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10 Top Fashion Videos For Prada, Chanel & More

Carapharrellchanel copy

Need a quick jolt of visual inspiration? In addition to the current or soon-to-be-released feature films on Dior, Yves St. Laurent, and she of the big accessories, New Yorker Iris Apfel, Business of Fashion has compiled their top 10 designer videos of the season. Top picks include Chanel with Pharrell Wiliams and Cara Delevingne, and Kendall Jenner for Dazed & Confused. The Dior video was shot in that exotic fashion locale—the Los Angeles suburbs.



Industrywatch: Digital Jobs Drive LA Economic Growth

Digi jobs copy

"A surge in digital entertainment jobs from new online shows on Amazon, YouTube, and other new media outlets has helped drive employment in Hollywood to the highest level in a decade," according to a business report in the Los Angeles Times. With data backed by Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., the Times reports that 8,000 new jobs were added last year, bringing annual growth to 6.5%.

FIDM's Digital Media major prepares grads for careers in digital entertainment.

photo credit: Los Angeles Times



Trends: Influential Style Bloggers Connect in California

Chiara-2 copy

Aspiring style bloggers take note: nearly half of today's top 20 personal style bloggers are based in California. Fashionista's latest list, based on data like number of social followers, brand extensions, ability to sell products, and Google standing, starts with Los Angeles-based Chiara Ferragni's Blonde Salad, Aimee Song's Song of Style, and Wendy Nguyen's Wendy's Lookbook—and goes on from there, including San Francisco and Orange County-based writers. Makes sense with the concentration of entertainment, fashion, and media headquarters on the West Coast.



Jonathan Gitlin Promoted to President of Television and Gaming at Create Advertising Group


Digital Media Alumnus Jonathan Gitlin has enjoyed a thriving career at Creative Advertising, an award-winning agency known for creating key art for the entertainment industry, since graduating from FIDM in 2006. The company recently announced that Jonathan has been promoted to Partner and President of Television & Gaming Advertising. 

After graduating from Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, he obtained a BA from UC Santa Barbara before pursuing a degree in Digital Media. Jonathan was the 2005 FIDM Designer of Tomorrow Scholarship winner, and received the Outstanding Digital Media Student award at his 2006 graduation.



Interview: FIDM Design Grad Reggie Aguiluz on Inspiration

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview FIDM Alumnus Reggie Aguiluz about his journey from FIDM classroom to downtown LA showroom. Watch as he talks about his inspirations and offers advice for students pursuing a career in the industry. Learn more about Reggie's line at

Sharing someone's story through video and digital storytelling is such a passion of mine. Hope you are all inspired to be creative and passionate in everything you do because passion and perseverance will truly help you "defeat the odds."

by FIDM Student Brianna Kim, a second year Digital Media major.



Grad Designs Titles for Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Interview)


Name: Justin Hamilton

Major: Digital Media

Title: Lead VFX Designer

Company: Greenhaus GFX

Tell us about your role as Lead VFX Designer. That means that anytime we have to be on set to supervise a shoot involving VFX I'll be there. I'll also coordinate and complete any work that must be done in post. When we aren't working on a job with VFX I'm always excited to jump in on the design phase of any campaign we work on. In my case, this usually involves creating a healthy amount of 2D and 3D elements that I can use to create some initial style frames. Some recent highlights are designing the Guardians of the Galaxy and Maleficent main titles. 

We hear you recently worked on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles as well. For the animated title sequence at the end of TMNT, I designed the initial style frames and animation that were approved by Director Jonathan Liebesman, Michael Bay, and the rest of the crew behind the film. I couldn't have done it without my team here at Greenhaus and the beautiful illustrations based on the film done by Rudi Liden. I was about to get married, so fellow FIDM Grad and Art Director Kyle Brosius took the reigns from there to see the project through to completion. I was beyond impressed with the final piece when I returned!

What do you enjoy about this type of work? For design work I love coming up with looks, concepts, and ideas that can work to help push a project artistically or from a marketing standpoint. In our field, we are always creating the most beautiful imagery possible in an artistic and technical sense and it's a blast to find that look that marries perfectly with the project. In the case of TMNT, I was stoked to nail down a look and animation style for the team so that they could use that as a guide to create the rest of the piece while I was away.

For VFX work, the joy is usually creating something that blends so perfectly with footage that the viewer cannot tell that it was added in post. I have a side that is creative/artistic and another side that is more technical/scientific and this type of work allows me to bring those together.



Meet FIDM Social Ambassador Brianna Kim


Get to know FIDM Social Ambassador Brianna Kim, a Digital Media Student at our Los Angeles campus. Follow Brianna on Twitter @FIDM_Bri  for live updates about her life as a student at FIDM.

Q&A with Brianna:

Hometown: “Orange County, California.”

Describe your style: “I have a pretty conservative, but still really classy style.”

Currently listening to: “I listen to mostly Korean music and a lot of the Korean artists from the ‘90s are coming back, so currently I am listening to an R&B duo called Fly to the Sky.”

Favorite brands: “I am not really big on brands for clothing, but I really love Michael Kors handbags.”

An icon who inspires you: “Jeremy Lin, not only because he is pro athlete, but because he is bold about showing his faith and religion.”

Favorite place to eat in DTLA: “I don't have an all-time favorite place to eat, but how can you go wrong with In-N-Out in SoCal? I also love this build your own pizza place called Blaze Pizza.”

Dream job: “I feel like I am still learning about what career paths there are in digital media. But one dream job that I have is to go work in Korea in the entertainment industry and work on k-pop music videos or the Korean TV shows.”

Best advice for FIDM Students: “Passion, attitude, and talent. This was actually something my Department Chair, Gene LeBrock, once said to our class. 'When you are passionate, it really shows through your work and people will see that.'”

LA’s best kept secret: “Laguna Beach. Newport Beach. Dana Point Harbor (and maybe even In-N-Out?)" 

Your FIDM experience in three words: “Fun, challenging and growth.”

You know you went to FIDM when…: “you choose to take the stairs instead of the elevators.”

More about Brianna:

“My name is Brianna Kim, and I am currently a Digital Media student at FIDM. I recently just finished my first year. Just a few random facts about me… I am an only child and I was born and raised in the OC. I love to sing and I love music, especially Korean music. My all-time favorite TV show is One Tree Hill. For me personally, I place great importance on my Christian faith and my family. At first, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after high school, but I started taking some graphic design classes and started making videos for my church and I really enjoyed it. So I decided to apply to FIDM and do what I loved. And I am so glad that I decided to attend FIDM because I genuinely enjoy what I am doing and having so much fun learning. Every day at FIDM, I am learning something new and exciting and every day I am learning more about myself and how I can grow as a person to be successful in life overall. I truly enjoy meeting new people and talking/interacting with people and building relationships. Many people believe that I am a conservative person, but one of my goals at FIDM is to really become more adventurous when it comes to projects and experiences. I really want to expand myself and see what I can do. I want to be able to take more risks and really try new things that I have never even thought of. One thing that I have learned here at FIDM is that passion makes a huge difference. When you are passionate about what you do, everything else will fall into place. When you are passionate, you are inspired. When you are passionate, it means you love what you do.”

Connect with Brianna:

Twitter: @FIDM­_Bri

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors:

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here. Get to know more FIDM Social Ambassadors here.



Trendwatch: Graphic Designers Reinvent Movie Studio Logos

Skydance logo copy

Six animated logos for entertainment industry production companies are featured in a New York Times roundup of creative screen logos—the less-than-a-minute sequences that play between the major studio logo and film title in a movie's opening credits. Not to be outdone by the major studios "powerful production companies and financiers have increasingly followed suit with elaborate cinematic logos of their own," says the Times. Featured logos include: Skydance, Jerry Bruckheimer, Seth Rogen's Point Grey Pictures, and more.

