Catching Up With Married FIDM Grads Eiman Hamza and Michael Scarpellini


In the past, we've told you about married FIDM Graduates Eiman Hamza and Michael Scarpellini, who are partners in the My Closet chain of boutiques and the brand, Happiness. We recently caught up with the globetrotting duo, who are based in Italy, to learn about their expanding business and family.

What is new with Happiness and your retail stores?

Michael: Since we started our brand Happiness in 2007, we have added a lot of variety to our product line, which was known for its t-shirts and sweatpants. Now we have dresses, ponchos, shorts, parkas, swimwear, and a full kids collection. We just opened our first kids store in Rimini, Italy and now have 8 mono brand retail stores in Italy and Spain, which we are very excited about. Everything from the design to the product inside the store was developed by us--it was a lot of hard work, but we are so happy with the results.

Eiman: We’ve given jobs to more than 300 people and out of anything we’ve ever done since we started Happiness, this for me is the most rewarding. Everyone who works with us lives and breathes Happiness. We have all found a family and happiness in each other. I find us to be very lucky to be surrounded by such creative and powerful individuals who inspire us each and every day.

How has life changed now that you have a baby? 

Eiman: Life feels more complete now. We opened up our dream stores, the brand is retailed in some of the top 3,000 stores worldwide, and we are happily married, but there was always something missing. At the end of the day we were still empty until Zeyd came along and filled that emptiness with absolute chaos. He is so funny and crazy; he makes life have meaning and is the truest purest form of happiness in our lives. He inspires us and motivates us more than anyone can imagine.

Michael: Eiman doesn’t want a nanny so working and the traveling that comes along with work is always done with Zeyd by our side and that is not easy. Somehow we manage to make it work but its crazy.

Where do you see the future of your brand and retail stores going?

Eiman: We have plans to open stores in Tokyo and New York in the next year and I am beyond excited about that. I see us continuing to spread Happiness worldwide.

Michael: The future for Happiness is opening several direct stores plus growth in distribution and offering a wider variety in product.





What To Do In LA LA Land: Fun August Events


In August, summer takes its last breath, but not before a whole lot of fun! If you missed the Harajuku fashion walk in Little Tokyo last weekend, don’t despair. KCON USA, the Korean Pop convention, promises to bring you “All Things Hallyu” ( meaning S. Korean cultural fever) with concerts, dance classes, panels, and amazing fashion. From Friday August 31- Sunday September 2nd, learn to be YouTube famous, hear Korean beauty secrets, and see you favorite K Pop stars and actors. Vendors will be slinging Seoul’s cutest fashions and Korean street food. The fun starts this week downtown at the Staples Center. Tickets are a bit pricey, so be sure to pick the day with the activities you are into the most.  

Korean Beauty Products

If the convention isn't your thing, but you have been meaning to try out some new beauty products, then look no further: Refinery 29 has created the Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Korean Beauty Products in L.A. With this map, you will know exactly where to go to get that natural cleanser ampoules serum (all the rage in Korea), glamorous night cream, and face masks.

Unique craft fair

Who doesn't love a good craft fair, especially one that pledges to bring you one-of-a-kind design, fashion and art? Unique Craft Fair brags more than 350 hand-picked vendors and artists that include artisan clothing from BATHKE, jewelry by Bashful Owl and art prints from Annie Free. To top it all off, DIY craft workshops projects will be going on all weekend long. The fair runs Saturday August 8 2015 - Sunday August 9at the California Market Center in downtown. Tickets are $10 per day and include free drinks and snacks.

Blitz the Amassador

If you love world music, then this is your month! This Saturday, August 1, Ghanaian-born activist/ Afro-Roots musician Rocky Dawuni will be holding it down at Grand Performances with Ghanian/ Brooklyn hip-hop master Blitz the Ambassador. The Grand Performances stage is located in downtown at the California Plaza and as usual, this concert is free! 

Sister Nancy

On Thursday, August 13, dance hall queen Sister Nancy will perform for free at the Santa Monica Pier as part of the free Twilight Concert Series. You can’t miss this chance to hear Reggae’s finest, against the ocean sunset no less! 

Sizzling Summer Nights

The Gene Autry Museum’s Sizzling Summer Nights concert series offers live Salsa and Latin fusion bands (and tons of dancing) every Thursday evening from 6:30-9 pm.  Bust out the moves with free dance classes from award winning instructors and chow down at the taco bar. Museum galleries will be open for view until 8 pm. Tickets are free for Autry members and $6 for students.

LA's best food trucks

In this city, we pride ourselves on our street food. So why not go to the best? Now you have a cheat sheet; Refinery 29 has rated the best 5 food trucks in L.A.  


Attention vintage fanatics and retro lovers, this weekend is the month for you! The Way We Wore, one of L.A’s most prized vintage havens,  is having a month long blowout sale. Bargains begin with 50% off everything on the first floor. Expect to find treasures from eras past as well as designer brands. The sale begins on Saturday July, August first and runs all month. 

Corita kent 1

Someday is definitely now to see the inspiring art of Corita Kent. She was rebel nun activist who promoted social justice through her pop art. Kent originally taught art in Los Angeles at Immaculate Heart College (now IH High School) in Los Feliz, but left the religious order after her feminist, pro-civil rights and pacifist options were deemed too threatening for the Catholic Church.  Kent continued her life as an artist until her death in 1986. Humor and grace proliferate her brightly colored work and the hopeful messages they espouse are just as relevant today as in the 1960’s. Don't miss “Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent” at Pasadena Museum of California Art. The show runs until November 1. 



Attend the FIDM Museum's Free #4for400 Launch Party to Help Save 400 Years of Fashion History


Support the FIDM Museum in #4for400, our social media fundraising campaign to acquire the Helen Larson Historic Fashion Collection, by attending a free launch party on Tuesday, August 4 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles. 

This remarkable collection of 1,400 rare objects represents 400 years of fashion history, and would serve as a one-of-a-kind cultural treasure for our communities--an inspirational and educational tool for generations to come.

Help Save 400 Years of Fashion:

*Donate $4, $40, $400, $4,000 (or any amount) by texting MUSEUM to 243725

*Share the message on Twitter (suggested Tweet: $4 could save 400 years of fashion history. Join @FIDMMuseum in their campaign!

*Attend our free #4for400 Launch Party on August 4. Enjoy food, music, raffles, and tours

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*Ask your favorite celebrities and fashion industry personalities to support #4for400

Learn more at the FIDM Museum Blog. Thank you! 




Just Accepted Graphic Design Student Transferring From Orange Coast College



Name: Courtney Glowacz

Age: 20

Hometown: I grew up in Trabuco Canyon, CA and now reside in Huntington Beach.

Previous college/work: I started working at 16, after I left high school early with the CHSPE, which is an equivalent to the GED. I was an assistant manager at a retail clothing store and an intern at a record label by the time I was 17. During my internship, I was able to work with all departments but always favored working with the Creative Director. I attended Orange Coast College for one semester before deciding I wanted to go to a more focused school.

FIDM MajorGraphic Design

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles, October 2015

Admissions Advisor: Susan Pope

How did your advisor help with the process? From the get go I connected with Susan. She was so fun to work with and I never left with any questions unanswered. She's very upfront which I found was so comforting. I was nervous about the entrance project but she even got me to use Photoshop after not using it for years. I plan on staying connected with her even after my time at FIDM.

Tell us a bit about yourself. I didn't always know I wanted to study Graphic Design. It dawned on me a few months ago because I've always loved making websites, designing logos, and other aspects of design. I love playing music (bass and guitar), taking photos, and exploring new places. I'm vegan, so finding new places to eat at is always fun too. One of my absolutely favorite things is going to concerts and shows.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My proudest accomplishment so far is how I have never let anything get in the way of my dreams. When I want something, I go out and do anything it takes to get it. When I was 15, I had my dad driving me around to interview different bands in LA and OC for my music blog. When I was 17, I was working backstage at concerts and the youngest intern at the record label. At work, I've always been put into managing positions even though I'm usually younger than everyone on staff. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I never let age or inexperience deter me. I take pride in being a hard worker and giving it my all.

What made FIDM right for you? The first thing I did when I realized I wanted to go to school to study Graphic Design was to contact any designers or creative directors I knew. They all suggested going to a more major-focused school which is one of my favorite things about FIDM. Location is another thing for me. Being in the heart of LA gives you constant inspiration and opportunities. The last thing is that I love being around other people following their dreams. It's so motivating which I why I'm so excited to get to know everyone at FIDM. If you see me on campus this October come say hi.

Describe your entrance project. My entrance project was to design a logo, magazine ad, bags to use in stores, and a catalog cover for a company I could make up or for one that already exists. I decided to create a company called World Classic, which was vegan, eco-friendly apparel that donated a portion of their proceeds to a different foundation or charity each month to promote global awareness. I also had to describe the target demographic and come up with a slogan which was 'Thank you for saving the planet." It was so much fun doing this project.

What are your career goals? My long term career goal is to become a creative/art director for a record label or magazine.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I plan to learn so much, from real world experience to being well educated in computer programs I'll use in my career. With all the opportunities FIDM provides us the sky is truly the limit.



From the FIDM Library: Summer 2015 Style Report

Serge lutens copy


Nostalgia for the analog is informing future technology, as designers and artists look for ways to move away from the web, and virtual design translates into real-world design. The old (turntables, forties style radios) meets the new (streamlined, more sustainable), especially with a twist of eighties retro thrown in. A hybrid has emerged blending the best of both worlds-the online and offline.  Digital breaks out into physical space in pixelated patterns, digitally warped shapes, and a ‘screen filtered’ look. The impact on art and design is felt in images and objects that have a flattened sensibility. Colors are saturated, and materials juxtaposed, like layering effects in design software.  The body is manipulated in elongated and oversized shapes, but body-conscious as well, in angular and slim sculptural forms. Tech and retail giants are answering the consumers’ call for more sustainable and renewable products. They are making the pledge to switch to renewable energy such as solar power, and creating furniture and other products that can be disassembled, recycled, and reused.


The digital world a la 1980s is influencing a return to power dressing, but this time around shapes are softer and more relaxed. Armani classics are being re-worked, and Serge Luten’s power glamor photography is revisited. Strong lines and bold colors are juxtaposed with delicate florals. The softer side of punk shows up in the New Romantic genre, an edgy prettiness reminiscent of new wave bands of the eighties. Colors are bright and saturated and pop like Pop Art.

A gender neutral sensibility continues in the oversized zoot suit, caged, sculpted, and cutaway looks. A glossiness abounds, with glamor and sex appeal taking center stage in ‘wet look’ reflective, glossed, patent, and sensual finishes. Japanese-inspired magazine editorials of the eighties welcome a mix-match of subcultures. Clashing, hallucinogenic animal prints, stacked arm bangles, and cinched waists recall ‘pretty punk’ girl bands. Solid and sheer strapping brings the body in focus in sporty designs, sometimes with graphic prints. Leathers are seeing graphic metallic printed surfaces.   


