY

Picture 2
FIDM San Diego Students recently had the opportunity to participate in the Princess Project RUNWAY Event. Five Fashion Design Students competed in a live draping contest at this annual event benefiting The Princess Project, which serves San Diego high school girls who might not otherwise be able to afford a prom dress and accessories.

A talented team of local style experts decided the winners, including Gordana Gehlhausen from Project Runway. The FIDM San Diego Students included Xylina Lim, Ryan Poole, Angeline Minocci, Lena Lollis, and winner Allan Huang.

View a gallery of photos at Ocean Sparrow Productions.



Just Accepted Student Worked on Fashion Week New Orleans

Picture 1Folsom, Louisiana native Kayla St. Blanc will be entering the Merchandise Product Development Program this summer. The high school senior recently worked on Fashion Week New Orleans. "I saw on Twitter that they were in need of interns," she says. "I sent  my bio, scheduled an interview, and hopped on board the FW NOLA team and we together created an unforgettable event."



IMPD Student Learns How to Design & Produce Fashion for the French Consumer

ImpdstudentTwenty-one year old FIDM Student Nicole Guerboian recently presented her International Manufacturing & Product Development (IMPD) Graduate Thesis Project to her fellow students, FIDM Faculty and Staff, and fashion industry professionals. She was one of thirteen students in the year-long, specialized program that included trips to Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong as they learned how to design for The Cherokee Group, an American lifestyle brand, targeting a French consumer.

Read Nicole's impressive story!



Vote for Two FIDM Alumni Who Are Top 20 Finalists in National Retail Contest

Vote for FIDM Alumni in This is Retail Contest 380px

Two FIDM Alumni are finalists in a national contest called “This is Retail,” sponsored by the National Retail Federation.  Merchandise Marketing Alumna Carla Santiago and Apparel Industry Management Alumnus Miguel Urias submitted videos about their personal experiences in the retail industry. They have been selected as two of 20 national finalists and they need your help to win up to $25,000!

Visit now to vote! You may vote up to 10 times for Carla and 10 times for Miguel every day. The first round of voting is April 3 - April 8.

Click here to vote for FIDM Alumna Carla Santiago who works at Brighton:

Click here to vote for FIDM Alumnus Miguel Urias who works at Password Athletics:

Carla, a buyer at Brighton, and Miguel, founder of Password Athletics and a Marine who served two tours of duty, worked with two FIDM Digital Media Students H.J. Chong and Bobby Cohen to film, edit, and develop the videos for the contest. The first place winner will receive $25,000, the second place winner will receive $15,000, and the third place winner will receive $10,000.

If both videos continue to be selected among the top 10 and top five finalists, there will be THREE different voting periods. Make sure to check back to see if Carla and Miguel continue to be selected as among the top 10 and top five finalist.

Read more about this contest on the Blog.



Merchandise Product Development Students Visit Paige Denim & Joe's Jeans

Nearing the end of our tour, I'll be honest, we were all a little tired but still excited to visit our last two companies. Before we visited Paige and Joe's we went to tour a wash house which actually was super neat! Again, everything we learn in class really does exist! (and I don't mean to sound dumb, but in class it's always hard to visualize what exactly it is you are learning!) We got to see everything from laser printing, to PFD's (prepare for dye), to lab dips and washing. For me, the laser printing was the coolest thing to see. They put a design/pattern into illustrator which then lasers it onto whatever they put in this machine. They were very generous at this wash house so I got to take some pictures of what we saw :)



Jeans before they're dyed or printed on








Before laser design





Once we were done at the wash house we headed over to Paige Denim in Culver City.


When we arrived, yet another FIDM Alumna Lara  (who works in PR), gathered us all and took us on a tour of the entire building. Compared to Levis, Guess, and 7 For All Mankind this office was on the smaller side, but still big! We got to hear from someone in every department. I found it interesting how many people from each different company had something similar to say which was, as simple as it sounds,  just to be open.  If you're close minded you may not reach your ultimate goal. Being open minded and taking that unexpected left turn, in some weird way, will most likely end up taking you to you back to your initial right turn plan. P.S, all the girls at Paige were super friendly! The office has such a great, family oriented vibe! 


Last stop... Joe's Jeans! This visit was particularly cool because we actually got to meet the CEO of the company, Marc Crossman, who was super friendly and showed us around the building which is where they do most everything. Along with Marc were two other girls, Antoinette and Alejandra. Side note - SO many employees at Joe's went to FIDM!