The FIDM Graphic Design program offers an Entertainment Industry option.



FIDM Grad Designs Special Edition Label for Cetaphil


FIDM Digital Media Graduate Jassamine Domino, who suffers from the chronic skin disease epidermolysis bullosa, has designed a special edition label for a jar of moisturizing cream manufactured by Galderma for its Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. As a child, Jassamine attended Camp Wonder for several years, funded by The Children's Skin Disease Foundation and supported by Galderma, and later now serves as a camp counselor.

The special edition moisturizing cream is available at CVS.

The Keene Star has the full report.



Just Accepted Student Marlee Christy Wins OC Cappies Award for Best Lighting Design

Marlee Christy

Name: Marlee Christy

Age: 18

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Major: Digital Media

Campus: Los Angeles 

Admissions Advisor: Sheryl Lewin

Tell us a bit about yourself: I love music. I play the clarinet and bass clarinet. I enjoy the technical side of theater, creating and developing productions. I enjoy reading books and learning about life and meaning through the messages. I enjoy going to church and volunteering. I also love traveling and exploring different areas of the world.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? I have been the drum major and conductor of my school's marching band for three consecutive years, which is rare. I was featured on the cover of the OC Register in September in an article on leadership and the marching band. I won an OC Cappies Award, "Best Lighting Design," for our Spring 2012 musical, Fiddler on the Roof.

What made FIDM right for you? I loved the professionalism of the environment and the faculty. They made you feel like a name rather than a number at a large university. I liked the idea of small classes so you could build relationships with your professors and other classmates. I like the way the curriculum is set up to really prepare you for the real world and to be very flexible in the field. I also love how creative you can be and really express who you are as a designer in many different aspects. 

Describe your entrance project: My physical project was a cardboard box that I painted on the outside to look like a book; I labeled it "The Story of Marlee." The outside was painted black and white to symbolize that I may look like an ordinary person on the outisde, but on the inside you find color, happiness, drive, and passion. When you opened it there were colorful stickers, bright purple paint, and strips of paper describing little things about who I am and what I love. Underneath the colorful strips, I included a DVD that I made describing four major areas of my life that have shaped me into who I am today: competitive cheerleading, music, my family and friends, and theater. I put music to it and a recorded narration that played throughout.

What are your career goals? I hope to one day work for Disney and other entertainment companies, and really tell stories and meaning through my work.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I want to be well-versed in all parts of the digital media world and be able to take on all situations and projects and create them in the most new and modern and polished way possible.



Industrywatch: Bobbi Brown Starts YouTube Channel

Bobby brown copy

Love makeup? Cosmetics queen Bobbi Brown has launched online beauty channel "I Love Makeup" on YouTube for cosmetics lovers like you—to share tips, techniques, and just generally hang out and have fun. Content is being gathered from beauty bloggers and influencers who are free to share perspectives and even other products. "Bloggers have become very important in the beauty world,"  Brown tells, "especially with the increasingly influential younger consumer."

Learn how to monetize your love of beauty with FIDM's Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing and Beauty Industry Management programs.



Geek Gear Gifts for Digital Media and Graphic Design Graduates


The blog recently rounded up their favorite gifts for grads to celebrate our talented Digital Media and Graphic Design graduates. The next generation of filmmakers and graphic designers are preparing to celebrate during FIDM’s Graduation Ceremony this Saturday before they embark on their journey as young professionals in the fields of graphic design and digital media. What better way to celebrate than giving the perfect gift to help start their professional career?

See the Geek Gear Gift Guide for Grads on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.



Meet the FIDM Outstanding Digital Media & Graphic Design Student Award Nominees


The blog recently interviewed Graphic Design and Digital Media Student of the Year nominees. With FIDM’s Graduation ceremony less than two weeks away, students earning their Graphic Design degree or Digital Media degree are working hard perfect their digital media reels and graphic design portfolios.

Every year, one student from each major at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is recognized for their outstanding achievement with outstanding Student of the Year Awards. 

Get to know this year's nominess by reading the full interviews here. 

Image: Student of the Year nominees: Jon Ezell (top-left), Miracle Caoili (top-right), Helen Truong (bottom-left), Jassamine Domino (bottom-right) 

Read more about this topic on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.



Business of Fashion Interviews Magazine Art Director, Design Legend Fabien Baron


The Business of Fashion recently interviewed famous art director Fabien Baron, whose work has probably influenced you if you’ve read the fashion glossies over the course of the past 20 years. 

Considered a modern-day icon whose design aesthetic has influenced the high fashion publishing industry at large, Baron has designed for Italian and French Vogue, served as creative director of Harper’s Bazaar and is currently the editorial director of Interview magazine. Baron is one of many art directors whose work is discussed in FIDM's  Graphic Design program in classes like Publication Design.

Read the full interview here.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar cover designed under the creative direction of famous art director, Fabien Baron.

Read more about this topic on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.



Industrywatch: New Fashion Glossy Goes Totally Online

Never underdress copy

Never Underdressed, a startup fashion magazine out of the UK, is being touted as the first full-on glossy to bypass print and go directly to the web. Starting with a multi-million dollar investment and a staff of 14 including former Elle and Vogue digital editors, what sets this concept apart is the lack of a brand name—and the fact that all of its content will be freshly created for multiple electronic platforms including mobile.

As editor Carrie Tyler, former digital director of Elle UK explains to Fashionista: "Magazine brands save their best content for print, while their websites are given little budget or full time staff to fully develop creative, engaging and unique content."



FIDM Graphic Design Alumna Bianca Lowkeen Is a Fashion Photographer

Above: Fashion photography by FIDM Graphic Design Alumna for Bianca Lowkeen.

Photographer and graphic designer Bianca Lowkeen has been a busy freelancer since graduating with a Graphic Design degree from FIDM. Since graduating in June 2009, Lowkeen has worked as a graphic designer for nonprofit organization What a Pair; as a photo assistant, retoucher and photo shoot project manager for leading action sports brand Volcom; and as a digital painter and retoucher for video game company Yoostar (where she worked alongside FIDM Digital Media Alumni Ryan Sommerville and Andrew Persing). 

At her most recent job as an in-house photographer at contemporary women’s fashion brand ANGL, Lowkeen quickly took on additional creative responsibilities. Read more about Bianca on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

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Videos of the Week including Disney’s Innovative “Paperman” Animated Short, a Flipbook Take on Gangnam Style, “World War Z” Super Bowl Spot and More

Catch up on your pop culture news in online videos you may have missed last week, from Disney’s ground-breaking Academy Award-nominated short, “Paperman” to the chilling “World War Z” Super Bowl spot.

Above: Walt Disney Animation Studios debuted its Academy Award-nominated short film “Paperman” online, which Wired writer Graeme McMillan suggests, could be indicative of the future of animation with its blend of hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery. It’s six and a half minutes of Disney Animation at its best with a touching storyline, set in a minimalist black and white mid-century New York that will convince you of its hand-drawn authenticity. Watch our other videos of the week on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

Trend Watch: Stylesight Notes Quirky Characters in Prints and Graphics at the BRIGHT F/W 13 Streetwear Trade Show

European streetwear brands are taking on cartoonish characters reminiscent of those seen in ’90s Nicktoons animated series like “Doug,” “The Ren & Stimpy Show,” and “Rugrats” for Fall/Winter 2013. Leading trend forecast and analysis company Stylesight visited Berlin for the 16th annual BRIGHT trade show featuring more than 300 skateboarding, streetwear and action sports brands to take note of upcoming prints and graphic design trends.

Stylesight noted “Quirky Characters” as an upcoming graphic design trend in its BRIGHT Prints & Graphics F/W 13 report stating “character tees are given a humorous and artistic look.”