A street attitude in blazers and cropped, tapered trousers covered in graphic checks or an updated preppy look in artist palette brights keeps ‘young’ tailoring fun.  Traditional men’s tailoring is given a lift in graphic prints and textures, or blocked panels of differing patterns. A relaxed fit is still going strong, in the classic city overcoat, and tailored track pants with contrast side seam stripes. Printed shirts, in novelty or abstract patterns inspired by the 1980’s lends a nostalgic, retro feel. Optical graphic stripes paired with an edgy urban sports-casualwear feel is a reminder of street art inspirations.  A smart bohemian mood rendered in a warm, tonal palette embraces hand-crafted oversized intarsia knits, subtle textures in jacquard and chambray, and pull-on pajama shirts. Layers, such as hooded bomber jackets with detachable hoods and lining bring another dimension to design. Graphic camo all-over prints might be seen in mechanics or military style coveralls, or quilted down jackets. Artisan flair is a key component in sophisticated, textural fabrics. Casual and carefree is the attitude, while a modern fit and a nod to the past brings in double-breasted overcoats, corduroy suits, and tapered trousers.

Rory macarthur


A products’ complete life cycle from manufacture to disposal—the cradle-to-cradle concept—is becoming more important in the design industry. Renewable energy sources, implemented by big-box stores and furniture manufacturers, is helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Companies are producing biodegradable plastics for kitchen systems, strollers, and accessories. Office chairs are recyclable, compostable, and renewable and can be disassembled, reused, or recycled.

“Athleisure” living is incorporating athletic accessories like weights and bicycles into home décor, becoming a status symbol. The digital world inspires overlays of holographic and grid designs used in products and spaces. Gaming, 3D modelling software, and lighting accentuates interiors in an eighties new wave boldness. Graphic contrasts in brights and patterns pop on textiles and panels.  An ombre effect, or gradation of color is seen on glass, textiles, and panels. A high shine or sheen is evident in mirrored effects on furniture and product design. Colored lights outline and contour shapes, such as around an architectural indoor or outdoor detail. Lighting, as well is saturated in color for overall effect. Blitz blue and machine red are accented by electric magenta, jellybean green, and flash orange.  

The FIDM Library Style Report is by Cynthia Aaron.



Trendwatch: Interiors Get More Refined

Contour table copy

As a counter trend to all the heavy woodsy, restoration, crunchy granola Portlandia and backward gazing mid-century modern stuff that is filling interior showrooms, the New York Times notes a trend towards "a brighter, lighter, more contemporary aesthetic, one that still favors organic materials but with a more refined sensibility and cleaner lines." Sight Unseen an online magazine that backs the trend notes, "Extremely sophisticated palette. Mixing of materials. It's been percolating for a long time." Translation? Less wood, more polished brass and copper, more glass, mixing of materials.

FIDM offers AA and BA degrees in Interior Design.



Trendwatch: Converse II Adds Comfort

Sneaks copy

Attention sneakerheads! The new, tech-improved Chuck Taylor 2 was released on Tuesday—and indications are, so far, that the public is buying. The beloved shoe that hasn't changed in nearly 100 years is still available in the original edition, but for those seeking a little more comfort with their style, the company has improved the canvas and added a full-length Nike Lunarlon padded sole and suede lining. "Comfort is the driving force for many consumers," fashion expert and author Alan Flusser told the New York Times. New edition is available in high and low top, in four colors, for now.

FIDM offers an Advanced Study Footwear Design degree.



Merchandise Marketing Grad Launches Buying Career


Molly Gahan was the winner of the Outstanding Student award for Merchandise Marketing 2015. The Illinois native graduated in December and has returned to Chicago to build her career.

Where did you go to high school?

Joliet Catholic Academy, Joliet, Illinois

How did you find FIDM?

I found FIDM at a college fair in Chicago. Since I always had an interest in the fashion business, I eventually checked out the school's summer program, 3 Days of Fashion. I knew that this was the college where I could gain deep knowledge of the industry I wanted to succeed in.

What was the best part of the FIDM experience?

Building relationships with my instructors was most rewarding. Rather than sitting in an auditorium with 500 others, I was in a small classroom environment. This allowed me to connect with my fellow students and instructors.

Advice for future students?

I encourage students to attend each and every class in order to build the necessary relationships.

What are your future goals?

I hope to become a buyer at Sears. Once I complete my internship, my hope is to get a full time position. Looking ahead 10-15 years, my goal is to open my own boutique. This has been a dream of  mine since my college search. The jobs that I work in before opening my store will provide the knowledge that I will need to operate my own business.



Attend the 6th Annual Innovative Materials Conference at FIDM LA


The FIDM Library and FIDM Alumni Association invite you to the 6th annual Innovative Materials Conference on August 17, 2015 through August 21, 2015. See the latest in the textiles and materials industries including innovations in wearable technology and sustainable products, and watch a 3-D printer in action. 

Exhibit hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in the Annex, Room A 332, Standard Oil Building, 605 Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles. 

Sign up classes for a tour with the Textiles & Materials department team. RSVP to

On Wednesday, August 19th, 2015, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., hear from guest speaker Charlie Brown, head of Avery Dennison’s Customer Design and Innovation Center, who will discuss the role of eco-friendly practices in the apparel industry. Enjoy refreshments and network with FIDM alumni and industry professionals. RSVP by August 18th to



Congratulations to CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist and FIDM Grad Matt Baldwin of Baldwin


Congratulations to FIDM Graduate Matt Baldwin, a finalist in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund design challenge. Learn more about Baldwin

From Vogue:

Over the past twelve years, the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund has granted more than $4 million to more than 30 design companies, including winners like Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, and Proenza Schouler, and runners-up like Tabitha Simmons, Prabal Gurung, and Thom Browne. 

Over the next four months, this group of ten finalists—in addition to running their businesses as usual—will participate in special design and advertising challenges, stage a runway show at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, and, of course, share their stories and inspirations with It all leads up to the big announcement on November 2.

The 2015 finalists are:

Baja East, Scott Studenberg and John Targon

Baldwin, Matt Baldwin

Brother Vellies, Aurora James

Cadet, Brad Schmidt and Raul Arevalo

CG, Chris Gelinas

Chromat, Becca McCharen

David Hart, David Hart

Gypsy Sport, Rio Uribe

Jonathan Simkhai, Jonathan Simkhai

Thaddeus O’Neil, Thaddeus O’Neil



Merchandise Marketing Grad Wants Plus-Sized Career

Lisett lopez copy

Merchandise Marketing Grad Lisette Lopez attended the Professional Designation program to help make a career switch to fashion buying. Her goal is "to take the plus size market by storm" as a Buyer. Here is her road map.

Where did you go to college before FIDM?

I graduated Woodbury University in Burbank, CA with a Bachelor's degree in Business in 2007.

How did you decide to return to school, to FIDM?

In (my previous) college I had interests in fashion and law. After a few years working in a law firm, I realized it wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I reached a crossroads and asked myself, "What can I do for the rest of my life that will make me happy?" I knew the answer was to be in the fashion field as a buyer/stylist for the plus size market.

I wanted to explore my passion for fashion, and I knew that FIDM was the ideal school because of its reputation and strong networking opportunities.

What did you like about getting a Professional Designation degree in Merchandise Marketing?

The curriculum is perfectly tailored to educating people on the business of fashion. The instructors and advisors are knowledgeable, well connected, enthusiastic, encouraging, and willing to give advice about school and work.

What are you proudest of?

Going back to school was a challenge. I was balancing a full time job and a full class schedule but it has been extremely rewarding. FIDM has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself.

Advice for FIDM Students?

Take school seriously! FIDM is a fun environment where you an express yourself (I got purple highlights at 29!), but this is where you lay the foundation for your career. Give it your all! Also, learn how to dress professionally! Fashion is fun—but you can be fun and professional!

Keep an open mind! I entered FIDM wanting to be a buyer. That didn't change. However, I did develop an interest in product development and licensing which would seamlessly fuse my love of fashion and law. And, though I still love buying, allocation doesn't look too shabby! 



Merchandise Marketing Grad Builds Career at Nordstrom

Bailey Pierson

Outstanding student Bailey Pierson graduated FIDM with a degree in Merchandise Marketing in March 2015. She is building her career at top retailer Nordstrom in California, where she worked while attending merchandising school downtown. Her ultimate goal? To become a store manager at Nordstrom.

Current Job:

Assistant Manager, Nordstrom

Where did you go to high school?

I attended Rockwall H.S. in Rockwall, TX, about 25 minutes outside Dallas. I was an involved DECA member.

How did you find FIDM?

I found it while researching fashion merchandising degrees during high school. I had the opportunity to visit campus during the summer of my junior year and I knew it was the school for me.

What was the best part of your FIDM experience?

Balancing a full time job as a department manager while taking a full load of classes and making the Honor Roll every quarter.

Advice for FIDM students?

My best advice is to get a job in the field while attending school. It challenges you to use what you are learning in the classroom, while managing schoolwork and professional responsibilities.

How has your FIDM education helped in your career so far?

It's helped me advance my career at Nordstrom. When I started I was a Sales Associate and by the time I graduated I was a Manager. FIDM gave me the tools to market myself and develop my management skills.



Merchandise Marketing Grad Sees Her Future in PR Marketing

Jordan sch

Outstanding Merchandise Marketing student Jordan Schweitzer graduated FIDM in June. The Colorado native has a job as an Account Coordinator at Los Angeles PR agency The Valentine Group.

Where did you go to high school?

I attended The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.

How did you find out about FIDM?

I have known since I was very young that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. As soon as I visited for 3 Days of Fashion (FIDM's summer high school program) I knew it was the perfect fit. To back up, I first learned about the merchandising college through different shows and personal research.

What has been the best part of FIDM?

FIDM has opened an immense number of doors for me. School has allowed me to challenge myself academically, creatively, and socially. Moving here has showed me how much I am truly capable of. As a result, I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and experienced amazing career and life opportunities.

Advice for future students?

Don't let your (young) age intimidate you. You can let FIDM's reputation launch you and feel confident in what you have learned and who you are. Time passes in a whirlwind so don't wait till the end of college to jump in.

How has your FIDM education helped in your career so far?

The skills that I have learned have been so diverse that I have been able to apply them to such different jobs as retail, wholesale, marketing and more. I have gained the respect of each employer because of those skills.

What are your future goals?

I would love to be able to focus on the PR Marketing industries. I love that this part of the industry lets me connect the consumer to a product or service in a way that resonates. Marketing is really taking a brand and giving it a meaning that can take a product from a simple object to a lifelong customer relationship.