What I really loved about this company was that they all really do work as a team. We were told Joe is always in the office making sure everything is going smoothly and is very involved in his company which is nice to hear! Much like the other tours, we were shown each department from pattern making and sourcing, to PR and production. Again, everyone at this company was more than welcoming to us and so friendly! 


And that's a wrap! Our amazing and eventful journey has come to an end! This experience really opened my eyes as to how much hard work goes into making just one garment, let alone a whole collection, as well as maintaining a successful company. They all have such drive, passion, and focus and are seriously inspiring. Seeing them makes me so motivated and excited to go out and start working!

-Janessa Landeen



Merchandise Product Development Students Visit Guess & 7 For All Mankind

Today marked day 2 of our tour! We started off early in the morning at Guess Inc. and let me just say we all fell absolutely in love with their campus. The building was stunning with a modern design and with tons of beautiful art. When we arrived, we were walked up to a conference room with glass windows all around that looked down over all the design desks with fabric and inspiration boards sprawled around. In the conference room there were goodies at each seat for us to take with us (so sweet!) We were then presented with a video on the history of Guess which was so inspiring!


Once we were finished in the conference room we were taken around the building and our first stop was the in-house laundry and finish lab. We got to talk with Beau Lawrence, Director of Product Development (and FIDM Alumni) and got the lo-down of what his duties are and how he made his way up. We were then shown a demo of how whiskering and sanding on denim is done and got educated on the entire wash process which was so interesting! Unfortunately much of what we saw was not allowed to be photographed.

Something that really stuck with me when I asked Beau if he could give us one piece of advice, was to "be flexible." Basically what he meant in so many words, was you may have your mind set on one specific goal, which is great, however in this industry you always need to be ready to make a left turn when you were initially preparing to make a right, which I really do believe is true.

From there we got the opportunity to talk with Charles Sands, Head of Men's Design, (and FIDM Alumni) where we were shown the inspiration board for Spring 2013 - so amazing. Charles was incredibly inspiring because he has accomplished so much thus far at such a young age. He was very honest with us about how the fashion industry is not easy, and you truly have to be passionate and love what you do.

After the first half we got to eat with all the employees at their in-house cafeteria/restaurant (so tasty!) then were shown the company's mock stores which are basically fake stores that are created and designed for all the Guess stores around the world to "mock" so they all end up looking the same.  Seeing the Guess headquarters was an amazing experience, and to say the least, I would love to work there! :) 


One last thing I forgot to mention, when we were talking with the HR Director she told us that when you come in for an interview, show your personal style - use common sense. Most employers in the fashion industry won't want you showing up in a business suit. You want to put your best foot forward and always have a positive attitude to show them that you are up for anything and willing to take on any and all tasks. Thought I'd pass that piece of advice on to everyone :)  

Once we finished at Guess we headed over to 7 For All Mankind. Again, much of what we saw was not allowed to be photographed. When we arrived we were shown around their offices and manufacturing facility by a guy named Ryan who was also a FIDM Alumni. (I'm telling you, so many of the people we met were FIDM Alumni's!)



This is where they do all their sewing, cutting, embroidery, etc. Seeing this was really cool because learning what we do in class for Product Development is one thing, but actually seeing it in person is a whole other exists in real life, not just a book! After we were done with this tour we headed back to their conference room, asked a few questions, and got a really cool portfolio case!


Back to Downtown LA we go again where we headed to dinner at Bottega Louie! Let me just paint a small visual for you....

Ten of us leaving our last tour, herding on a small bus, all exhausted. Cut to 5 minutes later, almost everyone on the bus sleeping. But once we arrived at the restaurant, got situated and put some food in our bellies, everyone came back to life! Man, how food can change everything! 



To be continued...



-Janessa Landeen



New Graphic Design Portfolios and a Special Digital Media Event on

Check out what’s new on the Blog:

It’s portfolio week on the Blog and we're showcasing new portfolios by FIDM Graphic Design/Branding and Graphic Design/Entertainment Graduates! Check out the portfolio gallery here.

Graphic Design/Entertainment Grad Nicole Antonian Designed Live-Action Movie Posters for her Favorite Disney Films

Graphic Design/Entertainment grad Nicole Antonian presented her final portfolio last week. One of her favorite projects was a modern day, live-action entertainment campaign she developed for five of her “all-time favorite” Disney films: Tinker Bell, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty. Read more about Nicole on the Blog here.

