Social Ambassador Attends Diane Von Furstenberg Book Event

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 “It’s never too late to be the woman you want to be.” Those are some of the inspiring words of wisdom proclaimed by Diane Von Furstenberg at the talk for the release of her new book, The Woman I Wanted to Be. Many women of all ages gathered at the Skirball Cultural Center last night to hear Diane in conversation with Maria Shriver.

Diane’s words were both inspiring and moving, but her witty and down-to-earth personality is what makes her so relatable to all women. The designer spoke about her mother, the most important person in shaping her life, and who helped her become the woman she wanted to be.  She shared with the audience many life lessons that were inspired by the strength and nature of her mother, a Holocaust survivor.

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DVF’s brand is all about empowering women, which was made clear when she told the audience that the most important relationship you can have with anyone is with yourself. She even admitted, “When you go to bed at night, first wink at yourself in the mirror, that’s what I do!” Attendees left the event infused with confidence and enablement—just as she intends her clothing to do.

Report by  FIDM Social Ambassador Alex Neil



Women in Clothes: A New Collection of Essays about Clothes, Hair, and Makeup

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The thinking woman's guide to what other women are really thinking about clothes, hair, and makeup—this new collection of essays, poems, and interviews entitled Women in Clothes is filled with oddball inspiration for fashion design students. Authors Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Sharpton gathered about 600 responses to questions like: What is the most expensive thing you ever bought and was it worth it? What is the difference between taste and style? Do you care about lingerie? Have you ever stolen any dressing ideas from friends or family? Then they scattered pictures of personal fashion collections and art throughout. Among the famous responders are: Lena Dunham, Cindy Sherman, Tavi Gevinson, and Molly Ringwald. Provocative reading for the fashion obsessed.




Alumna Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor Author 'The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture For $200 and Turned It Into a Global Brand'


In The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture For $200 and Turned It Into A Global Brand (Gotham, May 2014) Juicy co-founders Pamela Skaist-Levy, a graduate of FIDM and Gela Nash-Taylor, along with L.A. Times fashion critic Booth Moore, reveal how they created a fashion empire of "California cool" clothing. Part memoir and part how-to, they share valuable industry lessons with humor and glamour. 

The duo are now partners in a new women's line, Pam & Gela, which launched last month. 



FIDM Instructor Nancy Riegelman Creates Color It Chic Fashion Coloring Book


Noted fashion illustrator and FIDM Instructor Nancy Riegelman has added a new book, Color It Chic, to her list of titles. A perfect gift for any fashion fan, the book features 144 pages of whimsical fashion drawings that can be filled in by kids and adults alike. 

The book is available at the FIDM Museum Shop and on Amazon



Hollywood Sketchbook: A Century of Costume Illustration


The first volume published on costume design illustration for the movies, Hollywood Sketchbook: A Century of Costume Illustration celebrates 100 years of contributions to the art of cinema. Top Costume Designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis (Animal House, The Blues Brothers, and Michael Jackson's Thriller, among others) has assembled a collection of never-before-seen sketches, along with first-persoson anecdotes from collectors, archivists, illustrators, and designers.

The 600 page book offers film and fashion lovers a peek at costumes such as Faye Dunaway's maxi-skirt suits from Bonnie and Clyde and the mod fur and flare trousers Julie Christie sported in Shampoo.



OC Graphic Design Student Designs "Miso For Life" Book


Current Graphic Design Student Crystal Chau recently designed Miso For Life, the second book in the A Melting Pot of Thoughts series, which is edited by FIDM OC Financial Aid Director Mai Bui. "This was one of those shining moments in life that just happened to fall into the palm of my hands so I had to seize the opportunity and put my best effort forward," explains Crystal, who will graduate in March. She designed the book's cover and its contents. 

"The inspiration for the design came from the kimono wardrobe that was featured on the model," she explains. "Holding the printed book and seeing my name printed inside and outside of the book was pure happiness." Crystal's career goals include designing conceptual advertisements, magazine layouts, and video game and product packaging. 

The book is available for purchase at Amazon.  



Meet Beauty Bloggers Elle and Blair Fowler at FIDM on October 23




Beauty bloggers and YouTube stars Elle & Blair Fowler will be at FIDM on Tuesday, October 23rd, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., for a book signing of their debut novel "Beneath The Glitter," and the launch of their own lip gloss, Skylark by Elle & Blair.