Links We Love: Miami Swim Week, Remembering Fiorucci & More

  Mara Hoffman Swim

Late summer is typically a time of rest for fashion designers. But instead of slowing down, this summer is only heating up. This week, Miami showed off the latest in swimwear with fresh splashes of new talent. Mara Hoffman, a swimwear staple brand, did not disappoint with an onslaught of lush prints inspired by Moroccan textiles that burst across high waisted bikinis and cut-out one pieces. Models with wild hair and kohl rimmed eyes reclined on Berber rugs and fluffed pillows by the mosaic garden pool at Casa Casuarina, the former Versace mansion, to encapsulate the exotic feel. The line included flowy pastel caftans and turquoise harem pants that could transform anyone into a bohemian goddess. 

Belusso Swim

Belusso dipped into 90’s high necklines and string bikinis with psychedelic pastels for its swim ’16 collection.  The line revealed its bold side with a shiny silver coverup top and a long sleeved, olive green one-piece with a plunging cleavage laced up with a coral rope.  Maxim magazine debuted its first ever swim collection, influenced by the 60’s French icon Brigitte Bardot. The line flaunted high waisted bottoms, pin up cuts and classic prints from gingham to paisley.


New names surfaced at Dive Previewa debut showcase that gives burgeoning swimwear designers a platform to show their work. Becca McCharen of Chromat, a finalist for the 2015 CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund Award, led the way with her swim line inspired by powerful women.  Highly structured and sleek, the collection is marked by cage like straps that contour the body as well as provide support. In a hip remake of the one-piece, a red hot suit provides criss cross straps that connect the chest to the bottoms. The three color collection (black, red and white) is a nuanced combo of vintage and new; 50’s style underwire offers busty shapes while sultry strap work and contrast piping offer a minimalist modern flair.

John-Varvatos-Spring 2016

New York might have hosted menswear fashion week but it was California that left its mark. This year has seen hard evidence of  our sunny state’s emergence as major fashion destination; from Tom Ford’s relocated L.A runway show to Saint Laurent’s surfer/ skater Spring ’16 line, designers have turned to Cali. Out of the nearly 60 shows at NY mens fashion week, many displayed aspects of Cali’s style. John Varato’s long haired models looked straight from the hippy dandyism of Lauren Canyon’s late 60’s music scene with tight pin-stripped suits and groovy clodhopper shoes. 

Polo Spring 2016

As the film Clueless celebrated its 20th anniversary on July 19,  love for Beverly Hills prep has never been more apt. And no one does prep quite like Ralph Lauren, whose new Polo collection saw a complete revamp with super tight suits and tuxedos that exuded young WASP glamor more than golf club. Sporty puffer vests and sweatpants as well as the classic khakis  and jeans remained , but have been tapered down to the skinny, sleek versions of themselves.

Michael-bastian-spring 16

Cashmere pullovers, floppy hats and navy blazers with splashes of cameo print made for a breezy SoCal kind of prep at Michael Bastian’s Spring’16 collection, where models wore their hair neatly cropped and collars turned up. Perry Ellis brought on California sporty vibes with baggy shorts, colorful compression tights, and slouchy iridescent anoraks that were both gym ready and prime for a walk along the Pacific. 

Under eye circles NY mens week

Good news for sleeping beauties and those with bedroom eyes; under-eye bags and circles are so in. This beauty tip comes straight  from last week’s NY Menswear runways where the guys (and a few girls) strutted their stuff with natural , concealer-less eyes.  According to Sil Bruinsma, the lead Mac makeup artist at the Thom Browne show, male models appear too doll-like and artificial with under-the-eye concealer. So what, you might say; men typically don't wear concealer off the runways! But wait, ladies are included too.  When it comes to eyes,  Mac makeup artists Regan Rabanal told Fashionista  that he chooses to accentuate rather than cover-up. "I go right in with eyeshadow or eyeshadow cream and mix that with the eye tone they have naturally, just because I think it looks better and less like makeup," he said. "I feel that people, especially in fashion or the New York woman, want to look real. They want to look like themselves, and the less visibility of makeup, the better. I think it's a great way to bring out your features with makeup and let your features do the talking as opposed to your product.”  Fans of 2015’s all-natural trend include Marc Jacobs, who turned his models out on his Spring’15 runway with absolutely no makeup- shiny noses, dark circles and all. Eye-opening, no? 

Facebook shopping app

Impulse buying will soon take on a whole new meaning.  Facebook, following Pinterest and Instagram, has announced that it is developing an integrated shopping feature on its Pages sites. This means that retailers and commerce sites are now allowed to post their product selection directly for sale on their Facebook Pages. For now, the feature is in an early stage and the number of shop ready Pages is in the double digits and the company said it would expand the shops incrementally. 

This initiative is a smart move, according to Forrester marketing analysts. We spend 80% of our time on mobile apps within the the top five apps (including Facebook, Youtube and Maps) and much less cruising online shops. That leaves businesses at a disadvantage in trying to reach shoppers. The data collected from purchases could provide more valuable information for advertisers than behavioral and demographic data the site it regularly collects. On desktops, this shopping section will appear next to the company’s About and Photos and above the Timeline on mobile devices.  


Elio Fiorucci, the iconic Italian designer passed away at 80 years old and will be remembered for his disco-fabulous clothing and sense of innovation. The designer began working at his family’s shoe store at age 17 and then moved to the swinging 60’s London. He opened his first store in 1967 in Milan and his second one on London’s in 1975. Fiorucci took inspiration from the vibrant street and club culture fashions of the time and after seeing how wet jeans clung to a woman’s body on a Ibiza beach, went on to create stretch denim. His hot pants, platform shoes and Americana style were beloved across the globe. Celebrities of the day (Andy Warhol, Cher, Madonna) were often seen flowing in and out, along with the bumping music, of his NYC store, known as “daytime studio 54.” It was at this store on 59th street where Betsey Johnson and Jill Stuart began their careers. The designer’s embrace of cutting edge fashion continued into his later years when he chose AndrewAndrew, a DJ/ performance art/ design duo to take over his brand in the early 2000’s and transform the NY shop into a space of experimentation and whimsy. At one fashion show, the artist team cheekily sewed the brand’s labels into attendees’ outfits they liked . Simon Doonan,Creative Ambassador of Barneys told NYMag that Fiorucci “injected fashion retailing with humor and kitsch and madness, but always in a knowing, sophisticated way." Milan flagship store faded out in 2003 due to financial reasons but Fiorucci will be remembered for years to come. 

Pitchfork music fest fashion

From flowers, lollypops, fruits and cats, concert goers went print crazy at Chicago’s Pitch Fork Music Festival last week. Check out the NY Times for the photo montage to see some of summer’s most fun and funky dresses, shirts and onesies.

African Textiles and Adornment

Speaking of prints, head to the LACMA for some serious textile inspiration. Until October 12,  African Textiles and Adornment explores the visual influence of pattern design from the largest continent with 35 gorgeous displays of fabric, masks and headdresses.  In many African societies, what you wear is not just about looking good. The patterns and symbols on garments can assert one’s prestige and even spirituality. Headpieces and crowns of feathers and beads are sculptural feats that tower above the head as statements of status.  After this exhibit, go ahead and make yourself a crown for being historically and aesthetically enriched! Tickets are free for members and $10 for students with school I.D. 



What's Trending at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week


As little girls, we daydream of somehow, some way growing up to be a princess. We play out these fantasies in different ways throughout our adolescence, whether that is a Halloween costume in elementary school or a tiara and ball gown at prom. Then, we reach adulthood and that dream becomes all but a fond memory… or does it? This season at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, designers gave us some hope as models cascaded down the runways in two different versions of our royal fantasies.

Good Princess

From Karlie Kloss walking down the runway looking like a Grecian goddess at Atelier Versace to the simple, long-sleeved, velvet gowns at Julien Flore that were reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty, to the pale pink, silk, ball gowns and Ralph & Russo, designers were dressing models like glamorous, female heroines.

Her Medieval Counterpart

The princesses’ "evil stepsister" emerged as the edgier heir in medieval looks at Valentino and Zuhair Murad. Models were adorned with dainty headbands while wearing luxurious fabrics in dark shades, looking like they had just stepped out of a scene from Game of Thrones. It was like the good and bad princess both came to life on the runway.

Whether the trend is here to stay or not, designers did not disappoint this season. For me, and many others, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2015-2016 was like watching a dream come true.

Written By FIDM Grad Randi Wood of Champagne and Couture



5 Stand-Out Street Style Stars from FIDM Orientation Summer 2015


Wondering what to wear to class at FIDM? Visual Communications Student Kyle Dallape reports on street style inspiration from this summer’s Orientation at FIDM Los Angeles based on trend research he’s learning in class.

FIDM Students not only live and study in the heart of the fashion industry, they also have access to leading fashion trend reports at the FIDM Library, one of the largest specialized fashion libraries in the United States.

Below, check out Dallape’s style picks and follow @FIDMCollege and the students featured below on Instagram for more trend-driven student style features.

By Social Ambassador Kyle Dallape 

The summer quarter here at FIDM has officially begun! Although all of our students are always dressed to impress, there were five of our new students at Orientation who stood out and wowed us.

New student Dallas Ramirez is a natural! We loved her classic neutrals paired with her adorable giraffe dress and easy summer sandals. Follow her on Instagram at @dallaslramirez.


Street style king Marc Morales gave us major American Apparel vibes in his spring/summer pastels! Follow him on Instagram at @dr.marctens.


We loved new student Julia Stojic’s easy, bohemian look at Orientation. Her effortless black and white color blocking with a gold statement neckless truly helped her to keep cool and stand out amongst the crowd! Follow her on Instagram at @julestojic.


Wow! Major style inspiration from this edgy beauty at Orientation! Her sporty-chic look definitely lets us know that the athleisure trend is here to stay. Follow her on Instagram for more inspiration at @wifislilangel.


New student Barton Barnabe is the epitome of DTLA fashion, showing us here how to sport a staple black hat, shoes, and a handbag like a style pro. Follow him on Instagram at @bartonbarnabe.


Connect with Kyle on Twitter:


More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here.



Meet Social Ambassador Benjamin "Benji" Guzman


Get to know FIDM Social Ambassador Benjamin Guzman, a Graphic Design Student originally from our Orange County campus, and now at our Los Angeles campus. Follow Benjamin on Twitter @FIDM_Benji for live updates about his life as a student at FIDM.

Q&A with Benji:  

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA 

Describe your style: Surf & skate style. 

Currently listening to: Bob Dylan, Tame Impala, The Beatles, and many others. 

Favorite brands: Quiksilver, What Youth, RVCA, and Patagonia

An icon who inspires you: Leif Podhajsky 

Favorite place to eat in OC: Rubino's Pizza

Dream job: I would love to be a graphic designer in the music industry, creating posters and album covers for my favorite bands. 