FIDM Students Get 50 Percent Discount for "Sounds Like Music," An Event for Digital Media Students & Pros on March 25

Known for his innovative approach to sound design and music composition, sound professional Diego Stocco will be conducting a special presentation along with composer, Nat Evans, at an upcoming networking event hosted by The Art of Music– an event series dedicated to the “criminally overlooked specialty of music for film, TV, video games and other media.”

FIDM Students get a 50 % discount on tickets (original price is $20.00) using the promo code “FIDM” at checkout.  Read more about this great event on the Blog here.

New Portfolio: Graphic Design/Branding Grad Lauren Corallo Hired as Jr. Graphic Designer upon Graduation

While earning her Graphic Design degree with an emphasis on Branding at FIDM, Lauren Corallo also worked as an intern at Undefeated Creative, a creative studio founded by FIDM Alumni in downtown Los Angeles. The firm specializes in graphic design, digital media, branding, marketing, e-commerce, photography, and social media management with a focus on the fashion and entertainment industries.

Read more about Lauren on the Blog here.



Merchandise Product Development Students Visit Levi Strauss on Day 1 of the Denim Study Tour

Wow, where do I even begin. Today was the first day of the Denim Tour and I can't even tell you what an amazing time we all had. This was my first time visiting San Francisco and let's just say I had a great first impression of the city and all it has to offer. We started bright and early at the FIDM San Francisco campus!

                        For those of you who haven't been, it is totally different than the campus in LA; definitely more quaint. However they are in the center of everything; Barney's across the street, Armani Exchange and Macy's next door, and Forever 21 down the street (talk about convenient shopping ;-)). We got to take a look at their library and let me tell you, it is absolutely to die for! Not to say our library at the LA campus isn't amazing, but the one in San Fran is modern, bright, and has amazing views of the city! (P.S. The whole 8th floor of the library is now in use as three separate condos, kind of cool!) 


Next up, Levi Strauss!


When we first arrived at the Levi campus, I was in complete awe. It exceeded every expectation I could have had. Sprawling acres of beautiful trees, large brick buildings, glass windows, and employees dressed considerably casual (most in Levi's of course!).




Once we landed in the lobby, we were greeted by a wonderful lady, Lynn Downey, Levi Strauss's historian who then led us into a "top-secret" room which contained Levi jeans dating all the way back to 1880 (the oldest pair of jeans - so cool!). Lynn shared an abundance of her knowledge with us, including how Levi Strauss & Co came about. I wish I could share all we learned today, but I wouldn't know where to begin or end! Unfortunately much of what we saw today was not allowed to be photographed, but here are some photos that I can share with you :)








After the amazing presentation by Lynn, we were lucky enough to eat inside the Levi headquarters at their cafeteria, which was so tasty! Tostadas, salad, burgers, sandwiches, and an assortment of drinks? Wouldn't mind working there!


The second part of our eventful day was a presentation by Senior Design Director of Women's Levi Brand, Jill Guenza, who was an absolute pleasure to meet! Now, this was probably my favorite part. I can't get into much detail, however, we had the great fortune and opportunity to have a peek at the Fall 2013 collection and boy let me tell you, it was such a treat (better than any kind of shopping spree, chocolate, candy, or treat you can think of!).


As our lovely tour came to an end, we did what most people would do in our situation...went shopping in the Levi Strauss store located conveniently in the lobby!


And that concludes day 1! After a fabulous, exciting, and eventful's back to LA where we continue our journey!




To be continued...


-Janessa Landeen

FIDM Merchandise Product Development Student



Vote for FIDM Graphic Design Student in Design Competition

00cf79b7b07c00d8c633e1f3ef4c7945Graphic Design Student and FIDM Tumblr blogger Angelica Villegas is in competition to design the cover of PlayStation Access Magazine.

"What better way to illustrate the world domination of gaming than with a play on the renowned commercial that introduced the revolutionary Macintosh® computer to the world?" asks Angelica.

Vote here through April 5, 2012.



Just Accepted Fashion Design Student is Transitioning From College Athlete to Designer

155265_10150313617540640_689490639_15739040_6837317_nFull Name: Katharine Seto

Age: 22

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Year in School: Senior Year at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania

FIDM Major: Fashion Design

FIDM Campus and Start Date: LA Campus, October 2011

Admissions Advisor: Shirley McDonald

Tell us a bit about yourself. I grew up in California and I have spent the last four years going to Bryn Mawr College just outside Philadelphia. I chose to leave California because I was given a chance to play soccer and get substantial playing time as a freshman. Over the last four years, I was given the chance to grow up and grow out of being an athlete and into being a more creative person.

