FIDM Alumnus Kevan Hall Unveils Spring 2016 Collection at Los Angeles Atelier

Kevan Hall 2016

FIDM grad Kevan Hall brought a touch of Italia to the City of Angels when he presented his Spring 2016 collection at his Los Angeles atelier recently. Hall, best known for designing gorgeous couture red carpet looks, called his collection "Moda Capri," and the breezy chiffon caftans and crochet tunics he showed were certainly evocative of a luxurious vacation on the Italian island. 

“I imagined Jackie O. and Lee Radziwill looking ravishing while strolling the ancient streets of this tiny village,” said the designer. Using a playful, summery palette of coral, turquoise, yellow, and lime, Hall's "Moda Capri" channeled all that was glamorous about the 1960s with a mix of slim pants, mock-neck shift dresses, and even a sequined capelet jumpsuit.

Hall, whose designs have been worn by the likes of Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway and First Lady Michelle Obama, invited close friends and family to view the collection, including Tina Knowles (otherwise known as Beyonce's mother), Cameron Fisher, and singer Estelle.

image source: WWD



FIDM Grad and YouTube Creator Weylie Hoang Takes over our Instagram Nov. 11-13


Join @FIDMCollege on Instagram from November 11-13 as we host an Instagram takeover with Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Alumna and YouTube beauty expert Weylie Hoang as she covers her top 10 best practices for YouTube.  

Instagram Takeover Details

Over the course of three days, you'll get the chance to learn Weylie's best tips and tricks for growing your YouTube channel by following @FIDMCollege on Instagram. After graduating from FIDM in 2013, Weylie decided to pursue her YouTube career through which she has attracted 1.4 million subscribers, brand sponsorship and other incredible business opportunities.

"My YouTube channel started off with the focus on beauty and now has slowly evolved to a lifestyle and beauty space," she says. "I just hit my eighth year anniversary since I began 'YouTubing' in September, and thought I’d share my top 10 best practices for YouTube for anyone who would like to start a YouTube channel!"

Subscribe to Weylie's YouTube channel here and follow FIDM on Instagram here.



Meet Social Ambassador Valeria Molina


Get to know FIDM Social Ambassador  Valeria Molina, a Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Student at our San Francisco campus. Follow Valeria on Twitter @FIDM_mvaleria for live updates about her life as a FIDM Student.  

Q&A with Valeria: 

Hometown: Bay Point, CA

Describe your style: Very chill, laid-back, and comfy. But when it comes to dressing up, it's very classy. 

Currently listening to: Sam Smith, Ashanti, Meghan Trainor

Favorite brands: Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Sephora, and ULTA 

An icon who inspires you: Selena Quintanilla and Shay Mitchell. They're individuals who are so free-spirited and humble. 

Favorite place to eat in SF: Anywhere where they sell tacos.

Dream job: To be CEO of my own beauty company!

Best advice for FIDM Students: All of the struggles are worth it.

SF's best kept secret: Still trying to figure that out. 

Your FIDM experience in three words: Amazing, surreal, exciting.

You know you went to FIDM when: Teachers asked you to go take pictures,  feel the material of clothes, or take pictures of random people on the streets who look trendy. 

More about Valeria: 

My name is Valeria Molina. I am a Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing major at FIDM. I am currently enrolled at the San Francisco campus and will be moving to the Los Angeles campus for my second year. I like to call myself a Bay Area native because I've been living here most of my life. I am a big foodie.  Living in a Mexican household, you have to love food. There is always somebody trying to feed you! I believe laughter is the best medicine out there. I love to make people laugh and if you can make me laugh, we're automatically best friends. Anything having to do with beauty, I'm all up on it! I've been interested in beauty for as long as I can remember. YouTube is my beauty bible. Anything having to do with makeup techniques or new products coming out, YouTube taught me. Beauty is my biggest passion. When I learned that I could pursue a career in beauty through FIDM,  I enrolled right away. My ultimate goal is to become CEO of my own cosmetics company, and to inspire others through beauty. So far, FIDM has given me so many opportunities including helping me in getting getting my first internship and job. Through those experiences, I've seen myself grow so much. I am a highly motivated person and willing to take any chance to improve myself. I'm glad that I'm in an atmosphere that only makes me want to push myself even more!