Best advice for FIDM Students: Try your hardest, and keep in mind how rewarding and amazing of an opportunity FIDM is.  

OC's best kept secret: JB Bopz Record store in Lake Forest.

Your FIDM experience in three words: Amazing learning opportunity

You know you went to FIDM when: You're one of the only guys in the class. 

Connect with Benji:

Twitter: @FIDM_Benji

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here




Trendwatch: Swimwear Goes Year-Round

Tory burcg 2 copy

Business of Fashion reports yet another shift in consumer behavior. Swimwear (and the summery accessories and apparel that accompany it) is now a year-round category with increased sales. Why? Fashion analysts blame the ease of global travel, season-less dressing, plus the ubiquity of sharing on social media. "Vacations are no longer quiet, serene escapes from real life, but rather a digitally documented life experience," explain Bernadette Kissane, an analyst with Euromonitor. Among the fashion brands expanding their offerings are Ralph Lauren, Versace, Stella McCartney, and Tory Burch.



Eva Chen Joins Instagram


How do you follow up the top editorial position at print magazine Lucky, if you are socially savvy Eva Chen? You get named Head of Fashion Partnerships for social media app Instagram--and let your social media skills sing. "Beyond excited to announce that I'll be joining the brilliant team at Instagram," posted Chen on (what else?) Instagram.

Earn an Associates or Bachelor's degree in Social Media at FIDM, one of the few colleges offering the specialty.



FIDM Alumni Launch Creative Consulting Agency Jacob X Jordan


Merchandise Marketing Graduate Jacob Vargas and FIDM Visual Communciations Alumna Jordan Douglas have launched the creative consulting agency, Jacob X Jordan. The duo, who have a background in styling, fashion PR, marketing, and special event production, is setting out to collaborate with brands and personalities in new and innovative ways. They have already worked on a music video for Tyga, with the L.A.B. in Orange County, and with emerging recording artist Wes Period. 

"My favorite part about working with Jordan is that I get to work with my best friend everyday," Jacob says. "In high school we were in fashion ROP together, I produced my first fashion show with her, we got accepted to FIDM together, and she has always been the creative hand in the projects I have produced in the industry. Our individual point-of-views adds up to a better final product." Jordan adds: "It's easier to succeed when you have a business partner pushing for you to do your best." 

They want Jacob X Jordan to be a network that connects brands and influencers to unique creatives. "We want to continue to produce projects that allow us to collaborate with creative people and find innovative ways to presenting product to consumers," Jacob says. "One of the ways we would like to do this is by producing JXJ events that curates our favorite music artists, brands and other creative arts."

Jordan adds that, "I see the future of Jacob X Jordan as a successful worldwide business and a well-known collaborative community of the fashion and entertainment worlds that continues to inspire other creatives to connect and create."



6 Exclusive Tips We Learned about the Business of Blogging from Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me


FIDM Instagram followers received a mini Blogging 101 session with Merchandise Marketing Alumna Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me in our first Instagram Takeover. Bernheim's expertise in fashion/lifestyle blogging stems from the many years she's spent in the fashion industry as a creative professional. Bernheim has been recognized and profiled in many major publications and editorial platforms including VogueHarper's BazaarMarie Claire, and Refinery 29. Over three days, Bernheim shared her first-hand blogging-for-business tips with the FIDM Instagram community

Read the recap of Bernheim's tips below, and follow @FIDMCollege on Instagram to keep in touch with daily updates from FIDM. If you're interested in the business of social media, you might consider FIDM's Social Media major.

Blogging for Business Tip #1: Start with a vision, a mission, and some serious dedication. 


If your goal is to make blogging your business, then you have to put in just as much time and effort as you would for any startup venture. 

Blogging for Business Tip #2: Have a point of view.


Your point of view is what's going to set you apart from the plethora of bloggers already out there. In order to stick to vision, Bernheim suggests constructing a manifesto that publicly articulates your "intentions, motives, and beliefs." It's something you can refer to when making creative decisions for your blog. Read an example on 

Blogging for Business Tip #3: Stay consistent with an editorial calendar.


Keep your readers coming back for more by constantly feeding them with enough content to digest, but don't go overboard.

"If you build your blog, they will come," says Bernheim. "After determining your platform, get serious with your time and create an editorial calendar. It will keep your posts on track so that your readers can create a habit of visiting. Always remember, quality over quantity."  

Blogging for Business Tip #4: Get creative with your blog name.


"Creating the name for your blog, and securing the domain and social media accounts can be the most challenging first step," says Bernheim.

However, she points out that even if theme of your blog is fashion-related, it doesn't mean that the name has to be. Her puppy, Margo, is what inspired her to come up with the name Margo & Me

Blogging for Business Tip #4: Build a media kit and become your own publicist.


"Once you have garnered the look, feel, and rhythm of blogging, it’s time to build your media kit - your tool to monetizing," says Bernheim who recommends including these four elements in your media kit: an "About You" section, your website link, social media stats, and demographics about your target audience.

Blogging for Business Tip #6: Keep the faith.


The saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" exists for a reason. It takes hard work and dedication to build a successful blog, and you have to believe in the long-term results of your work in order to achieve it.

"Have faith in yourself! You are at the beginning of your careers," says Bernheim. "Take pride in how far you’ve come, and have faith in how far you will go."



FIDM's New TV Costume Design Exhibition Features Costumes From Empire, Mad Men, and More


For the ninth year, FIDM's annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibition is celebrating the art and artistry of Primetime Emmy®-nominated costume designers, costume supervisors, and assistant costume designers. More than 100 costumes from more than 20 shows, including Gotham, The Mindy Project, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Wolf Hall, and Better Call Saul, are on display through September 26, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, at FIDM's Museum. Admission is free to the public. 


Variety has a detailed article about the exhibition featuring interviews with some of the featured costume designers. 




Cristy Guy Styles Pro Soccer Players For New 7UP Campaign


Fashion Design Alumna Cristy Guy was the wardrobe stylist and groomer for 7UP's "Kick It Up" soccer campaign. "What an experience, what a crew, and what talented athletes I had the pleasure of meeting," she says. "This job took me from shooting with professional USA Soccer Goalie Tim Howard in Memphis, Tennessee to Porto, Portugal working with Mexico's Central Midfielder, Hector Herrera. It was a whirlwind adventure never to be forgotten." 



Links We Love: NY Menswear Fashion Week, Pantone’s New Color & More

Robert Geller NY menswear fashion week

The relaunch of an American fashion week dedicated solely to menswear has taken over New York from July 13-16.  Europe has weeks dedicated to menswear but New York has not hosted one since the 1990s. The menswear market has seen a dramatic uptick over the last decade with booming ecommerce that outdid other retail categories in the past 5 years and a visible new generation of designers. So it’s ripe time The Council of Fashion Designers of America reintroduced the event. More than 50 designers showcased their Spring/ Summer’16 collections.

David-hart-summer 16 copy

David Hart kicked off day one with a Bauhaus meets tropical island collection that featured fresh pastel suits, remixed safari shorts and graphic color-block shirts and cardigans the modernist art school would love. The collection had accessories galore; bi-colored coke-bottle glasses and thick beaded necklaces brought an avant garde spirit mixed with island charm. 


Designer Robert Geller reimagined summers spent by the sea side with rippling layers and lush earthy colors for this Spring/Summer ’16 collection. Airy sport jackets and shirts of satin and Japanese linen paired with board shorts and high-waisted trousers that at times were wrapped at the waist with knit cummerbunds made for a loose and textual kind of elegance. Geological prints appeared on shimmery satin shirts and jackets that hinted of ocean cliffs or tide marks.  Models sported wet, sea-mussed hair or grey felt caps that pulled down over their eyes. Several looks included socks with sandals, some with the toes cut out to reveal a half-sock/ half-skin take on the dad sandals trend. 


Public School took their hip-hop loving, skater boy chic to the next level of sophistication with street wear favorites mixed with elongated  silhouettes. Models didn't walk the runway but grimaced in front of a faux police line in all black, white and navy garments. Crisp button ups, long socks and creased, over-the-knee shorts showed off the classic bad-boy look while rumbled, elongated baseball jackets lent the perfect mix of experimentation. 


It’s not everyday Pantone creates a new color, and even rarer that the inspiration comes from gibberish speaking, single-celled, computer animated creatures. In April, Pantone revealed “Minion Yellow,”  based on the characters in the “Despicable Me” spin-off movies, the first time in three years the company invented a new color. KPCC  spoke to trend forecaster blogger Michelle Dalton Tyree about the blockbuster’s effect on the fashion world.  Besides plush toys, clothing and a plethora of kids merch, high end designers from the UK have taken the Minions craze to another level.  The Minions Bello Yellow Collection, that hit Selfridges in June, is a limited-edition high-end clothing and accessories line that features popular London brands including shoe designer Rupert Sanderson’s Minions’ high heels and 60’s-esque shift dresses by Gilles Deacon.  

Gilles Deacon Eye-Dress-Minions-

“Movie marketing has come a long way from the days of going to get your favorite “Star Wars” cup at Burger King or McDonalds…now we’re seeing studios do a lot of high end tie ins and designer collaborations ” said Tyree, who  mentioned the “Cinderella”/ Jimmy Chu  $5,000, shoe as another prime example.  Though the shelf life of such trends may be tied to box office successes (“Despicable Me 2” is now the fourth highest-grossing animated film) and driven by kitsch, the influence on fashion and design could be long lasting. "Color is contextual and right now there is a desire for colors that are more vibrant and uplifting. This is especially the case with the yellows, so given the worldwide popularity of the Minions, it seemed only natural to name a color after a character for the first time in our history," said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. Pantone worked with the Illumination animation team to study the Minions’ “aura” to find the characters’ perfect hue.  According to the color company, the soft yellow color heightens awareness, creates clarity and is the color of hope, joy and optimism.

Nasty gal HQ

The popular online retailer Nasty Gal moved its headquarters from San Francisco to the downtown L.A’s 1908 Pacific Mutual Building, the oldest structure in Pershing Square, to accommodate its departments in style. The building had seen a century’s worth of renovations and additions that left the interior in an disorderly state. Architects and construction teams knocked down all the renovation layers and got the interior back to its foundational state with original clerestories, skylights, fittings and windows to create a 30,000-square-foot space that includes conference rooms and creative studios. In contrast to the retailer’s signature brand of sassy, on-trend fashion, the HQ is toned-down with bright white concrete and exposed brick walls, open floor workspaces lit by suspended lights and dotted with vintage 60’s furniture. Work spaces are unified, besides the few glass walled private offices, and a kitchen/ hangout area encourages collaboration.  One wall of the reception is covered in greenery, a nicely relevant touch for a newly bloomed company that appears to have really put its roots down.

Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier, the man responsible for the Ed Hardy and Von Dutch sparkly rhinestone trucker hats and tattoo inspired muscle tee’s made popular in 2000’s, passed away on Friday, July 10 at age 57 after a battle with cancer. The French fashion designer and marketing mogul catapulted his brands into the spotlight with celebrity fueled promotions which included the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Madonna. Audigier aggressively commercialized his brand’s images and created an empire of Ed Hardy products that included shoes, sunglasses, lighters, air fresheners, wallets, perfume, wine and even a teeth hygiene line. Before the luxury loving designer attained his flashy lifestyle in Los Angeles, he worked for about 20 companies with mixed success. After splitting from both Ed Hardy and Von Dutch, he put out his own self-named line in 2007 that featured similar tattoo and car-culture influences.  “I was dreaming all my life of America, of the blue jean, of Marlon Brando,” he told GQ in 2009 , “and the trucker hat.”


Covering up has never been cooler; leotards have become a summer staple.  Unitards have long been a fashion favorite, and now with an upheaval in sporty athleisure renditions, you don’t have to sweat (literally) to try this trend.  The 80’s workout leotard was re-popularized thanks to American Apparel and now Ekat and other brands have made sporty onesies that go beyond basic with a dizzying array of trippy prints. Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore have been seen rocking onesies lately, and who can blame them? The catsuit is comfy.

Rise of Sneaker culture

The Rise of Sneaker Culture at The Brooklyn Museum is the first exhibition that discusses the history and cultural importance of the popular footwear. From Converse’s 1917 debut of its rubber-soled, canvas All Star gym shows to 80’s  Nike Jordan Air’s  to Yeezy’s high end  sneakers of today, the show traces the shoe’s evolution through time. The more than 150 sneakers on display include designs from fashion houses such as Prada as well as art pieces and items from private collections from Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and other stars.  Photographs, film footage, interactive media and design drawings capture the trends and technological and social changes the sneaker has seen through the ages.  The exhibit, which runs from from July 10-October 4 in NYC, opened serendipitously at the same time as the New York Menswear Fashion Week. Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto and the brains behind the exhibit, said she was interested in how sneakers have changed concepts around masculinity and status. Besides being totems of athleticism, sneakers have long been signs of wealth from the upper class of the early 1900’s to the 70’s generation alike. 

“Sneakers are allowing men to express their individuality in increasingly nuanced ways,” Semmelhack said. “I keep thinking of that Bruno Mars lyric: ‘Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent/Got to kiss myself I’m so pretty.’ ” 

Sneakers have a lot to do with the dissolution of the divide between street wear and high end fashion. “There was a time even in the ’70s when it wasn’t acceptable to show up in sneakers to restaurants, clubs, churches,”  said Sean Williams, producer of online talk show “Obsessive Sneaker Disorder. “Now there are people getting married in sneakers.” For sneaker heads, their soul-or sole passion- has finally been given its proper recognition. 

Vans US surfing open

Surfs up, dude. Take it to Huntington Beach for Van’s Surfing US Open from Saturday, July 25, through Sunday, August 2 for nine days of surfing, skating and BMX competitions plus pop-up shops, art shows and movie nights. 



The Record-Bee Interviews Shoe Box Owner Kellee Bussard


FIDM Graduate Kellee Bussard and her husband, Jesse, opened The Shoe Box in Lakeport, California last November, featuring comfort shoe lines from around the globe. "I know brands, I know pricing, and I know firsthand how women love their shoes," Kellee tells the Record-Bee in a recent interview. The shoe store also caters to men looking for quality work boots and dress shoes. 

After graduating from FIDM, Kellee worked for the Nine West Group, Macy's, and Sole Desire, where she served as operations manager and buyer. When she returned to her hometown area of Lake County, it was time to pursue her dream of owning a business. Read more here



Trendwatch: Millenials Pick 5 Top Beauty Brands

  Tay swift blog

When Millenials shop for beauty products, value matters but not at the expense of quality, reports financial services firm Merrill Lynch Bank of America. The marketing survey studying the habits of Millenials (or 18 to 29 year-old women) listed these top 5 brands:

1. Cover Girl

2. Maybelline

3. Neutrogena

4. MAC

5. Clinique

The next 5 companies include Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, and Revlon—with OPI the winner in the nail category. Surprises and analysis? Clinique and MAC, both Estee Lauder prestige brands, are doing a good marketing job to the younger segment and training them to trade up to prestige when their incomes improve. Read more about Millenials and their penchant for anti-aging products and nail polish in Women's Wear Daily.

FIDM offers college degrees in the Beauty Industry.



Interview: Patricia Field on Telling a Story with Clothes

Pat fireld copy

Emmy-winning costume designer Patricia Field (Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada) gave an in-depth interview to Fashionista minutes after Caitlyn Jenner stopped in her New York store for some advice. Field explained why she prefers shopping in person to online (It's all about touching the fabric.), her love of fine textiles, simple dressing, and her philosophy of shopping vintage. "If the actors are vintage, you can't put vintage on vintage. It just makes them older. Vintage is really great on youngsters."

How did she dress Jenner, who arrived at the shop in the classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap? She left the store in an '80s Mugleresque black jacket with sequined skirt—a more outspoken story, ready to own her character.

Caitlyen-jenner copy



Social Ambassador Attends Sofitel's Digital Art Gallery Experience in San Francisco


As creatives, FIDM Students draw inspiration in various mediums, whether its classic fine art, or fashion, or in this case, photography.

Merchandise Product Development Student and SF Social Ambassador Mehanaokala Pilago recently attended the Digital Art Gallery Experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, presented by San Francisco-based fine art consultancy Daylighted and Sofitel Luxury Hotels. The event featured local artists of the community including Am Stöhr and Hal Eastman. 

Mehanaokala recapped a conversation she had with Mr. Eastman about the inspiration behind one of his photographs on display.

Written by Social Ambassador Mehanaokala Pilago 

"A man introduced himself to me as Hal Eastman, one of the photography artists of a multi-sensory digital art display. As I introduced myself and started to speak about my journey in Product Development at FIDM, he was very interested with my background in dance, and the places I gathered inspiration from. His photographs were shown at an extremely technically slow shutter speed, featuring a woman frolicking through grass. Eastman then began to tell me the story behind these images.


He was visiting the Big Island of Hawaii — which happens to be my hometown — when he saw a woman skipping across the street. Wearing a long gown that flowed with the wind, he was immediately inspired by its movement, and found a way to perfectly capture that moment in a still photograph. Swallowing his pride, he approached the woman and asked her if she would be interested in doing a photo shoot with him a few days later. On the day of the photo shoot, Eastman waited in a grass field for her, questioning if she would ever show up. To his surprise she appeared a few minutes later. As he shot photos with his film camera, he didn't know what the photographs would look like until they were fully developed. 

Mr. Eastman then stood in front of me with a happy grin on his face, staring at his photographs on the digital screens before my eyes. His images captured raw movement and emotion. It was an honor to meet such a humble, talented artist, and truly inspiring to chat with creative individuals of distinct fields. I thank FIDM for giving me the opportunity to experience this modern showcase. 

Connect with Mehanaokala:

Twitter: @FIDM_Mehanokala 

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here.



Industrywatch: Betsey Johnson Adds Childrenswear

Betsey-johnson1 copy

Designer Betsey Johnson—she of the cartwheels and poufy skirts—is adding a line of young girl's clothes to her Betsey Johnson label. Targeting ages 2 to 16, the creative girls wear will sell at Johnson's retail shops as well as department stores that carry the brand. Johnson is juiced. She tells Women's Wear Daily: "I'm so excited to share my new kids wear collection, which includes a punch of punk along with my signature roses and girly smooches. It's something I've been dying to do, since my grandkiddos were born."



Supima Design Competition Finalists Includes DEBUT Grad Leetal Platt


The Supima Design Competition, which includes finalists from seven prominent fashion schools, is celebrating its eighth year with fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra as its new mentor. The competing designers, including recent FIDM Advanced Fashion Design DEBUT Graduate Leetal Platt, will create capsule collections of clothing using Supima cotton fabrics. They will show their designs at a collective runway presentation at New York Fashion Week in September and Paris Fashion Week in October. Leetal, who won Best In Show at DEBUT 2015 and received the Koefia scholarship, will already be in Europe studying at the Koefia Academy in Rome this fall. 



30 FIDM Students & Grads to Follow on Instagram for Visual Inspiration


Looking for new Instagrammers to follow? Take a look at these FIDM Students and Grads on Instagram, who constantly inspire their followers to think outside the box. 

1. Julie Sariñana - @sincerelyjules

Sincerelyjules (@sincerelyjules) 

We bet you didn't know that this successful fashion blogger is a graduate of FIDM! Follow Visual Communications Alumna Julie's inspiring Instagram account for a snapshot of her everyday life, personal style, and travels around the globe. 

2. Drew Scott - @imdrewscott

Imdrewscott (@imdrewscott)

Menswear/lifestyle blogger, Merchandise Product Development graduate, and current Business Management student Drew Scott's minimalistic style, love for the colors black and white, and visual eye will get anyone's creative juices flowing. 

3. Mary Elizabeth - @heymaryelizabeth

Heymaryelizabeth (@heymaryelizabeth)

Alumna Mary Elizabeth uses her prop styling & interior decorating skills to create works of art with common household items. 

4. Lindsay Albanese - @lindsayalbanese

Lindsayalbanese (@lindsayalbanese)

Get a behind-the-scenes look of a fashion stylist's life by following Fashion Design Grad Lindsay Albanese on Instagram. She's a stylist to the stars and an E! Style Collective Style Expert. 

5. Lauren Conrad - @laurenconrad

Laurenconrad (@laurenconrad)

It's hard to choose what we love most about Merchandise Product Development Alumna & fashion mogul Lauren Conrad's Instagram feed. Could it be her cohesive pastel color story, or the adorable photos of her puppies? 

6. Cody Saya - @radbuddha

Radbuddha (@radbuddha)

For those of you who find inspiration through illustrations, Graphic Design Graduate Cody Saya's Instagram feed is the place to be. 

7. Jenny Bernheim - @margoandme

Margoandme (@margoandme)

"Former PR specialist turned blogger" and Merchandise Marketing Alumna Jenny Bernheim recently took over the @FIDMCollege Instagram account, sharing "tips & tricks" to the business of blogging with our followers. On her personal feed, she shares photos of her chic, everyday life. 

8. Gina Soriano - @gbabydolls

Gbabydolls (@gbabydolls)

Prepare to be inspired by this Visual Communications Grad. Gina Soriano is a custom doll artist who shares photos of her work (including this FIDM Student-inspired doll), as well as her process in creating the dolls on Instagram. 