I am a fine arts major right now and scheduled to graduate in May. Right now I am working on my senior thesis. For it, I am printing fabrics and making handbags out of them.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? I have had the chance to work in New York City for a private label company that did work for companies like White House Black Market and Saks' Men's Department.

What made FIDM right for you? I think FIDM is the right one for me because I am originally from California and I have had the chance to spend four years in Pennsylvania and I have found that I ultimately want to be back in California.

Describe your entrance project. My entrance project was inspired by the idea of a California winter. Lucky for us, California does not have seasons like the east coast does and I love this. The color scheme was based upon pastels with baby blue linens, light pink chiffons, and minty green linings.

What are your career goals? In the end, I hope to be the head designer of a major fashion company. I also would not be opposed to starting my own company if the opportunity came up.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? Going to FIDM, I expect to learn pattern making, construction, and marketing my finished product.



The Story of Just Accepted FIDM OC Student Lauren Bowyer Will Inspire You

313372_240459379325185_100000833735270_613050_2927280_nSixteen year-old high school junior Lauren Bowyer is a Just Accepted Student for Visual Communications. The Orange County native hopes to be a successful fashion stylist and considers getting into FIDM one of her proudest accomplishments. She is also living with Type 1 Diabetes:

"In August of 2010, I suddenly found out I had Type 1 Diabetes. I was in the ICU for three days. Prior to my diagnosis, I suffered from depression because of all the changes I went through. I have made my medical complications part of my daily routine and am coping with my disease. My story is unique because I have turned my life around in a positive way. My aunt went to FIDM and I am looking forward to following in her footsteps!"

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



Denim Study Tour Kicks Off Next Week--Follow It All on the Blog!

421726_10150689616667853_718927852_11458042_454225531_nHey, everyone, my name is Janessa! This is my first go at writing a blog post for FIDM, so I'm super excited!

I'm currently finishing off my third quarter of Merchandise Product Development (yay!). Coming into the Winter quarter I was graciously invited to be apart of the Premier Product Development Group, which was created for Product Development students who are high achievers and recommended by their teachers. In this group, we get really cool opportunities such as the one I'm about to let you in on!

Next week, 10 members of the group will have the opportunity to visit some of the most successful denim companies in the industry, meet with professionals, and get a priceless behind-the-scenes experience of what goes into running a successful denim company.

Most of us are arriving in San Francisco early in the morning next Tuesday (the 20th), however we officially kick off the Denim Study Tour bright and early on Wednesday! We head back to L.A. Wednesday night and finish the week off in the heart of Downtown. I will be updating everyone on what's going on throughout this process!

Check back next week for pictures, updates, and more :)

-Janessa Landeen




DECA FIDM Challenge 2011-2012

Participants in FIDM's DECA Challenge were tasked to help to further the awareness and understanding of sustainability in textile related products by creating a runway worthy garment using previously used fabrics or garments. Participants then created a marketing campaign focusing on sustainable fashion. The cost of materials to create the garment could not exceed $20. Challenge participants then made presentations to FIDM executives and instructors via videos posted on YouTube.

After evaluating all entries, FIDM has announced the top 3 entries:


First Place: Southwest Career and Technical Academy - Mikayla Marrujo, Cassidy Simpson, Valeria Martinez (shown above)

Second Place: Apponequet High School - Brian Catalano, Stefan Lundberg, Alex Misodoulakis

Third Place (Tie): Encinel High School - Emani Pollard, Troy Clinton, Brittany Benedetto and Southwest Career and Technical Academy - Sheila Diezmo, Gaby Jauregui

The top three teams will be recognized on stage at DECA's International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City. The grand prize winning team will be awarded a travel stipend to attend the International Career Development Conference.



Just Accepted Visual Communications Student is Performing at Carnegie Hall This Spring

108_1382Just Accepted Visual Communications Student Marissa Choy is a leader at her San Francisco high school, artist, and singer who will be performing with her choir at Carnegie Hall this spring. The high school junior hopes to one day work as a top stylist or fashion editor at a high profile magazine.

"I hope that FIDM can broaden my understanding of the more technical side of fashion, as well as help me use my creative skills and apply them to fashion. I want to learn how technology is used in fashion, and how to communicate with others in the industry."

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



Just Accepted Jewelry Design Student is a Champion Ice Skater

FIDMJust Accepted Jewelry Design Student Mackenzie Joy Ellsworth is a standout student at her high school in Sacramento and is a competitive ice skater.