Above: 1 Men’s graphic tee concept for Toby Clothing by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Justin Hellwig // 2 Bananadap T-shirt concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Josh Mandap // 3 Astro – White T-shirt by Dephect // 4 IC Backbone T-shirt by Billionaire Boys Club // 5 Sody Surf T-Shirt – White by Stussy //  6 “Sombrero Toast” Women Scoop Neck Tee by Cleptomanicx


Read about this graphic design trend and more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.



Superbowl Countdown: Our Seven Picks for Most Inspiring NFL Motion Graphics Spots

 Above: “NFL Total Access” by Capacity

While most of our digital media posts are dedicated to topics like theatrical and video game advertising, short films and motion graphics, we can’t overlook the enticing visual graphics that dominate the sports marketing industry.

We’ve dedicated this week to sports marketing in anticipation for Superbowl Sunday, including this round-up of the best NFL motion graphics, title graphics and digital media spots.

For sports graphics enthusiasts, Graphics Mafia is a great site for your visual inspiration, founded by creative director and 2D/3D animator Brian McCauley.

“A lot of people get into sports motion graphics as stepping stone to other types of digital media, which is great, but I want everyone to know that you can make a great career out of sports motion graphics,” says McCauley in an interview with “Just like any career, with passion and discipline you can truly create great art.”

Watch the rest of our picks for the best NFL motion graphics, including McCauley’s sports graphics reel on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

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Trend Watch: Varsity Lettering, Pocket Details, and Pattern Infills Spotted in Athletic-Inspired Casual and Streetwear Apparel


Above: 1 Small Check Pocket Tee by Huf // 2 Metallic Paisley Boxy Tank by Brothers Stret Luxri, owned by FIDM Graphic Design Student Joshua Lirio // 3 Win T-shirt (back) by Password Athletics, owned byFIDM Alumnus Miguel Urias// 4 Supreme/Champion® Parka (back) // 5 Stussy+80 Tee by Stussy 

With Superbowl Sunday approaching this weekend, it’s no wonder that athletic-inspired apparel graphics are catching our attention this week for Tuesday’s Trend Watch. From streetwear brands to men’s casual wear labels, design elements that hint at traditional sports uniforms are dominant.

Leading fashion trend forecasting and analysis service WGSN cites “super-minimal typography and bold numbers” in simple colorways as key design elements for men’s casualwear, street and denim brands.

“Moving away from multicolored and pictorial influences, designs are simple, referencing the classic varsity style for single color typographic designs,” states Alice Clarkson of WGSN.

Check out more examples about this athletic-inspired streetwear trend and more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

Four Vintage-Inspired Superbowl Sunday Graphic Designs: Typographic Posters, Unique Tailgate Invites & More

As much as we love the slick on-screen animations and motion graphics that dominate the visual landscape of Superbowl Sunday, these vintage-inspired graphic design pieces caught our attention for their unique, organic qualities.

Above:  Custom “San Francisco 49ers” and “Baltimore Ravens” Typographic Posters by August Park Creative

Check out the other four vintage-inspired Superbowl graphics on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.




Geek Gear: Check out Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Film Makers and Graphic Designers


When it comes to Valentine’s Day for the digital media or graphic design enthusiast in your life, forget the flowers. We’ve rounded up some design-y gear worthy of typography lovers and aspiring film makers’ approval.

Above1 “I Love Typography a-z” T-shirt by // 2 Lorem Epsom necklace by Plastique // 3  “Celebrate Order” CMYK Pop Art Poster Series For the Modern Graphic Designer by Neue Modern Press via Etsy // 4  2013 POLAROID Camera Illustrated Desk Calendar via Etsy // 5  Love Story: The ’60s poster by // 6 Pewter Film Strip charm via Etsy // 7  Big Lebowski throw pillow designed by Ale Giorgini and Stormwalking throw pillow designed by Gareth Payne via Society6 // 8 You + Me = Really Good Films venn diagram card via Etsy

For more inspiring graphic design and digital media inspiration, visit the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

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Seven Inspiring Motion Graphic Infographic Short Films that Educate and Entertain

Educate the Heart

By digital media and motion graphics artist Giant Ant.
On the Topic of:  Emotional and social skills-conscious education for the Dalai Lama Centre.
Fact you might not know: A study of more than 270,000 students found that social and emotional learning programs strengthened overall attitudes and behavior and led to an increase in academic scores by 11 percent.

We are witnessing the rise of compelling animated infographics, videos that translate complicated facts and figures into digestible, visually compelling short films using motion graphics and digital media.

By editing fluid visuals seamlessly with powerful music and sounds in short films, motion graphics artists are skilled at our capturing our attention long enough to learn something new. compiled seven amazing videos for your digital media inspiration, including the one posted above.

Watch six more inspiring motion graphics short films on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.



FIDM Digital Media Alumna Charlotte Hodgson Is a Mobile App Developer


Above: Pretty Foo Foo mobile app, one of the projects that FIDM Digital Media Charlotte Hodgson has contributed to. Images courtesy of Charlotte Hodgson and

It’s been less than a year since Charlotte Hodgson earned her Digital Media degree at FIDM and she’s already begun a dream career as a Mobile Applications Developer and freelance videographer/editor.

“There’s not just one thing that I love about my job. I love the team I work with, I love editing CSS, and I love being able to design something knowing that it is going to be live for thousands of people to see,” says Hodgson, a 2010 graduate of Valley View High School in Moreno Valley, California.

As a Mobile Applications Developer at 1BoxApps in Temecula, California Hodgson works with Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and CSS to design and develop smartphone apps for iPhone and Android.


Above: FIDM Digital Media Alumna Charlotte Hodgson ('12) is a Mobile App Developer & freelance videographer.

In addition to Hodgson’s newly discovered interest in HTML and CSS, she continues to pursue her passion for digital media, video editing and videography.

“In this field, I kind of get to incorporate things I learned while I studied digital media. I still get to be creative and express my creativity in a way that I enjoy,” she says. “And I still do freelance videography and editing on the side!”

Read the full interview with Charlotte about her career path on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

 More headlines from the FIDMDigitalArts Blog:

Tuesday Trend Watch: Spring 2013 to Bring Feminine Whimsy & Organic Illustration to Apparel Graphic Design 

Despite the plethora of digital design tools available for modern day graphic designers, it seems that organic forms and imperfect lines are favored over structural elements for Spring graphic designs this year, according to leading trend forecasters.

In its Springtime Stitch: Original Graphics – Women report, leading fashion forecast and trend analysis company Stylesight cites “a fresh series of original graphics, depicting hand stitched portraits and floral illustrations, with loose and delicate lines” for Spring 2013. Read more details about this trend on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.


Springtime-stitch-graphic-design-trend-2013Above: 1 Bridget watercolor fashion illustration by Cate Parr // 2 Fashion illustration by FIDM Graphic Design Alumna Lucile Lesueur // 3 Dance Studio with Glitter print by Paper Fashion // 4 Fly Your Own Kite fashion illustration by RoEnArt // 5 Bird Illustration Giclee Print by FIDM Graphic Design Alumna Julia Walck // 6 The Owl and Cat Frank art print by Sonnenzimmer



Entertainment Graphic Design News: VH1 Reveals a New & Improved Logo


VH1 is kicking off the new year with a much needed update to their logo, stripping the colors away from its former 10-year-old mark and replacing it with a modern monochrome icon.

Designed by New York-based graphic design firm Gretel and announced on VH1′s Blog and the channel’s social media outlets, the new logo incorporates a plus sign to correspond with a new #plussed Twitter hashtag and advertising campaign. Read more about VH1’s new look on the Blog.

Above: VH1 logo before and after. Image courtesy of design blog, Brand New.

More headlines from the Blog:

Go Behind the Scenes of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" with SoundWorks Collection

Dedicated to “profiling the greatest and upcoming sound minds from around the world,” SoundWorks Collection is constantly introducing compelling short film interviews with sound designers and other digital media professionals– and the site’s sound profile for The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey is no exception.