9. Daniel Musto - @danielmusto

Danielmusto (@danielmusto)

Why follow celebrity stylist and Visual Communications Grad Daniel Musto on Instagram? To get an insider's look of his life as a stylist, and to feel his upbeat energy through his photos. 

10. Jacqueline Bridgford - @prettipleaseblog

Prettipleaseblog (@prettipleaseblog)

Another talented creative, lifestyle blogger, and FIDM Alumna, who knows how to work her magic when it comes to prop styling & interior decorating. 

11. Lindsey Hughes - @beautybaby44

Beautybaby44 (@beautybaby44)

Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Grad and vlogger Lindsey Hughes's Instagram feed is our go-to spot for beauty tutorials, and inspiring photos that capture the California lifestyle. 

12. Brittany Hampton - @bhampton

Bhampton (@bhampton)

Yes, that's the legendary Diane von Furstenberg, posing alongside DVF Global Brand Ambassador and Fashion Design Grad Brittany Hampton. Follow Brittany as she jet-sets around the globe, representing DVF. 

13. Catherine Cardelucci - @rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth

Rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth (@rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth)

Where food meets fashion. Graphic Design Grad Catherine Cardelucci uses her Instagram platform to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

14. Nikki Dror - @fourelevenblog

Fourelevenblog (@fourelevenblog)

Nikki is a style-crazed Merchandise Marketing Grad who has interned at Nylon Magazine and founded the Four Eleven Blog

15. Mariya Dondonyan - @missdondonyan

Missdondonyan (@missdondonyan)

Former FIDM Blog intern and Merchandise Marketing Grad Mariya Dondonyan, is a pro at capturing the moments of her & other individual's lives, one photo at a time. 

16. Anna Cova - @annapaocova

Annapaocova (@annapaocova)

This Graphic Designer and FIDM Alumna uses her creative wit to produce beautiful photos of the scenery that surrounds her. 

17. Qjin & Qwon - @q2han

Q2han (@q2han)

Twin vlogging duo & FIDM Grads Qjin and Qwon: double the inspiration, equals double the fun. 

18. Sofia Sanches - @sofiasanches

Sofiasanches (@sofiasanches)

Sofia's unique approach to blogging is what caught our attention from the beginning. This Apparel Industry Management Grad/International Manufacturing & Product Development Student knows how to make an ordinary photo look like a professional fashion ad. 

19. Lee Catherine - @velvetcloouds

Velvetcloouds (@velvetcloouds)

Need some nostalgia in your life? Fashion Design Student and Velvet Cloouds blogger Lee Catherine's '90s-inspired Instagram feed will do the trick. 

20. Stephanie Lavaggi - @stephanielavaggi

Stephanielavaggi (@stephanielavaggi)

Follow Wildfox Couture's Web and Print Graphic Designer, and Merchandise Product Development Grad Stephanie Lavaggi, as she shares behind-the-scenes photos of her daily work life as an employee of Wildfox. 

21. Chava Feigen-Braun - @chavafeigen

Chavafeigen (@chavafeigen)

For all of you shoe lovers out there, Fashion Design Grad/Business Management Student Chava Feigen-Braun's footwear illustrations will leave you in awe. 

22. FIDM Daily Fashion - @fashionatfidm

Fashionatfidm (@fashionatfidm)

Get your quick fix on FIDM Street Style by following this student-created Instagram page. 

23. Duston Jasso - @dusty_do

Dusty_do (@dusty_do)

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this Fashion Design Grad lets his work visually speak for itself on Instagram. 

24. Amanda Widegren - @amandapropagandas

Amandapropagandas2 (@amandapropagandas)

A 2015 FIDM Grad, Amanda won the award for "Outstanding Visual Communications Student of the Year" at this year's graduation ceremony. Her Instagram feed is infused with visually compelling photos of her work, personal style, and day-to-day life. 

25. Marin Johnson - @parttimetruelove

Parttimetruelove (@parttimetruelove)

Leave it to this Visual Communications student to fill your head with ingenious ideas, seconds after viewing her Instagram page.

26. Asha Moné - @ashamone

Ashamone (@ashamone)

Fashion Design Grad Asha has a love for Asia's cultural impact on art & fashion. Her Instagram feed is filled with everything from self-created fashion illustrations, to inspiring art from museum exhibitions. 

27. Claudia Yane - @iiclauds 

Iiclauds (@iiclauds)

Claudia is a 2015 FIDM Grad with a classic, minimalistic style and a creative vision. 

28. FHER - @by.fher

By.fher (@by.fher)

For the perfect example of how to use Instagram as a product advertising tool, take note from this Jewelry Design Grad. 

29. Ashley Wilson - @theashwilson

Theashwilson (@theashwilson)

Currently living in Dallas, Texas Apparel Industry Management Grad Ashley Wilson shares behind-the-scenes peeks into her life as a stylist. 

30. Leetal Platt - @leetal_weapon

Leetal_weapon (@leetal_weapon)

The inspiring work of DEBUT 2015 and Advanced Fashion Design Graduate Leetal Platt can be found on her Instagram feed. 



Fashion Design Grad Is Director of Product Development for Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Co.


Name: Allyson Ansusinha

Title/Company: Director of Product Development for Appalatch

FIDM Major: Fashion Design

FIDM Grad Year: December 2011

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm always itching to create and to work with my hands. I love textiles and clothing. I love being a maker of style, or as I like to say, a facilitator of communication. Style is communicating your personality to the world and I love being a part of that. I love walking outside and watching the wind blow through the trees, doing yoga, reading fiction, and weaving fabric. I try to be optimistic and always look on the bright side.

What is Appalatch's mission? Our mission is to make high-quality, honest, accessible clothing in America. We want our clothing to have a wider reach than expensive luxury brands, but with the same quality. We create clothing with sentimental value, because we want it to be passed down through generations. We design with lasting style and quality to make that happen.

What is a typical day like for you as Director of Product Development? A typical day will have me bouncing all over the place. Working at a start up means I wear many hats. Things are constantly changing, and I roll with the punches. I may start by thinking about design and meditating on a concept before diving into conversations about our direction with assistants. Once the mood is set I like to start with textiles; I work with the Stoll Knitwear software to program a knit design that's in my head, and knit a sample. Usually I have to edit and repeat that step a few times. Once I'm satisfied with the textile, I either drape or flat pattern the garment design. Being the Director of Product Development means that I design all of our products and think through exactly how they're going to be made. It's like a puzzle, and I love it.

What is your favorite aspect of your job? I love how rewarding the finished product is. My creative process tends to be chaotic--ideas, fabric swatches, and garment samples pile up. Sometimes I feel like I have to swim through the studio. But when a collection is finished and I see all of the the beautiful textures, graphics and silhouettes I created with the help of my team I feel so satisfied. 

How has FIDM helped you in your career? FIDM gave me an amazing foundation for working in this industry. My pattern making and sewing skills became super polished at FIDM, I learned to make tech packs (so important), and I learned how much work it really is to take the concept of a garment into reality.

Any advice for current FIDM Students? Work your butt off. You really have to be ambitious and put forth the effort to better yourself and grow. Listen to your intuition and don't let anyone take advantage of you. Oh, also, sleep. It does your body, mind, and spirit good.



FIDM Grads Showed Their Geek Couture Designs at the Her Universe Fashion Show at Comic-Con


FIDM Graduates Leetal Platt and Erica Williams, both 2015 DEBUT Graduates, and 2012 Alumna Kelly Cercone showcased their Geek Couture fashion designs at the Her Universe Fashion Show 2015 at San Diego Comic-Con. 


Leetal's dress, "Usagi's Transformation," (pictured above) was inspired by Sailor Moon. "I gravitated specifically to the art and themes that appear when the character Usagi goes though the transform to become Sailor Moon," she explains. "I made a nude illusion gown and tacked 40 yards of pink ribbon on the bodice. For the skirt half, I sewed on 2,000 feathers over five days as a throwback to the seasons where wings would appear during her change or her costume started to gain wings." Leetal, whose dress won the competition, created a second look and a runway "transformation" by creating two inner linings to the dress that were pulled out and wrapped around the waist, containing the dress, and a tailored, upscale version of the sailor suit shirt.

"On the runway, my model Chloe Dysktra pulled two tabs to let the skirt fall and unfold, creating a short to long reveal," she explains. "Both my model and I were shaking because we feared something might go wrong, but we rehearsed for hours, and it went off without a hitch. We were just so happy we pulled off the look itself, that the win was just an unexpected topper to the night." Leetal's prize is to design a collection with Her Universe to be sold in Hot Topic stores next year. 


Erica's design (above) was inspired by Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. "I am a dedicated fan to both the book and TV series, and I chose Daenerys as my main source of inspiration for this Geek Couture design, focusing on her rise from the flames and into the Mother of Dragons," she explains. "I decided to feature a strong feminine silhouette emerging from a train of flame-like chiffon, a dress fit "for a Khaleesi."

There is nothing I love more than bringing an idea to life and watching it walk down a runway, and this show in particular has a special place in my heart," adds Erica, who has degrees in Fashion Design and Theatre Costume Design from FIDM. "The HerUniverse Fashion Show gave me the chance to combine both of my degrees into a single design. Geek chic is definitely paving its way into the fashion world, and I am elated to be a part of it." 


It was Kelly's first time showing with Her Universe and attending San Diego Comic-Con so she was happy to see fellow FIDM Grads. "We chatted a bit online, before the event, but met for the first time during rehearsal," she explains. "It was really great; backstage we reminisced about our favorite instructors and DEBUT. All of our looks were so unique that it was a very non-competitive environment." Kelly's design, The Joker, was the Judge's Choice Winner which means that she will also work with Hot Topic on a future collection. 




10 Best Places to Shop Near FIDM: LA Edition


New to LA and don't know where the hot spots for clothing and accessories are? We've all been there. Anyone can shop at the mall, but the City of Angels provides a wide array of options when it comes to hunting for fashion finds. 

Sample Sales 


Los Angeles, hands down, has the best sample sales. A lot of brands are either based in Los Angeles, or have showrooms here. The California Market Center, Cooper Design Space, and the New Mart are all showrooms that happen to be within a few blocks from FIDM LA. These sales are the number one place to score clothing & accessories from your favorite designers/brands, on a college budget. You can score everything from Wildfox Couture and MinkPink, to Rebecca Minkoff and AG Jeans. Each week, Warehouse Weekends and Racked LA posts about different sample sales around the area. All you have to do is subscribe to their email newsletters, or Google “Sample Sales in Los Angeles.”

Melrose Trading Post 

Greasy Mag

The Melrose Trading Post is a major go-to spot for vintage or handmade clothing (that you can’t find in stores). There are a bunch of stands where you can score denim cut-off shorts for reasonable prices, and Etsy-esque jewels without the risk of ordering online. It’s the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon, since it only takes place on Sundays.