"I am about to graduate from the International Baccalaureate Program at Mira Loma High School in Sacramento, CA. I just attended National Synchronized Ice Skating Championships in Worcester, Massachusetts with my team Sierra Storm. We were ranked 12th in the nation by the US Figure Skating Association!

Despite my seemingly busy life, I have always found time for my jewelry. When all of my other interests have faded and changed, jewelry has remained constant in my life. I started making jewelry when I was 11 years old with the help of an American Girl book on how to make paper clip jewelry. By the time I was 13, I had begun selling my jewelry to friends and family.

I haven't stopped since and I have enjoyed every second of my progress. I have moved on from paper clip jewelry to learning how to do beadwork and even solder metal with a master jeweler."

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



Just Accepted Fashion Design Student Wants to be a Children's Fashion Designer

DSC01050Full Name: Paige Baldwin

 Age: 23

 Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

 FIDM Major: Fashion Design

 FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles, Fall 2012

 Admissions Advisor: Kristen Chocek

Tell us a bit about yourself. I'm a new mom, covered in mashed-up bananas, divulging myself in my online store. I love the opportunity I have to stay home with our son, and focus on my new business, thanks to my loving fiance. I find myself constantly obsessing with ideas for new clothes and paying an unnatural amount of attention to the details in many of my own clothes. When I'm not playing house or sewing my soul away, I can often be found in yoga class, which is my ultimate escape.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My son, Nixon, is by far my proudest accomplishment. It is amazing to watch him grow and discover something new every day; he is the motivation behind most of what I do. A few other things that I feel proud of include my Etsy shop, OAKscarves, and a charity project that I have started for our local Ronald McDonald House.

These things allow me to get some of my ideas out in "the real world" as well as help others. And, of course, being accepted to FIDM is also amongst these other accomplishments. This will be the next stepping stone along the path of something great to come!

What made FIDM right for you? I believe that FIDM can give me more than just the technical skills that I need, and this is why it is my primary choice over many others. The abundant resources here give me all the tools necessary to become successful in the fashion industry. Most importantly, emphasis is placed on teaching the skills that I will need to be successful in my future work environment.

I will be exposed to an extensive fashion community, and the direct involvement that FIDM has with the fashion trade will be instrumental in my ability to network with others in my field of interest. I also love the emphasis that is placed on encouraging its students to be creative. It is this encouraging nature that proves to me this is where I will learn to become successful in the fashion industry and be able to achieve my goal of becoming a children's fashion designer.

Describe your entrance project. The application included an inspiration page and six sketches. My inspiration page was a collection of natural colors, like turquoise, tan, and coral, and children from Africa, mixed with new runway fashions. I used this inspiration page to create a collection of three girls' and three boys' outfits for an approximate age group of 8-12 years. I would compare the style of these outfits to a style you might find at Anthropologie.

What are your career goals? My hope is that by becoming a successful children's fashion designer, I will one day have the privilege of traveling to underdeveloped communities to make clothes for the children in those communities, while learning about their culture and environment. I then want to use the influences of their cultures as inspiration to create new clothing design. I believe it is very important to use the talents you were given to help others, even if it is in a small way.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I am excited to learn how properly sketch my designs and present them, draft up patterns, and, in general, learn how to formerly present a lot of my creativity in a way that others can wear and enjoy!

Follow Paige on Twitter @oakscarves.



FIDM Grads Talk to Students About Their Careers as Honeydew Intimates Designers

12031j_MPD Premier Group_DSC_6443Honeydew Intimates Designers and FIDM Grads Meredith Grier (center) and Claudia Chioda (left) addressed a special group of FIDM Students last week about their paths to success, plus they gave a sneak peek at Honeydew's beautiful upcoming collection.

Launched in 2002, Honeydew Intimates is one of the leading intimate apparel brands, available at Nordstrom, Dillard's, and Bloomingdale's. How does someone pursue a job there? If you follow Meredith's advice, you become an expert at being persistent. But, of course it must first be backed up with experience and a superior education.

12031j_MPD Premier Group_DSC_6447-EditMeredith graduated in December 2010 with a degree in Merchandise Product Development and has been working in the industry for a year. As a student, she heeded the advice of her FIDM Instructors and got internships in the field of her interest. She worked as a stylist and as an assistant at an activewear company, where she gained valuable technical experience. She then turned her focus towards the intimate apparel industry and began to pursue Honeydew Intimates. Every time she updated her portfolio, she notified the owner of Honeydew. After repeated contacts with the company, she was called in for an internship. Ninety days after she started, she was offered a position as Assistant Designer. Her latest designs were recently featured on renowned trend forecasting site Stylesight, and will be sold at Nordstrom and Dillard's. She impressed upon the students the importance of learning fit, construction, fabrication, and draping at FIDM.