The SoundWorks Collection crew went all the way to Park Road Post Studios in Wellington, New Zealand to capture interviews the pros behind The Hobbit‘s amazing sound design including Re-recording Mixer Michael Hedges, Re-recording Mixer Chris Boyes, Re-recording Mixer Michael Semanick , Co-Supervising Sound Editor Brent Burge, Co-Supervising Sound Editor Chris Ward, and Dolby Atmos Re-recording Mixer Gilbert Lake.

Sound and audio design is just one facet of video post-production that  FIDM Digital Media Students study. Read more about SoundWork Collection’s The Sound of the Hobbit on the Blog.

Graphic Design Trend Report: Urban/Streetwear T-Shirt Brand Roundup

We’ve come to expect consistent high-fashion and packaging trend reports from Stylesight, but every once in a while the fashion forecast and trend analysis company releases some great urban street style reports, like their most recent trend forecast Brand Watch: Graphic Tees S/S 13. 

Stylesight inspired us to gather some of our favorite urban streetwear-inspired T-shirt designs by recent FIDM Graphic Design Graduates. Some of the trends we’re seeing from these young up-and-coming designers include:

  • “Secret society” inspired icons,
  • Play with graffiti
  • Bold athletic-style typography and
  • Illustrative motifs.

Check out the selection below:


Above: “Be Classy” T-shirt by IN//BEINHABITEDFIDM Graphic Design Alumna Bana Bongolan’s brand  // 2 “Depict” T-shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Martin Murillo // 3 “Grind” T-shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Glen Sese // 4 “Stay Sharp” T-shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Brandon Lozano // 5 T-Shirt design concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Danny Osterman // 6 Graphic design T-shirt concept by FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Ryan Beckman.

Read more about this trend and more on the Blog.



Student Spotlight: Brooke Baron, Digital Media


Brooke Baron

Major: Digital Media

Where did you go to school?

Mira Costa H.S., Manhattan Beach, CA

How did you choose FIDM?

I knew I didn’t want a community college and I looked at the options. This was the best one.

What do you love about your major?

I enjoy coming to design school and I really like being in downtown L.A. But I love what I am doing in my classes.



Holiday 2012 Packaging & Graphics to Include Typography-Driven Design & Organic Illustrations According to Stylesight


With access to industry trend reports at the FIDM Library, one of the largest specialized fashion libraries in the United States, FIDM Students stay current with upcoming trends for fashion, color, graphics design, and more.

In its Prints & Graphics: Packaging Highlights Holiday 2012 report, leading fashion forecast and trend analysis company Stylesight pinpoints organic illustrative techniques, letterpress-inspired typographic treatments and more in upcoming holiday prints and packaging this year.


Above: 1 Christmas Cream Ale packaging design by graphic designer Forrest Causby // 2 Typographic Christmas-themed playing cards by New Zealand-based firm Dashwood, photo courtesy of  // 3 Holiday cards for Bao Vo Creative, Inc. by FIDM Graphic Design Alumna and graphic designer Melissa Bergen // 4 “Christmas Spirit” packaging by design firm Stranger & Stranger, photo courtesy of

Read more details on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog here.

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Third Installment of "One Day on Earth" Film was 12-12-12, Inviting Thousands to Film “A Day in Your Life” for Documentary Project

Did you participate?  On Wednesday, December 12 (12-12-12), thousands of people from all over the world simultaneously filmed a day in their life in the third installment of the global film event One Day on Earth. The general public was invited to participate in this unique and extraordinary event in which personal documentary footage from people all over the world will serve as an archive for future generation.

"Together, we are showcasing the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occurs in one day. We invite you to join our international community of thousands of filmmakers, hundreds of schools, and dozens of non-profits, and contribute to this unique global mosaic," states the project organizers on "One Day on Earth is a community that not only watches, but participates."

Read more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog here.

Amoeba Hollywood's Windows Feature Amazing Album Cover Art by FIDM Graphic Design Instructor Graham Moore


If you’re in Hollywood any time soon, don’t miss the window display at the renowned Amoeba Hollywood music store, which is currently splashed with amazing vinyl album cover collages by Graham Moore, a FIDM Graphic Design instructor.

Amoeba posted an interview with Moore about his designs currently on display at the Ivar Street window of Amoeba Hollywood where Moore visits weekly to acquire new vinyl for his art pieces.

“My process is employing techniques that I use and teach in my design classes, techniques I learned in art school, applying the basic elements and principles of design and the technique of collage,” says Moore.

Read more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog here.



Check out the Graphic Design/Illustration Design Firm Behind Target's Amazing Interactive "WOW" Gift Cards


With holiday shopping season in full-swing, it comes as no surprise that leading retailer Target (known for its amazing brand marketing) is delivering top notch graphics with its gift cards, some of which even double as interactive toys, games and puzzles.

With so many unique illustrations and graphic designs, we thought it would be fun to track down one of the graphic designers behind the gift cards that keep us so entertained and inspired.

Graphic design/illustrator duo Don and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature have tackled several design projects for Target, including environmental graphics and several gift cards, including the company's most popular WOW gift card of 2011, a Lego 3-in-1 (which sold 350,000 copies). Read more on the Blog here.

More headlines from

Design Inspiration from Around the Globe: Get Lost in Herman Miller's Film Series "Why Design" by LA-based Firm "Hello Design"

The design team at Los Angeles-based interactive design agency Hello Design recently embarked on a unique design-focused journey for Herman Miller’s Why Design film series that will keep you captivated and, perhaps, ready to invest in a Herman Miller chair.

Visiting eight cities, the Hello team captured 7,268 photos and wrote 600 lines of code, according to AIGA/Los Angeles (who toured Hello last month), to capture the spirit of legendary Herman Miller designers including surfer Yves Béhar, paper sculpture artist Irving Harper, the company’s original graphic artist Steve Frykholm, and more.

No matter what type of design interests you, whether it’s industrial design, architecture, interior, graphic design or digital media, Hello’s amazing digital storytelling ability will help you discover new creative inspiration from these amazing designers from around the world. Watch one episode here and more on the Blog here.

Packaging Design Trends: Playful, Interactive Novelty Packaging for Food, Beverage & Holiday

Leading fashion forecast and trend analysis company Stylesight cites Novelty Packaging as an emerging trend in a recent Packaging Highlights Report, stating “playful concepts are breathing new life into food and drink packaging.” Read more about this fun packaging trend on the Blog here.


Above: 1 Conceptual design for Annie’s Instant Oatmeal by FIDM Graphic Design Alumna Kathy Calderon // 2 Delilah interactive chalkboard coffee packaging designed by Lun Yau // 3 Three-inch Sweet Relish Dunny packaging designed by Sket One // 4 Corporate holiday chocolates self-promotion packaging for Daines & Associates Architects by Think Packaging // 5 Bzzz Armenian Honey packaging designed by Backbone Studio



Graphic Design Alumna Is Designer for Urban Lifestyle Label “Crooks and Castles” & Designer for her own Streetwear Label IN//BEINHABITED


It’s been less than six months since Bana Bongolan earned her Graphic Design/Branding degree from FIDM and already she’s engrossed in the streetwear apparel graphics industry as product designer for a major label, and also as an entrepreneur.

Prior to graduating, Bongolan had already been hired as a product development assistant and graphic designer for the popular urban lifestyle brand Crooks and Castles, where she designs women’s and men’s T-shirts, and occasionally hats, and develops the garments’ patterns and tech packs.