 Connect with Valeria:

Twitter: @FIDM_mvaleria

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here. 



Meet Social Ambassador Lauren Anderson

Lauren rose

Get to know FIDM Social Ambassador Lauren Anderson, a Social Media Student at our Orange County campus. Follow Lauren on Twitter @ohlovelyrose for live updates about her life as a FIDM Student. 

Q&A with Lauren:  

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Describe your style: I would describe my style as simple, vintage, and a bit quirky. I love classic staple pieces mixed with pastel fun accessories. Anything bubble gum pink is a 'yes' in my book!

Currently listening to: I'm currently in rehearsals for Legally Blonde, the Musical (I'm playing Elle Woods!) so I have been listening to that soundtrack quite a bit. I also recently made a playlist for my blog that is still one of my favorites. 

Favorite brands: My favorite brand of all time is Wildfox. I love the whimsical, vintage vibe of each of their pieces. Kimberely Gordon, the founder and creative behind the brand, is a huge inspiration of mine. For basics and denim, I love Madewell. 

An icon who inspires you: Tavi Gevinson is a huge icon for me. She has accomplished so much because of the success of her blog, and the messages she sends about female empowerment and self confidence are hugely inspiring.

Favorite place to eat in OC: My favorite restaurant in Orange County is Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa in the SOBECA district. The pizza is to die for! 

Dream job: My absolute dream would be to blog full time, and launch different projects off of the brand I have created with Oh Lovely Rose. I would also love to do private social media management, since I'm completely in love with social media strategy and marketing.

Best advice for FIDM Students: Don't be afraid to be different! Take risks, try something new, and make the most out of your years at FIDM. The community will support every success, and will pick you back up after every failure. 

OC's best kept secret: Victoria Beach in South Laguna Beach. It's a gorgeous tiny beach with a tower that looks straight out of Rapunzel.

Your FIDM experience in three words: New, inspirational, community.

You know you went to FIDM when: You use your FIDM tote bag for groceries.

More about Lauren: 

Hi! My name is Lauren Michelle Anderson and I am a first quarter Social Media major at FIDM OC/LA. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a social media intern, and lead a secret life as a musical theatre performer. I have an obsession for cooking and baking, and have lately been coming up with recipes for clean eating comfort food. I wish I could paint the world pastel, and have a slight addiction with the color pink. I dabble in photography and have an InStyle magazine collection dating back to 2002. Social media is my passion, and I have spent so many hours learning about this new field that is changing the world as we know it every single day. What I love most about social media is that it gives everyone a voice, and it is up to every individual to decide how to use that voice. I have used my voice on social media to start my blog, Oh Lovely Rose, and my own body positivity campaign, The Role Model Movement. I also hope to soon start my own private social media management firm, so that I can help new creative entrepreneurs reach their goals on social media. 

Though I’m new to FIDM, I already feel like such a member of the community. From my first meeting with my admissions advisor, I have been welcomed with open arms and supported. I was featured in the Just Accepted series on the FIDM Blog and on the @FIDMOC and @FIDMCollege Instagram pages. I am interning at a company run by a graduate of FIDM, and working with several FIDM Students. I have jumped at every opportunity to become a part of the community, and have made it a goal to become a Social Ambassador to embrace the community and represent it. I already love this school with my whole heart, and can't wait to see what else I can do to give back. 

 Connect with Lauren:

Twitter: @ohlovelyrose

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here



Seventeen FIDM Grads and Students with Leading YouTube Channels


Written by Visual Communications Grad and Business Management Student Kayla Coleman

In a world of accessorizing, Instagramming, and keeping one's eyebrows "on fleek,” it seems to be all but necessary to have someone help you navigate the complicated waters of all things fashion, beauty and life!