Nasty Gal 


How lucky are we to live within a few miles from the only Nasty Gal brick and mortar stores in the country? Very lucky! Whether you shop at Nasty Gal on Melrose or in Santa Monica, you are bound to find some awesome pieces. Although Nasty Gal can be pricey, it’s good to treat yourself from time to time, especially after midterms or finals.

J.D. LuxeJDLuxe (@jdluxefashion) 

Co-founded by FIDM Graduate Jordana Fortaleza, J.D. Luxe has become “LA’s Premiere Mobile Boutique." It's the perfect place to shop for trendy, boho-chic clothing. Another plus is that most of their items are under $100! You can normally find them parked on Melrose Place — Sundays from 11-2 — with various other locations throughout the week.

Pale Violet 


 Los Angeles Fashion District 

Located in DTLA’s Historic Core, Pale Violet opened in 2013, by none other than a graduate of FIDM. Merchandise Marketing Alumna Julia Blake founded this carefully curated boutique, carrying brands like Cameo and Naven. Blake identifies the boutique’s aesthetic as luxurious, fashion-forward, and classic. It's the perfect place to find a new dress for a night out, with a unique bag or shoes to match. 



The Black Hatter  

Wasteland is consistently voted one of LA’s best thrift stores, but it hardly feels like one. They are very accessible throughout Los Angeles, with locations on Melrose, Santa Monica, and Studio City. With a mix of trendy new designers & some of the best second-hand clothing in Los Angeles, Wasteland carries both men’s and women’s clothing/accessories. They have everything from Rag & Bone leather jackets, to hard-to-find pieces from the "Stella McCartney for Adidas" collection.

Planet Blue 


 Apparel News

Known for attracting celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens & Alessandra Ambrosio, Planet Blue embodies the boho-chic, SoCal lifestyle. They have store locations in Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills. Planet Blue carries well-known brands, such as Wildfox Couture, Joe’s Jeans, and Free People. They also carry up & coming brands, like Quay Australia & Bohemian Bones. In addition to a well-curated selection of established brands, they carry their own line, Blue Life. This celebrity hot spot is your one-stop shop for all things Summer. 

Polkadots & Moonbeams


Racked LA 

This unique shop actually has two stores in one building, which means double the fun! One store has awesome vintage finds, while the other carries pieces from newer designers. Their wide price range means that there's something for everyone. Some pieces are boho, some are edgy, and others are trendy. Polkadots & Moonbeams is the perfect place to shop with a group of friends who all have different tastes.



Happening in DTLA 

Conveniently located within walking distance from FIDM, the best part about Virgo is that the clothing you find is reworked and re-purposed, which gives their merchandise that extra sense of flair. The second best part is the fact that almost everything is under $100. The vision of the boutique is to tap into the edgy California style, and bring that style to the up-and-coming area of Downtown LA. 

J Brand Factory Outlet 


 Racked LA 

One of LA’s best-kept secrets! This place is denim heaven. It’s laid out like a sample sale. Plus, the jeans are marked down anywhere between 40% to 75% off. The selection is always updated, and they sell a lot of jeans that haven’t been seen in major stores. Sundays are the best days to go, because they mark the denim down even further, to make way for new shipments. The window of time to shop is small, so I suggest frequently checking their Facebook page before visiting. 

We want to know your favorite places to shop near your campus, FIDM Students! Be sure to share photos via social media, using the hashtag #FindsNearFIDM. 

Written by: Marisa Pressimone 

Connect with Marisa:

Twitter: @FIDM_Marisa



Just Accepted High School Junior Already Owns an Online Fashion Boutique



Name: Kaitlyn Shelton

Age: 17

Hometown: Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Area

FIDM Major: Merchandise Marketing

FIDM Campus and Start Date: LA, July 2016

Admissions Advisor: Laura Gorham

How did your advisor help with the process? Laura was a tremendous help through absolutely everything. She was very easy to talk to and communicate with, and made me feel 110% comfortable throughout the whole process. If it wasn’t for her, I would have been a complete mess.

Tell us a bit about yourself. For as long as I can remember, fashion has been one of my biggest passions and obsessions which has led to me owning my own online boutique, Awaited Apparel. I also really enjoy going to concerts as much as possible, hanging out with friends, and seeing new places.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My two proudest accomplishments would by far be getting accepted into my dream school as a junior in high school, and owning my own online boutique at only 17 years old. Neither of these were close to being easy, especially because I decided to make them both happen at the same time. I spent months making my entrance project as perfect as I could, which resulted in hours and hours of nonstop work. During this time, I became obsessed with the idea of starting my own store, and I had to make it happen. After months of research and dedication, I finally launched my own online boutique in May of this year.

What made FIDM right for you? When I attended the 3 Days of Fashion program at FIDM, I absolutely fell completely in love with every aspect of it. Not only is the environment awesome, but the passion and drive of every single person there was incredible and only motivated and inspired me to push myself to do more in this industry. Also, simply just the education you receive at FIDM is amazing. You really can’t ask for more.

Describe your entrance project. For my entrance project I had to put together five different outfits for five different occasions (each piece in the outfit being a different designer/brand) and explain why I chose it, where it would be worn, and what I believe the price should be for each piece. With all that being said, I wanted mine to stand out and be unique. Therefore, every piece and outfit I chose was all from my own closet. Instead of cutting pictures out of a magazine and gluing them on a piece of paper, I had pictures of me in each outfit, which made the project a little more personal.

What are your career goals? I would honestly love to be anywhere from a buyer, stylist, or just own my own successful shop.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? To learn the industry inside and out. I believe FIDM will teach me all there is to know about the industry and will provide me with incredible opportunities that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else.



Links We Love: Paris Couture Week, Comic Con's 'Geek Couture' & More

Versace Couture Fall 2015

Chiffon gowns, painted velvet, and fur! Couture Week has hit Paris with a whirlwind of decadence. Versace enchanted with bohemian frayed pastel chiffon gowns and delicate flower crowns that were equal parts Midsummer Night's Dream and Coachella. The free-spirit of 70’s festival wear was updated with dainty strips of chain mail and skin revealing corset like cut-outs.  The collection was inspired by the natural beauty of the forest and 26,000 orchids lay underneath the glass runway while a flower sculpted Medusa hung overhead as the show gatekeeper.With myth in mind, it looked like fairies had taken over the runway. And without any hems to weight them down their flowy gowns, they were ready to fly away. With straight hems mostly done away with , the hand-painted, floral velvet and chiffon dresses unraveled at the ends with feathery frays. Patent leather go-go boots provided an edge to the tattered hems. Beaty enthusiasts took notes from Pat McGrath’s use of shimmery green eyeshadow, glossy pink lips and glowing skin.

Schiaperelli couture

Schiaperelli’s designer Bertrand Guyon made his couture debut with expertly tailored brocade suits, flowing gowns, and a touch of surrealism. Although Guyon just recently took the helm at the French fashion house after creative director Marco Zanini left in January, he has proved that the revival of the brand is in expert hands. While silhouettes remained straightforward and classic, Guyon provided pizzaz with bright bursts of color and patchwork fur coats. Esoteric symbols of an all-seeing eye, stars and arrow-speared hearts on sparkling appliqués appeared on a black velvet dress, trousers and suits and shimmered with playful meaning. Now, after Guyons has shown his couture charm, the fashion world has its glittering eye on him. 

Chanel couture

Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore, and Lara Stone stood around a roulette table ready to place their bets. This dreamy scene was concocted by none other than Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld, who transformed the Grand Palais into a fully functioning casino. While antique slot machines lined the walls and gaming tables stood at the center of the runway, Chanel provided a more restrained vision of excess.  Wide shouldered boxy suit jackets, shirt suits and glittery dresses showed a reverence for 1930’s, but the garments themselves held an ironic twist. Some of the collection had been created using a computer printer. Lagerfeld must have had futuristic visions in mind; the uniformly made-up models made quite a beauty statement with asymmetrical bobbed hair pieces that sat high on the hairline for a slightly alien effect. The dramatic cut was made strange with triangular patches of the models’ real hair poking out under the stiff crease of the all brunette wigs. Brows were made full and eyes left natural against deeply blushed cheek bones (circa 1983) and full rosy lips. White nails with black tips also spoke to the graphic 80’s aesthetic. Kendall Jenner closed out the show in a white bridal suit with slim trousers double breasted coat  and a translucent shawl that trailed behind her.


This week, Fendi may make have made the fur fly, but first it took over an entire show. The fashion house’s first couture show, an exclusively fur “haute fourrure” collection celebrates Karl Langerfeld’s 50 years of designing furs and ready-to-wear and is the second couture show the designer has shown in Paris this  summer. Never mind the summer heat- models suited up in fur zippered jockey jackets, fringed fur ponchos, fur capes and coats in rarities like sable, white sable and lynx. 

“Fur is Fendi, Fendi is fur” Lagerfeld stated in 2013, and the masterwork is obvious. Patchwork Technicolor dream coats of shaggy fur showcased Fendi’s experimental side. A few of the zip-up jacket even had a sets of fuzzy eyes, for a cheeky the muppets-go-luxury look. The fashion houses’s fur bag charms, that range from multi-colored pom-poms to miniature Furby-esque creatures, have long been a hit for those who want a puff of couture for around $300-500 a pop.  While many designers and consumers choose animal friendly products over the real thing 73 percent of this year’s 436 shows in New York, Paris, Milan and London included fur as reported by Saga Furs, the Finnish auction house. The prevalence of fur on the runways and lower price tags, especially on accessories, attracted younger consumers (ages 19-29), according to Forbes Magazine.  Langerfeld defended his use of fur after PETA’s condemning remarks.         

"Fur has always been a hot-button issue in fashion, and now more than ever because the consumer has the ability to research and decide for themselves where they want to stand,” Robert Burke, a NY luxury consultant, told The New York Times.


While haute couture finishes off its week in Paris, geek couture has taken over the streets of San Diego for ComicCon.  Last year, Ashley Eckstein, founder of Her Universe, a fan-girl apparel company, organized the first contest of ComicCon’s extremely talented costume makers. This year, the Her Universe fashion show and design competition will return to the convention on July 9 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego. While the designs are out-there  ( where else can you find fully clawed Wolverine inspired evening wear? ), the show rules require that pieces are not costumes but ready-to-wear. Out of 25 chosen contestants, two winners will be selected to design a collection for Hot Topic. Last year’s winners created an adorable, Marvel-based line inspired by butt-kicking characters like the Black Widow. Get your geek on and check out this year’s highlights.