Claudia Chioda graduated from FIDM's Fashion Design Program in 2006, and worked at several different well-known fashion brands before landing her job at Honeydew Intimates. She interned at BCBG and Shag Downtown, where she gained a wide range of fashion industry experience. Shag hired her upon graduation, then she went to Lily et Cie, followed by James Jeans in Vernon. She has now been at Honeydew for the last two years.

Meredith said, "My education at FIDM was so amazing. It absolutely prepared me for what I'm doing now."

FIDM's Premier Product Development Group has special access to guest speakers and networking opportunities throughout the year. Academically superior students qualify to join this exclusive group.



Merchandise Product Development Student Meets Designer Betsey Johnson

P2150697Merchandise Product Development Student Susie Vargas recently had the opportunity to attend MAGIC, where she met designer Betsey Johnson. "I was given the opportunity through the Premier Product Development Group and I learned a lot!" she says. "I feel like I really got to fully understand the process of selling your product and how much effort and thought is put in to it." Susie attended seminars and a lecture from author Charlotte Smith. "We were also able to attend a fashion show which was really fun! It was also an amazing opportunity to network," she adds.

"I was able to have a quick meet and greet with Betsey Johnson and was able to take a picture with her -- I was so excited and nervous! I told her that I was a student at FIDM and that I admired her work." Susie, who is a huge fan of the designer, says that FIDM has given her opportunities she never could have imagined, including internships at BCBG and Halston. 

"FIDM has just been so amazing because I honestly feel like the instructors, staff, and department really want you to succeed because they are all so helpful and provide the students with so many resources!" she says. Susie will graduate in June and aspires to be an assistant designer for a denim company or for the women's contemporary market and eventually develop her own brand.



Just Accepted Fashion Design Student is a Talented Artist

IMAG1038_wonderJust Accepted Fashion Design student Dina Dennaoui taught herself to draw six years ago and now has an incredible portfolio of digital illustrations. Her love of art translated to a passion for fashion.

"I chose to apply to FIDM because, I believe, given my interests and dedication that FIDM is an ideal school for me. I'm passionate about fashion design and no other school has really captured my heart as much as FIDM did. I was impressed with how actively the school encourages students to be dedicated to their field of study through all the wonderful opportunities, and the many connections the school had with the actual fashion industry. I truly felt that this would be the best school for me."

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



Just Accepted Interior Design Student Inspired by FIDM Alumni Parents

IMG_48500Just Accepted Interior Design Student Elizabeth Jabs has known about FIDM her entire life. Her parents are both FIDM Graduates (who met while in college) and own United Interiors, a company that employs Alumni. The Chino Hills, California native will start her studies at the Orange County campus this Fall.

"Both of my parents are Alumni from FIDM so I was automatically interested from all of their comments on how amazing the school is. But as I researched the school, I found out that it has so much to offer to me and has all that I need to be successful. When I took a tour of the Orange County campus I was astounded at the complexity and how different the campus was. I knew as soon as I set foot in the doorway that it was the school for me.  Looking at the classrooms, the libraries and everyone at FIDM who wants to help you succeed, I was so excited to learn more and start my career in interior design."

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



Top 10 2012 News Stories about FIDM & The Entertainment Industry

BeyonceTalk about being "on location!" FIDM's L.A. Campus is strategically placed in the heart of the Entertainment industry. Our students and grads have many unique opportunities to work with, learn from, and even design for, some of the industry's hottest movers and shakers. If these recent news items are any indication, it's going to be an amazing year!

10. Grad Who Worked on Dexter and Lie to Me Nominated for Costume Designer's Guild Award

9. FIDM Students Attend a Conversation with Martin Scorcese and Private Screening of Hugo

8. Drew Barrymore Wears Scarf by Alumna Chan Luu

7. Project Runway Season 9 Stars Visit FIDM

6. Grad Hosts HGTV's Design on a Dime

5. Top Hollywood Costume Designer Mona May Visits the L.A. Campus and Meets with Students

4. Alumna Is Contestant on NBC's Fashion Star

3. Grad Is Textile Artist for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Movie

2. Alumna Worked on Oscar-Nominated Film The Artist

1. Beyonce Wears Dress by FIDM Grad Monique Lhuillier

Update: A recent FIDM Grad is credited at a Costume Design intern on The Hunger Games!

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