In addition to her full-time job at Crooks and Castles, Bongolan has been focused on building her own streetwear lifestyle clothing brand IN//BEINHABITED along with FIDM Visual Communications Student Caitlin Berger, IN//BEINHABITED’s art director and co-owner.  FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Daniel Foster recently joined the team as a photographer and web designer, while FIDM Graphic Design Alumnus Colin Nesbit serves as a regular model. Currently Berger and Nesbit work alongside Bongolan at Crooks and Castles, while Foster interns for another leading streetwear label Hellz Bellz. Current FIDM Digital Media Student Justin Enriquez has also been involved as videographer and editor of the line’s most recent lookbook teaser for the brand. Read more about Bongolan and her streetwear brand on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog here.

Check out more news from the FIDMDigitalArts Blog!

Filmmaker Friday: Rhyming Illustration Inspiration & the Roots of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" Poster by Studio Canoe

Temujin Doran of Studio Canoe is an illustrator and filmmaker based in London who developed the clever short film below that pinpoints the history of the ever popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster design that have become so widespread that several parodies have emerged. Watch more videos and read more about Studio Canoe on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog here.

Stylesight Foresees Graphic Design Prints Inspired by The Golden Ratio for S/S ‘14

Intricate geometric patterns and detailed structures are design elements that will be prominent in activewear prints and graphics for Spring/Summer 2014, predicts leading trend forecast and analysis company Stylesight. Read more about this trend on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog here.


Above: 1 Logo for France-based company that specializes in designing new zoo parks and services relating to wildlife animal housing by Jan Zabransky // 2 Personal branding for FIDM Graphic Design/Entertainment graduate C. Brennan Woo // 3 Golden rectangle design by Carl Kleiner // 4 Branding for a Greek cosmetic production company Philab by Chris Trivizas


2012 Interviews President of Creative Talent Agency “Sharpe + Associates” about its New Motion Graphics Division & the Future of Digital Media


After more than a quarter century spent representing commercial photographers, bi-coastal talent agency Sharpe + Associates is welcoming a new breed of creative talent under its wing--motion graphics artists. is thrilled to share an exclusive interview with founder/president John Sharpe who gave us insight into his views on the future of digital media, the qualities that set you and your motion graphics reel apart from the crowd, and his passion for infographics. Read more on the Blog.

S+A Artist: Giant Ant 2012 Reel

Check out more headlines from the Blog:

Logo Lounge Extracts 15 Graphic Design Trends from 32,000 Logos in its 2012 Logo Trend Report

Logo Lounge has released its tenth annual logo design trend report that identifies several distinct graphic design trends for 2012. Find out which logo designs have been “done to death,” and what’s trending for 2013. Read more on the Blog.


FIDM Graphic Design Student Spotlight: Danielle Heer Combines her Passion for Beauty Marketing with Entertainment Graphics

Graphic Design Student Danielle Heer has a dynamic background in film editing, photography and beauty, which have shaped her graphic design work in FIDM’s Graphic Design/Entertainment program. Read’s interview with Heer about the designers and photographers that inspire her work and her interest in photo retouching.

Read more on the Blog.




Digital Media Alumna Producing First Feature Film Documentary Down Under


After hearing about FIDM from a friend, Australian native Katie Bender enrolled in the Digital Media Program, where she dove into the world of post-production. She landed an internship at Trailer Park, the world's leading motion picture marketing firm, and eventually worked on numerous award-winning motion picture movie trailer and television campaigns for clients such as Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Sony.

"Everything I'd learned at FIDM prepared me to communicate and speak the language of the digital world," explains Katie, a retired professional athlete who competed in Artistic Gymnastics and Aerial Skiing. "FIDM was a perfect experience for me as an international student because it offered me subjects that weren't available in Australia and supplied me with an invaluable skill set.

Katie recently returned to Australia where she is producing her first feature film documentary on Lydia Lassila, the 2010 Olympic Champion of Aerial Skiing. "Lydia is an ex-teammate of mine so I am very close to her story," she adds. "We are set to document her lead up to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia where she will defend her Olympic title and the enormous pressure that elite athletes experience daily.



Congrats! FIDM Entertainment Industry Partners & Alumni Recognized among Finalists in The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards

Premium-rush-FIDMBlog-560 congratulates many Digital Media and Graphic Design Alumni and industry partners of FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising selected as finalists in The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards.

Below, read details about FIDM Digital Media and FIDM Graphic Design/Entertainment Alumni and the leading entertainment advertising agencies for which they work selected as finalists this year. (Follow the links to read a list of full trailer/campaign credits).

Create Advertising’s Premium Rush “Thrill Domestic Trailer 2” is a finalist in the Motion Graphics category, while their humorous “Huggins Online theatrical trailer for The Campaign is a finalist in the Online category. Several FIDM Digital Media Alumni work at this leading firm, including senior motion graphics artist Mario Hernandez, motion graphics producer Ryan Verseman, motion graphics artist Justin Hamilton and creative director for motion graphics Jonathan Gitlin. Read more about these Alumni here.

FIDM Digital Media Alumni Kyle Brosius and Kyle Thorsen, lead animator and lead motion graphic designer, respectively, at Greenhaus GFX worked on the domestic trailer for Anonymous, a finalist in the Motion Graphics category.

Leading agency The Ant Farm has been recognized for several pieces including: theatrical trailers for George Harrison and Footloose, game trailers for Aliens: Colonial Marines (teaser) and the Assassin’s Creed 3 “Revolution: In-Cinema Trailer,” along with Campaign nominations for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and for the Disney Epic Mickey 2 billboards in the Print & Print Technique medium. FIDM Digital Media Alumnus Jay Trumbull is a games capture director at The Ant Farm.

PETROL, which employs numerous FIDM Alumni, is a finalist for Single Standard Packaging for Xbox's Metro: Last Light; Billboard, South Park: The Stick of Truth; Illustration, Darksiders II; Illustration, Metro: Last Light; Building Wrap Campaign, Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The 2012 Key Art Awards will be held in Hollywood on October 17th. Read more on this story at the FIDMDigitalArts Blog



You’re Invited to Explore the New Blog!

The Blog, FIDM’s site dedicated to Graphic Design and Digital Media, launched a new look this week. The same great daily content about graphic design and digital media is now being delivered to you in a new two-column format with a reorganized navigation bar to browse your favorite posts. Visit

Browse recent highlights from the Blog below:

New Portfolios by FIDM Grads Offer Fresh & Inspiring Film & TV Marketing Campaigns

FIDM Graphic Design/Entertainment portfolio by Joseph Macri. Extended outdoor marketing campaign concept for Drive.
FIDM Graphic Design/Entertainment portfolio by Joseph Macri. Key art movie poster design and extended marketing campaign concept for "Drive."

With the close of another quarter at FIDM, the FIDMDigitalArts Blog is showcasing new portfolios by FIDM Graphic Design/Branding and Graphic Design/Entertainment graduates! Whether you’re looking for design inspiration, new creative talent, or if you’re curious about what FIDM’s Graphic Design and Digital Media programs have to offer, visit the Blog during the next couple of weeks to get fresh design inspiration from new portfolios of graduating FIDM Graphic Design Students, and videos developed by FIDM Digital Media Alumni. Read more here.

Tuesday Trend Report: "70s Haze" Spotted in S/S '13 Apparel Graphics & Prints


The Blog has launched a new weekly series featuring graphic design trends in apparel, packaging and more according to leading fashion forecast and trend analysis companies.

With access to leading fashion trend reports at the FIDM Library, one of the largest specialized fashion libraries in the United States, FIDM Students stay current with upcoming trends for fashion, color, graphics design and more.This week, we explore an upcoming trend observed by leading fashion trend and forecasting analysis company Stylesight dubbed “70s Haze.” Read more here.

Discover how Students Get Involved in the Industry, Community on FIDM 360 News Show

On the newest episode of campus news show FIDM 360, get to know how students get involved in the industry and their community at FIDM. From volunteering for non-profit organizations, to working at industry internships, to joining campus clubs like student magazine The MODE or the AIGA Student Group The Red Dot, find out how students spend their free time outside the classroom.