LA Times evolution-swimsuit-

How did we get from wool bathing costumes to the string bikini? Dive into the L.A Times’ incredible history of the swimsuit!  The bathing suit has come a long from Australian swimmer’ film star Annette Kellerman’s 1907 arrest for indecent explore after donning a one-piece bathing suit in public to plus sized model Ashley Graham featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated  swimsuit edition. FIDM Museum Curator Kevin Jones helped tell the suits’ story.


Summer is no time to hide yourself away in a dark movie theater. Instead, wait until it gets dark and watch your favorite films under the stars at one of LA’s outdoor film screenings




Industrywatch: Levi's Rethinks its Women's Jeans

Levis copy

Spurred by the growing popularity of athleisure pants, Levi's has given its women's jeans a complete redo. Eighty years after introducing jeans to women, the California brand spent two years researching and designing what women really want, says the New York Times. "The update involves larger back pockets, for more flattering optics; new branding on the waistband...and a new brand ambassador, Alicia Keys," says the Times. But the biggest news according to Levi's Chief Product Officer Karyn Hillman, is that new denim fabrics will feel softer and contain more stretch. Where fit was always women's number one concern, fabric is now a close second. Point of interest, for the first time Levi's ad campaign will be gender specific.



Trendwatch: Fashion Blogging Takes a Turn


Bemoaning the rise of sponsored posts, Refinery 29 does a short history of fashion blogging, pointing out the inevitable—with more blog posts being sponsored by companies like Kotex, fashion blogging has lost its cool factor. The cool kids are using apps like Instagram instead to share their fashionable selves; "It's almost like the big fashion bloggers have become Establishment," explains writer Alice Hines, "and people on Instagram or Vine stars are doing their own thing." The newest Influencers don't need web-based platforms to toot their horns and gather a following; meanwhile established bloggers like The Blonde Salad are looking more and more like magazines.

Kick your social skills up to professional level with a degree in Social Media from FIDM.



Industrywatch: 10 Top American Apparel Brands

Nike copy

Fashionista's list of the top 10 American apparel brands according to sales revenue is topped by Nike, followed by Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Gap, and Levi Strauss. Trends and changes? Nike, with $30.6 billion in annual sales, is on the upswing thanks to the athletic wear boom, and Old Navy surpassed mother brand Gap in volume for the first time. Oh, and three out of five are California-based. See the other biggies.



Merch Marketing Student Is a Semi-Finalist for NRF's Ray Greenly Scholarship


Merchandise Marketing second year student Amanda Tobias has just been named a semi-finalist for the NRF Foundation's Ray Greenly Scholarship. Undergraduate and graduate students from more than 40 schools across the country applied for the award, and executives from companies such as Walgreens, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s, Tractor Supply, and Walmart served as judges to select the 25 semi-finalists.

Amanda will receive a travel scholarship to attend the Digital Summit and Student Program in Philadelphia from October 4, 2015 to October 7, 2015. Digital retail executives, including members of the Board of Directors, will select the five finalists, with plans to award one $25,000 scholarship to the top recipient and four $10,000 scholarships to the remaining finalists.

Good luck, Amanda! 



Fashionista Calls Atelier Delphine a "Label to Watch"


Fashionista has a feature on Atelier Delphine, the label "stocked in all the cool-girl stores" founded by FIDM Graduate and Japanese-born designer Yuka Izutsu. The women's label was founded in 2011, out of a desire to craft romantic loungewear for the modern woman.


Discover muted colors and high-quality fabrics that are meant to serve as a sanctuary from trend-driven fast fashion. Atelier Delphine is currently stocked at Steven Alan in New York, Olive in Austin, Myrtle in L.A., and online at Anthropologie and Of a Kind, among locations. 



Just Accepted Beauty Student's Proudest Accomplishment is Getting Into FIDM as a High School Junior



Name: Kenesha Walker

Age: 17

Hometown: Ossining, NY

FIDM Major: Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles Campus, Fall 2016

Admissions Advisor: Roxy DeGuzman

How did your advisor help with the process? Honestly, I couldn’t be any more grateful towards Roxy, than I already am. She truly helped me out. Whether it was just answering my series of questions (because trust me, I had a lot of questions), or just being a motivator; Roxy was there, and she made this whole application process a pleasant experience.

Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m really into Asian culture, specifically Korean culture. Whether it’s their food, fashion, and unsurprisingly, their makeup, I just love it all. Maybe my love for their beauty products comes from the fact that everything is packaged so cutely.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? I’ve got to say my proudest accomplishment so far is getting into FIDM as junior. I’ve put so much effort into this whole application process and to know I’ve got accepted into my top school is amazing. Now I can go into my senior year of high school, knowing I was accepted into FIDM--that’s a huge relief and I think thats something to be proud of.

What made FIDM right for you? In my eyes there is no other school I want to attend besides FIDM. In fact, FIDM is the only college that carries the specific major I have an interest in. So that reason alone is one of top reasons as to why FIDM is right for me.

Describe your entrance project. For my entrance project I created an eyeshadow palette called Midnight Hollows for Urban Decay. The eyeshadow palette, although it's for everybody, was specifically marketed towards African American women. I wanted not only a versatile eyeshadow palette, but no matter how dark the pigmentation of your skin tone, the bold and vivid shadows would appear, no primer or base needed.

What are your career goals? I want to be employed at a top beauty brand, my preference being Urban Decay or Benefit. I want to be involved in the entire process, from the beginning to creating the idea, and carrying out the whole process of product development.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I want to learn how to create a product that is aesthetically pleasing and attention-getting. Packaging appeals to everyone, and that’s what I want to do--I want to learn from FIDM how to be able to put my perspective onto things and have it capture someone’s attention and draw them to buy it.



8 Great Careers FIDM Grads Have Woven in the World of Textile Design


FIDM's Textile Design Program prepares students for successful careers in the creation and styling of printed and woven textiles for the apparel and interior design industries. Keep up with the latest Textile Design posts here

Willis Park is the head fashion designer at PRMTIV WORLD

Brook Perdigon is the founder of Brook Perdigon Textiles

Karoline Korpor is the color coordinator at 5.11 Tactical

Karen E. Downes has designed prints for Madonna's juniors line, Material Girl

Krystelle Braham is working at the e-commerce start-up Nightfall

Kellie Huie designs a collection of girls clothes exclusively for Target.

Calli Cautela is now an Associate CAD Artist at White House Black Market

Ashley Lakin has designed prints for Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and bebe



FIDM Instagram Takeover: Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me


Join FIDM on Instagram, from Monday, July 13 – Wednesday, July 15, as we host our first Instagram takeover with fashion blogger & FIDM Merchandise Marketing Alumna Jenny Bernheim. She is the founder of renowned fashion blog Margo & Me.

Instagram Takeover Details

Over the course of three days, you will get the chance to virtually experience a day in the life of a fashion blogger. Bernheim will curate a series of photos on FIDM’s Instagram page, featuring helpful tips & tricks that are relevant to the business of blogging.

To participate in our Instagram takeover, be sure to follow @FIDMCollege and @MargoandMe on Instagram. Get to know Jenny Bernheim below, and take a look at her blog.   

About Fashion Blogger Jenny Bernheim

Jenny Bernheim is a former fashion PR specialist turned blogger, stylist and designer. She finds herself on a daily adventure to discover new fashion trends, visually translating her findings into the pages of Margo & Me, which launched in May 2012.

Through Bernheim’s years spent in the fashion industry, she recognizes that brand alignment is essential, lending her style advice to Lucky Magazine, and contributing to The Zoe Report and Vanity Fair. She is often requested to style advertising campaigns and lookbooks, as well as consult for several leading brands as a trend forecaster & merchandise coordinator. In addition to collaborations with reputable brands, Jenny has also been recognized & profiled in international publications/editorial platforms, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Refinery29.

Bernheim’s style philosophy is simple: “It’s not about being held hostage to trends. It’s about exploring your stylistic cravings, overcoming your sartorial doubts, and becoming alluringly elusive through your look.”




Just Accepted Vis Comm Transfer Student Ran a Type 1 Diabetes Charity for Kids



Name: Erin Hook

Age: 19 

Previous College: University of Colorado at Boulder 

FIDM Major: Visual Communications

Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles, October 2015

Admissions Advisor: Christina Haynes

How did your advisor help you with the admissions process? My advisor was very helpful guiding me through the entire admission process and really acted like a cheerleader of sorts. She believed in my abilities.

Tell us about yourself. My hobbies are volleyball (I played competitively for seven years), I love to snowboard, and I have been involved in a mentor program for people with Type 1 diabetes called Diabuddies. I also ran a charity for several years that I created called Shots for Sponsors. I was very lucky and raised $27,000 for kids to go to camp for Type 1 diabetes. My other interests and my inspiration comes from spending time with my family and my friends. I love the visual arts and look forward to being a part of FIDM.

Why did you choose FIDM? FIDM feels right to me in every way. I have always loved the kind of work I will get to do in my major but now I can finally see it as a future career.

Tell us about your entrance project. My entrance project involved an interpretation of circles, triangles, and squares. Since FIDM is a design school, I took various logos, maybe 30, from various famous stores and designers and arranged them strategically and then shaded some of the circles, diamonds, and squares with neon by hand. For other parts of the project, I designed the interior of a high-end boutique and store window. For the store window, I resisted using mannequins and did something different. It was fun and looked really different.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I expect to learn how to do a variety of things in my field. I understand the faculty is great and I have opportunities to intern and travel and work in a real world setting doing the things I love.



Seven Graduates Honored at Reception and Exhibition of Their Menswear Collections


Seven graduates were recently honored at a reception and exhibition of their menswear collections, celebrating the first graduating class of FIDM's Advanced Study Program in Menswear. Over 200 menswear industry associates, family and friends of the graduates were in attendance to review the display of the graduates’ work at the L.A. campus.
















An illustrious judging panel named two winners: Devon Figueroa – Most Innovative Collection Zachary Hall – Most Marketable Collection (pictured, above). Each winner received a men's dress form, valued at $900, from Fashion Supplies Inc. and all seven graduates were given a $100 gift certificate to the store.




The judging panel (pictured, below) included: Joe Knoernschild, Co-Founder, Hurley and Billabong USA; Ilse Metchek, President, California Fashion Association; T.J. Walker, Vice President, Cross Colours; James Costa, Design Director, JACHS NY; FIDM Menswear Instructors. 


Photos by Alex J. Berliner/ABImages 



Trendwatch: Wealthy Shoppers Prefer Bricks 'n Mortar

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Affluent shoppers prefer to "walk around a store and see things up close... and many insist on advice from living, breathing humans," says the latest survey by Luxury Institute as reported in Bloomberg Business. The only exceptions are men shopping for expensive watches and women buying makeup. Reasons are that male aficionados can research deeper online, and women replenishing favorite beauty products know exactly what they want.



Industrywatch: Donna Karan Focuses On New Endeavor

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