Hear about their secrets to their success, and get a signed copy of their new book. We will be giving away 15 free copies.

You'll get a free copy when you purchase one of their lip glosses from the FIDM Museum Shop at the event.


The FIDM Museum Shop
919 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90015



Alumna Is Successful Designer and Children's Book Illustrator


Alumna Priscilla Burris is an accomplished designer and children's book illustrator with more than 15 titles published. "FIDM wonderfully and surprisingly impacted my career as a children’s book illustrator in many ways," says Priscilla, who originally planned on being a Fashion Designer since she loved to create clothing and patterns in her sketches from a young age. "From understanding basics such as the color wheel to learning so much from the project presentations of my fellow FIDM Students, I came away with knowledge and the substance of fashion and design -- tools that have remained with me to this day."

One unique experience that truly helped shape her future career was an encounter with a FIDM Instructor after class. An instructor pointed out that Priscilla was showing too much expression on the faces of the people wearing the outfits that she had created in her illustrations.  "The fact is, my instructor was absolutely correct; in Fashion Design, facial expressions are most definitely not the focus!" she says. "While I knew fashion and designing were definitely a huge interest of mine, illustrating expressions was my passion." This pivotal moment led to the beginning of a successful, 25-year career in children's book illustration. Priscilla also creates designs for rubber stamps, cakes, apparel, and cards.

Visit Priscilla's website to learn more.



Book Report: 100 Years of Fashion


In 100 Years of Fashion, author and dress historian Cally Blackman transports readers back though time in this amazing look into what she calls the “most rapid development in the production and dissemination of fashion to date.”  Blackman wields her knowledge to examine fashion and its transformation through two World Wars, economic disasters, artistic movements, and digital media.  Spanning from European High Society to our modern day couture houses, Blackman gives us a then and now portrayal of fashion through selected paintings and rarely viewed photographs. This awe inspiring book of visuals would make an excellent addition to any fashion student’s library and can be purchased online

To add a little more inspiration to your Tuesday, here's a British ad that showcases 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds. 



Grad Greg LaVoi is Author of Barbie Loves L.A. Book


FIDM Graduate Greg LaVoi, a twice Emmy-nominated costume designer, is the author of Barbie Loves L.A. (Angel City Press), featuring a forward by the legendary designer Bob Mackie. Now in paperback, the book features more than 100 images of Barbie (complete with vintage outfits) at iconic spots such as the Beverly Hills Hotel and Pink's.



Alumna Writes Fashion Book Published in Germany

5198Ane8hCL._SS400_Alumna Kristen Perino is the author of a new book published in Germany, Fascination Fashion, which highlights fashion from the last five decades. From Coco Chanel to March Jacobs, Kristen writes about how fashion has affected the world.

The recent Graduate of FIDM is currently the Manager of Studio Services/PR for West Coast at Ted Baker.

Learn more about Fascination Fashion here.



Graphic Design Alumna Designed "Pho for Life" Book

377795_317707494906290_237474769596230_1296701_1834033693_nRecent Graphic Design Alumna Isabelle Kim designed Pho for Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts, a collection of short stories and poems highlighting Asian and other cultures.

The book features several short stories from FIDM Orange County Staff and Faculty. "I had just graduated FIDM a month before, started this book in July, and completed it entirely in November -- what a ride," says Isabelle. "The book launch in early December was fabulous for everyone to celebrate the community that has been created and we hope to grow for a future series!"




Mad Men Designer Janie Bryant Meets FIDM Students for Q & A

11051j_Janie Bryant_Mad Men costume designer_DSC_3962

Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer Janie Bryant spent an hour fielding questions from FIDM Students before signing her new book, The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration at the FIDM Museum Store on Wednesday. The upbeat designer traced her career trajectory from 7th Avenue Fashion Designer to top movie and television costume designer, advising students to understand what they want and then to go for it. 

“It’s all going to be fine,” said the sympathetic designer, recognizing that the 20s can be a tough time. “It all works out. Just stay focused and ignore the negativity.”

Q. What are the differences between working on TV and film; which do you prefer?

A. I like them both. The main difference is the work pace. The pace for TV is extremely fast. With slower-paced film work, there is more time to create. Sometimes with TV, I will think of another detail, and it’s too late. The show is done filming.