2012 Launches Campus News Show “FIDM 360”

At a leading digital media college like FIDM, it comes as no surprise that students are not only immersed in creative inspiration in the form of video content, but creating it as well. The Blog is thrilled to publish a brand new web series called FIDM 360, a campus "news show" that dives into topics like on-campus fashion trends, student activities, and industry updates from the entertainment, graphic design and digital media industries, produced by FIDM's Digital Media Department.

Watch the first two episodes of FIDM 360 below:

FIDM Design Students Rave about Adobe CS6


This episode of FIDM 360 captures the excitement of new and returning FIDM Students who were thrilled to receive their own copy of Adobe CS6. Get more tips about new features in the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog at

“Chernobyl Diaries” Music Composer Diego Stocco Discusses the Language of Sound on FIDM 360  

FIDM guest lecturer Diego Stocco is a music sound designer for films Chernobyl Diaries, Into the Blue, Crank, and Takers known for his unorthodox approach to music composition and custom-built instruments. Visit to read an exclusive Q&A with Stocco about his musical influences, instruments and advice for aspiring filmmakers, designers and musicians.


More from the Blog:

The Top 10 Count Down of Everything You Need to Know about Graphic Design

 A follow up to our Top 10 Count Down List of “Everything You Need to Know about Digital Media,” has rolled out the Top 10 Count Down List of “Everything You Need to Know about Graphic Design.” Whether you’re a graphic design novice or pro, can you guess nine famous graphic designs or five infamously overused typefaces? Test your knowledge here on the Blog.




Like a Pro: Graphic Design Alumni Share Advice at FIDM's Annual Career Connections Event

Fidm-graphic-design-alumna-heather-dubin caught up with Graphic Design Alumni at Career Connections to ask what advice they had for graphic design interns. Click here to read more on the Blog.

More headlines from the Blog:

Geeking out Over the Primetime Emmy® Awards' Key Art & Best Commercials Nominees

FIDM Museum & Galleries is currently exhibiting its 6th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design, featuring more than 75 costumes from a variety of Primetime Emmy® – nominated shows including Boardwalk Empire, Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Pan Am, Smash, and Magic City.

As Graphic Designers and Digital Media Artists who appreciate the art of entertainment graphics, we found ourselves geeking out over other Emmy®-related design, like the key art and Outstanding Commercials nominees. Read more here.

Eight Trends Shaping the Creative Team of the Future (Tip: Brush up on your Video Skills)


Leading staffing agency The Creative Group (TCG), which specializes in recruitment for the creative and advertising industries, recently collaborated with the American Advertising Federation (AAF) to pinpoint eight major trends influencing the advertising and design industries in a report, “The Creative Team of the Future.”

The eight trends, which includes “Video blurs the boundaries between online and TV” demonstrate future possible career opportunities for those earning their Graphic Design degree or Digital Media degree at FIDM. Read more here



From Call of Duty: Black Ops to Breaking Bad, Get Inspired by Leading Agency PETROL


Above: Breaking Bad key art by PETROL

From Call of Duty: Black Ops to Breaking Bad, Get Inspired by Leading Agency, PETROL

Leading entertainment advertising agency/design firm 

PETROL recently updated their motion  graphics, advertising and interactive reels packed with tons of inspiring creative work.

Employer of several FIDM Alumni, PETROL’s range of work includes print marketing, outdoor advertising, trailers and other video projects, and interactive online marketing for films, television shows, UFC and video games.

PETROL's Motion Graphics Reel

Click here to watch more reels by PETROL on the Blog.


Packaging, Applied Branding and Portfolio Leave Behinds Designed by FIDM Graphic Design Students 

Graphic design involves more than computer software skills in programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Students earning their Graphic Design degree at FIDM learn hands-on skills like measuring, trimming and mounting for presentation boards, which translates to construction for packaging using die lines, projects with hard-cover book covers and multi-page layouts, and more.



Above: Applied branding project by FIDM Graphic Design Student, Calvin Bu


Browse examples of packaging, portfolio leave-behinds and applied branding projects of FIDM Graphic Design Students.

NBA Careers, Gaming Consoles, Bigfoot & More – Infographics by FIDM/SF Graphic Design Students

Graphic Design can evoke emotions, communicate complicated ideas, and ideally, do both. Infographics (a.k.a. information graphics or graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge) represent graphic design at its best.



Students earning their Graphic Design degree at FIDM San Francisco got the opportunity to tackle their own infographic project last quarter. Design II Instructor Kyle Chan at FIDM San Francisco challenged her students to select a topic of their choice and illustrate information about their topic using their own photographs.

Click here to see more infographics designed by FIDM Students.




Create Advertising Is Featured on FIDMDigitalArts Blog

Create recently highlighted the exciting work of Create Advertising, which has created movie trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man and Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. Create Advertising in turn blogged about FIDM, calling the college "one of the top design schools in the nation" and mentioning that many of the artists who work for Create are FIDM Grads.



Inspiring Motion Graphics, Typography & More on FIDMDigitalArts


Graphic Design Firm Lo Siento Creates Amazing 4D Letter Sculptures

Combining their appreciation for architecture and lighting with typography, Barcelona-based graphic design firm Lo Siento developed an amazing set of sculptural letters that may be read from virtually all angles. Read more on the Blog.

Featured Portfolio: FIDM/San Francisco Graphic Design Award Winner, Stephanie Kim


FIDM San Francisco recognized Stephanie Kim as the 2012 Graphic Design Student of the Year Award at graduation this year. Selected by the senior creative director for Impact Unlimited, Bill Smith for her impressive range of work, Stephanie's versatility is what set her apart from her peers. Check out Stephanie's final portfolio and read more here.

Check out more portfolios by FIDM Graphic Design grads on the Blog.

Motion Graphics Inspiration: Four Quick Title Designs by Multimedia Firm, Digital Workshop

Digital Worshop’s team of directors, producers, animators, illustrators, and graphic designers describe themselves as “a concept driven production company,” specializing in a variety of multimedia and app development services. Watch more inspiring motion graphics videos by Digital Workshop on the Blog.



Digital Media Blog Launches 'Working Before Walking' Series


FIDM’s Graduation Ceremony is right around the corner!

To celebrate grads everywhere, the Blog is running a special graduation editorial series. Articles include:

WORKING BEFORE WALKING: a special focus on graduates who are working full-time jobs in the creative field of their choice before they walk the stage during FIDM’s Graduation Ceremony. Check out these three inspiring stories:


Working before Walking: FIDM Grad is a Jr. Graphic Designer for Lakers' Player and a Creative Agency

Working before Walking: FIDM Grad is a Digital Media Designer for Warner Bros' TV Marketing

Working before Walking: FIDM Grad is a Full Time Graphic Designer for SOCIETY Clothing

Other graduation articles include:

ADVICE FOR GRADUATING STUDENTS: from job-hunting tips, to career advice and words of encouragement; hear what FIDM Graphic Design and FIDM Digital Media Alumni and other professional organizations have to share with new graduates. Read Advice for 2012 Grads: Resume & Interviewing Tips from VP of Art Direction & Innovation at BrandingIron Worldwide on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog here.

WE BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW: read about what makes FIDM’s Graphic Design and Digital Media programs unique and the opportunities that the graphic design and digital media industries have to offer. 


THE FIDM EXPERIENCE: hear about what FIDM Graphic Design and Digital Media Students have to say about their FIDM experience and what it feels like to earn their degree.

GRADUATION HIGHLIGHTS AND PHOTOS: relive some of the moments that have made the FIDM Graduation ceremony memorable in the past, including photos of the notoriously decorative mortarboards designed by FIDM Grads.


Read these stories and more on the Blog.




Renowned Composer and Music Sound Designer Diego Stocco to Present Digital Media Award at FIDM Graduation

Check out what’s new on the Blog:

World renowned composer and music sound designer Diego Stocco will be presenting the Digital Media Student of the Year award at this year’s graduation. Stocco is known for his innovative approach to music-making and sound design, developing incredible music scores for film and television, often using nothing but his custom built instruments and organic sounds. Stocco collaborates with FIDM often as a guest lecturer for Digital Media Students, and was featured in’s Take 5 web video series.

Diego's music graces the silver screen in Warner Bros.’ thriller, Chernobyl Diaries, debuting in Los Angeles this weekend. You may also hear Diego’s music in films Into the BlueCrank, and Takers; and TV shows The Tudors and Moonlight; and he has worked with pros like Academy Award® winning composer, Hans Zimmer.

Below, check out Diego in action for a special promo video called ‘Music from Nature,’ developed by Burt’s Bees to celebrate Earth Day. Read more about this video on the Blog here.



FIDM Facebook Graphic Design Challenge Deadline Extended to May 13!

Check out what’s new on the Blog:


The deadline has been extended for the FIDM Facebook Graphic Design Challenge! FIDM is giving YOU the chance to design the next cover image featured on the official FIDM Facebook page. Anyone interested in art and design is eligible to enter and the new deadline is Sunday, May 13 at 11:59 p.m. To enter, visit the Blog.

Inspiring Motion Graphics by FIDM Digital Media Grads & Students for the 2012 DEBUT Runway Show

Many FIDM Digital Media Alumni and Students are involved in FIDM’s annual DEBUT Show, working with FIDM Productions to develop captivating motion graphics, short videos and music that help to set the mood and capture the essence of each students' fashion designs during the live runway show. In the video above, check motion graphics designed by two current FIDM Digital Media Students, Juan Rodriguez and Marielle Pasco, for the 2012 DEBUT Show opening. Read more here.

A+D Museum to Exhibit Work by FIDM Graphic Design Students in Annual Design Exhibit "EMERGE"


Five Graphic Design Students who are members of the FIDM AIGA Student Group The Red Dot have submitted work in an annual design event showcase, EMERGE, hosted at the A+D Museum by AIGA, the professional association for design.

Nicole Antonian, Sam Arias, Marianna Holguin, Grayden Kough and Jessica Threde, have submitted samples of their graphic design work to be on display. Read details here.

Visit the Blog for more graphic design and digital media-related headlines.



Meet Digital Media Student Devonte Glover

Name: Devonte Glover

Campus: Los Angeles

Major: Digital Media

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am an inspiring digital media artist specializing in photography, motion graphics, editing and videography. A San Diego native, I just moved to Los Angeles about a year ago.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far?
My proudest accomplishment so far is landing my internships with FIDM as well as my internship with Mandate Records, which is based in San Diego. My team, The Creative Captivators, won the recent YouTube challenge at FIDM, which meant getting to work with youtube and google +. I was also very proud that my video for the challenge, which, in fact, was my first time ever shooting and editing video, received over 1100 views within the first week it was posted.

What made FIDM right for you?
Actually, I didn't know FIDM was right for me until I got here and actually started my major. Once I began to get deeper and deeper into the program, I discovered that I really had an undiscovered talent in the Digital Media industry. I also realized I had a unique style that would be greatly needed in this industry.  

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is my photography class, because my main passion is photography. I love being able to tell a story through one picture.

Are you interning/working in the industry?
I'm working with Mandate Records as a photographer, videographer, and motion graphic artist intern. I'm also working with FIDM as an editor.

What are your career goals?
My career goals as of now are to ultimately work as photographer and videographer for live events, as well as get into post production for a major network.



FIDM to Issue Adobe Creative Suite 6 to All Students This Summer


One of the many perks of studying at FIDM is continuous access to the latest and greatest innovations in design technology. This Summer, FIDM has announced that all new and currently enrolled students will receive a licensed copy of the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium.

The suite, which is set to release in June, includes Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, and InDesign CS6, among many others. In addition to this, all students in the Graphic Design and Digital Media programs will also receive the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection which includes Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, and Flash Builder 4.6,  just to name a few.  These suites will be included in the students' supplies and will help properly equip them to perform at a professional level.

"This software is at the heart of what we do," explains first year FIDM Digital Media Student Devonte Glover, from El Capitan High School in San Diego. "Now we'll have access to everything we need to work on projects for school and our career anywhere, at anytime."



Design FIDM's Facebook Cover Image in the "FIDM Facebook Graphic Design Challenge"

Check out what’s new on the Blog:


FIDM is giving YOU the chance to design the next cover image featured on the official FIDM Facebook page. Anyone interested in art and design is eligible to enter the FIDM Facebook Graphic Design Challenge. The deadline is Sunday, May 6 at 11:59 p.m. To enter, visit the Blog.

FIDM Alumni Focus: Graphic Design/Branding Grad, Kathy Calderon, is Lead Graphic & Web Designer at Beverly Hills Salon

Since earning her Graphic Design degree from FIDM /Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2011, Kathy Calderon has been working as a Lead Graphic and Web Designer at Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills, where she works on everything from packaging to Web design, photography and video editing. Read more about Kathy on the Blog here.

Featured Digital Media Contest: The "VIEW SOCIAL CONTEST" for CG Students & Pros


View Conference– Italy’s leading digital media conference, is calling for design and digital media projects focused on current social themes for the VIEW Social Contest. Read more about this contest on the Blog.

Visit the Blog for more graphic design and digital media-related headlines.



Just Accepted Digital Media Student is an Award-Winning Video Maker

FIDM picJust Accepted Digital Media Student Daniel Franco was attracted to FIDM's curriculum and atmosphere. He liked the fact that his major would be a priority "from the get-go."

"So far, my proudest accomplishment has been recieving an award from AAA for a PSA I did in school. Out of all of southern California, my video was one of the 25 best. To think that someone thought my work was worthy of being top anything was an honor."

Read the entire interview at FIDM's Daily Blog.



Vote for Two FIDM Alumni Who Are Top 20 Finalists in National Retail Contest

Vote for FIDM Alumni in This is Retail Contest 380px

Two FIDM Alumni are finalists in a national contest called “This is Retail,” sponsored by the National Retail Federation.  Merchandise Marketing Alumna Carla Santiago and Apparel Industry Management Alumnus Miguel Urias submitted videos about their personal experiences in the retail industry. They have been selected as two of 20 national finalists and they need your help to win up to $25,000!

Visit now to vote! You may vote up to 10 times for Carla and 10 times for Miguel every day. The first round of voting is April 3 - April 8.

Click here to vote for FIDM Alumna Carla Santiago who works at Brighton:

Click here to vote for FIDM Alumnus Miguel Urias who works at Password Athletics:

Carla, a buyer at Brighton, and Miguel, founder of Password Athletics and a Marine who served two tours of duty, worked with two FIDM Digital Media Students H.J. Chong and Bobby Cohen to film, edit, and develop the videos for the contest. The first place winner will receive $25,000, the second place winner will receive $15,000, and the third place winner will receive $10,000.

If both videos continue to be selected among the top 10 and top five finalists, there will be THREE different voting periods. Make sure to check back to see if Carla and Miguel continue to be selected as among the top 10 and top five finalist.

Read more about this contest on the Blog.



New Graphic Design Portfolios and a Special Digital Media Event on

Check out what’s new on the Blog:

It’s portfolio week on the Blog and we're showcasing new portfolios by FIDM Graphic Design/Branding and Graphic Design/Entertainment Graduates! Check out the portfolio gallery here.

Graphic Design/Entertainment Grad Nicole Antonian Designed Live-Action Movie Posters for her Favorite Disney Films

Graphic Design/Entertainment grad Nicole Antonian presented her final portfolio last week. One of her favorite projects was a modern day, live-action entertainment campaign she developed for five of her “all-time favorite” Disney films: Tinker Bell, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty. Read more about Nicole on the Blog here.