Q. Can you describe your research methods for period costumes?

A. I love working on periods. My inspiration starts with reading the script. I feel the mood and pacing of the story and then I move on to other sources: old movies, the Internet, catalogs, family photos, old magazines like Time and Life, newspaper photos. Early inspiration for Mad Men came from the 60s movie classic The Apartment. McCabe & Mrs. Miller was instrumental in creating the look for Deadwood.

Q. Do undergarments matter?

A. Yes, the right garments create the shape for the garment to ride the body. For Mad Men I use reproduction girdles, long line bras, garter belts. Even if I find vintage pieces, they are no longer wearable since they lose their stretch. 

Q. Any advice for how to start our careers?

A. I like making inspiration boards for my life goals and desires. I find that visualizing what I want helps me understand myself and stay focused. Right now, I’m focused on creating a lifestyle brand.

Q. Any advice to those of us who want to work in TV?

A. Most important is to maintain a sense of artistry while staying flexible. If an actor doesn’t like my vision, I try to get him to “just try it on.” Often he will change his mind. But if an actor insists that a costume isn’t right, I work out a compromise. You have to stay flexible.
My other piece of advice is to avoid gossip on set. When a team is working together for 17 hours straight, things can get strange. Have fun with your team but don’t go negative.

Q. How much of Mad Men is original design?

A. The costumes are 50% original and 50% rebuilt from vintage pieces.

Q. Do you have a favorite period?

A. I’m obsessed with the Baroque period (17th century). I’m really into menswear and I love that men were just as fancy as women. They wore ruffles, brocade, and lots of trim. I also love the Romantic period for similar reasons. Yes, I am unreasonably attached to (Victorian) leg o’ mutton sleeves.

Q. Any favorite costumes from Mad Men?

A. I do love Joan’s red Christmas dress and Betty’s riding costume. Let’s not forget Betty’s pink and white maternity dress.

Are you thinking of pursuing a Costume Design career? Explore FIDM's major in Film & TV Costume Design.




Mad Men Costume Designer To Visit LA Campus

Janie head Janie Bryant, Costume Designer of Mad Men and Deadwood, will be visiting FIDM’s LA Campus on Wednesday, February 16. FIDM Students can take part in a Q & A with the Emmy Award-winning designer and discuss the process behind her character-defining, refined retro styles. Janie will be speaking in the Annex, Third Floor Media Room, at 12:00 noon. Afterwards, she will be signing her book, The Fashion File: Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men, in the foyer of the FIDM Museum Shop. A perfect lunchtime for Film & TV Costume Design Majors!




Industry Notables Visit Marketing Class at FIDM Orange County

_MG_1492 Instructor Kathleen Jaben's Marketing and Brand Development class at FIDM OC was recently treated to a visit from Harveys founder Dana Harvey and the company's marketing director Malia O'Brian. "I was so impressed by the company story, how Dana and his wife started by making one handbag in their garage on a whim, and it's turned into an international product," said student Megan Ilertsen. "I would aspire to have the same level of insight and passion for my product and brand that Harveys does."

_MG_1494 On the same day, students also listened to The Age of Engage author and marketing strategist Denise Shiffman speak about social media. She spoke about more productive and positive ways that social media can effect one's life, including posting resumes and networking with professionals.

Photos by FIDM Student William Griffith

Learn more about Fashion Merchandising.



FIDM SF Student Katie Brown Featured in SF Chronicle


Her classmates probably didn't know until now, but FIDM student and famed rock climber Katie Brown has just released a book, "Girl on the Rocks: A Woman's Guide to Climbing With Strength, Grace, and Courage," published by Falcon Guides. Katie, who has been called "the Best Female Climber of the Millennium," is attending FIDM to learn design since she has a clothing sponsor and various endorsement deals. "I want to do clothes for climbing, yoga, general fitness," she tells the San Francisco Chronicle. You can read the entire story here.



World Renowned Graffiti Artist SABER Talks -- And Paints -- At FIDM Los Angeles


Legendary graffiti and fine artist SABER spent the day at FIDM, painting, signing his new book Mad Society, and giving a lecture/slide show about his work and his (mis)adventures in graffiti art.

SABER's fine-art and graffiti works will remain in the FIDM Museum & Galleries for another week.

Read more about SABER on Fashion Club Daily. PLUS: Find out more about FIDM's Graphic Design Program.

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