FIDM Students Get 50 Percent Discount for "Sounds Like Music," An Event for Digital Media Students & Pros on March 25

Known for his innovative approach to sound design and music composition, sound professional Diego Stocco will be conducting a special presentation along with composer, Nat Evans, at an upcoming networking event hosted by The Art of Music– an event series dedicated to the “criminally overlooked specialty of music for film, TV, video games and other media.”

FIDM Students get a 50 % discount on tickets (original price is $20.00) using the promo code “FIDM” at checkout.  Read more about this great event on the Blog here.

New Portfolio: Graphic Design/Branding Grad Lauren Corallo Hired as Jr. Graphic Designer upon Graduation

While earning her Graphic Design degree with an emphasis on Branding at FIDM, Lauren Corallo also worked as an intern at Undefeated Creative, a creative studio founded by FIDM Alumni in downtown Los Angeles. The firm specializes in graphic design, digital media, branding, marketing, e-commerce, photography, and social media management with a focus on the fashion and entertainment industries.

Read more about Lauren on the Blog here.



Director for Blink-182, Cage the Elephant, and Manchester Orchestra Talks Music Videos with

The latest headlines from the Blog: 

FIDM Museum & Galleries Hosting Q&A with Movie Poster Pros for Students, Alumni & Faculty (3/3)


FIDM Museum & Galleries is hosting this private event, a Q&A with Movie Poster Pros, for FIDM Students, Alumni and Faculty, on Saturday, March 3. Find out what it takes to sell a major blockbuster movie from film industry professionals who design spellbinding movie posters for blockbusters like Priest, Real Steel, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, X-Men: First Class, Resident Evil: Afterlife 3DThe Woman in Black, Iron Lady and Water For Elephants

The event helps celebrate FIDM Museum & Galleries’ 20th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition. Read more here.

Director for Blink-182, Cage the Elephant, and Manchester Orchestra Talks Music Videos with

Directing music videos for bands like Blink-I82, Cage the Elephant, The All-American Rejects, Pistol Youth, and Manchester Orchestra, Isaac Rentz has built a reputation for his highly stylized, quirky approach to film-making. His videos have earned as much airplay as they have acclaim, and Rentz’s career has only just begun.

Watch the exclusive, one-on-one interview with Rentz on’s Take 5 web series as he talks about his personal experience working with major record labels and musicians, the impact of social media on the music industry, and his advice for aspiring creative professionals. Read more here.

Special Feature: jcpenney's New(est) Brand Re-Design is Catching our Attention


It has been less than a year since mega retailer jcpenney unveiled a re-designed logo–the first change made to the mark in 40 years– but they’ve done it again. Read all about jcpenney’s new look and why its brand strategy campaign is being used as an example of effective marketing in FIDM Merchandise Marketing and Graphic Design classrooms. Read more here. 

Stunning Fashion, Scenic and Food Photography by FIDM Graphic Design Students


The Blog has updated its Gallery section with stunning photography captured by students who are earning their graphic design degree at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Read more here. 

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Get Inspired by Colorful Illustrations & Apparel Graphic Designs by FIDM Grad

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Get Inspired by Colorful Illustrations & Apparel Graphics by FIDM Grad, Ryan Beckman

It takes more than a quick glance to fully appreciate the subtle design details of recent Graphic Design/Branding graduate Ryan Beckman's portfolio.

Ryan completed FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising's Graphic Design/Branding program last month and incorporated his unique, colorful illustrations into his portfolio– from packaging, to brand identity design, music packaging, posters, and apparel graphics. Read more on the Blog. 

Browse more portfolios by recent FIDM Graphic Design graduates on the Blog here

Entertainment Design Wed: The Sound & Music of "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"

SoundWorks Collection, a site dedicated to profiling the "greatest and upcoming sound minds from around the world," recently published a video featuring the industry professionals behind the sound and music effects for Columbia Pictures' feature film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo directed by David Fincher.

Sound design is one of the exciting courses that FIDM Digital Media Students study. Watch more inspiring interviews with industry pros on’s Take 5 series here

Typography Tuesday: Luca Barcellona's Amazing Hand-Lettered Type Treatment for D&G, Carhartt, and More


Luca Barcellona is a Milan-based freelance graphic designer known best for his elaborate, hand-lettered calligraphy and typography. His clients include UK retailer Carhartt, Nike, Dolce&Gabbana, Sony BMG, Volvo, and Universal. Read more here.

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Six Tips to Perfect Your Creative Portfolio from

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Special Feature: Finals are Here! Read Six Portfolio Tips from HOW Design & The Creative Group

It’s the end of another quarter here at FIDM, which means it’s almost time for the FIDMDigitalArts Blog to showcase new portfolios by FIDM Graphic Design/Branding and Graphic Design/Entertainment graduates! 

To celebrate portfolio week, we wanted to share new information published in HOW magazine, in collaboration with creative staffing agency, The Creative Group (TCG), about perfecting your creative portfolio. Read more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

(Above:  Graphic Design/Branding portfolio by FIDM graduate, Kristal Lindo)

Typography Tuesday: Dexter Ads Designed to Mimic Magazine Covers... Guess Them All


A series of ads was created in Showtime's Dexter series in 2008 to promote the premiere of its third season, and demonstrate how typography can define the "personality" of a publication. The mock magazine covers were designed by Showtime's internal creative team, Red Group, and ran in Details, Esquire, Interview, Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Wired, according to the New York Times.

Can you guess which magazines each of the ads were published in- and what type of audience being targeting based on the design elements? Read more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

Motion Mondays: Stunning Short Videos by LA-based Royale for Nike, Apple, MTV and More

It's difficult to find agencies as talented as Hollywood-based Royale for our weekly posts dedicated to motion graphics. Naturally, we were excited read about the launch of motion/production company's new Website on Motionographer (who also posted a great interview with the firm here) to scope out their new creative projects. Watch Royale's new reel above, and watch more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

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FIDM Digital Media Grad Works on Video Game Trailers for "Assassin’s Creed" and "Call of Duty"

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November is the month for video game releases so it comes as no surprise to see game trailers, banners, and other interactive ad campaigns flooding the Internet during this time of year. Ever wonder how these trailers are made?

FIDM Digital Media Alumnus, Justin “Jay” Trumbull,  is quite familiar as a Games Footage Capture Coordinator at leading entertainment advertising agency,  The Ant Farm. Trumbull oversaw the production for two trailers for the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations game that debuted this week. And, yes… Trumbull gets to play the video games before they are released to the public! Read more about Trumbull here.

Did you know that every Monday is “Motion Monday” on the Blog? Check back every week for motion graphics and digital media  inspiration.

Industry Feature: The Birth of New Brand- Tips from a Creative Director on Design & Strategy

It takes more than great design to develop a brand’s identity. In an interview with, a Vancouver-based graphic designer, creative director and brand strategist, Neel Singh, provides insight into the development of a new brand called U RISE.

“Remember a brand never starts with a logo or an identity. If you are asked to design an identity for a client, be sure they clearly understand who their brand is, why it matters and what its message is,” says Singh. Read more here.

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Digitaria Visits FIDM San Diego

FIDM_BlogOn November 2, 2011, the full-service digital marketing and technology firm Digitaria presented, "Digital Trends in Design, Entertainment, and Social Media" at the San Diego campus. The successful event drew Alumni, Students, Faculty, and industry pros.

From the Digitaria blog:

"Digitaria’s hip headquarters is the 12th floor of DiamondView Tower in downtown San Diego, but the third floor of our building, home to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising’s San Diego campus, is hands down the building’s trendiest. Bright colors, open design, plush comfortable furniture, a library and large outdoor seating area -- what’s not to like?"

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