Though we are all familiar with YouTube and vlogging, what is truly amazing is just how substantially the industry of vlogging has grown into a serious business platform. Variety online even sited YouTube stars as being more popular than mainstream celebrities among U.S. teens Teens in a recent survey. Recently, POTUS Barack Obama has even "relied heavily on YouTube and its stars to get his platform across to younger, more digital-savvy audiences" and USA Today recently reported on the way in which YouTube is changing diversity among Millennials

Whether you're turning to YouTube for business endeavors, POTUS promotion, or outfit-of-the-day posts, the FIDM Students and Grads listed below are veterans who know the business of vlogging all too well. From daily makeup and holiday recipes, to dressing for your body type, this list of savvy vloggers create hauls, reviews and tutorials that will not only have you feeling like a pro, but demonstrate the dedication it takes to manage their own brand and vlogging channel. If you're interested in the business of social media, you might consider FIDM's Social Media major.

17 FIDM Students and Grads with Leading YouTube Channels 

 1. Weylie Hoang | I Like Weylie

FIDM Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Grad Weylie Hoang has taken the YouTube community by storm, gaining more than million subscribers with her bubbly how-to's and and haul videos. Check her out below outlining her must-have summer essentials.

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  2. Lindsey Hughes |Beautybaby44

Don't let her name fool you, this FIDM Beauty Grad and current FIDM Social Media Student is far form a baby in the YouTube community. With her in-depth makeup tutorials and product reviews, she is one of the most revered names in beauty vlogging. Watch Lindsey walk us through how she does her everyday makeup. Lindsey is returning to FIDM this fall, so make sure to follow her to stay up-to-date with her life as a Social Media Student, and for more vlogs on travel, moving, meet and greets and vacation, check out her second channel 'Livinlikelindsey'.


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  3. Chriselle Lim | Chriselle Lim

From fashion to travel, to birthing! FIDM Grad and stylist Chriselle Lim isn't afraid to be open and honest in her refreshingly transparent and inspiring vlogs on fashion and lifestyle.

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4. Tara Massicotte | Tara Michelle

Energetic lifestyle vlogger and Digital Media Student, Tara Michelle, sure knows how to get our creative juices flowing! Watch her DIY her way through some seasonal decor that will have your room or apartment looking chic for the holidays!

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  5. Emily June | Emily June

Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Grad Emily June shows off her fun and quirky personality in a series of Q&As that will have you smiling and coming back for more. Watch Emily below as she un-boxes some of her new newly-received beauty items.

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 6. Drew Scott | Drew Scott

With an aesthetic as strong as his coffee, current Business Management Student Drew Scott has an eye for menswear that is a force in today's vlogging community. His clean and minimal style hauls are just topic of many to expect on his channel. Check him out below in a Unisex look book shoot featuring current FIDM Student Taylor Dini.

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7. Qjin & Qwon Han | Q2Han

These twin sisters and recent FIDM Business Management Grads are on the forefront of all things style. Head to their channel to watch these fashionable siblings DIY their way through life and watch below to learn about just who Qjin and Qwon really are!

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8. Nyc Dragun | Nyc Dragun

This sassy "Dragun" is full of life, ever encouraging viewers to be bold, passionate and 'breathe fire'.  For the latest in beauty trends, gorgeous hair and all things sass, be sure to head over and subscribe to current Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Student Nyc Dragun for a flurry of cosmo. secrets sure to impress. Watch Nyc below share how to edit the perfect Instagram photo.

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9. Olivia Frescura | Olivia Makeup Channel

This next Beauty Major Graduate has an aptitude for life hacks. For those who are fond of beauty on a budget, Frescura just may have you covered. Watch below as she walks you through her recipe for nail polish removal made easy.

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10. Charisse Christine | charissechristine23

This Current FIDM student and Beauty major Charisse (shah-reese) is a pro at giving beauty and lifestyle advice. Whether its tips to get you through your morning, your weekend, or even your diet, Charisse as got you covered! Watch Charisse make your busy morning that much easier as you walks through 10 great  hair styles for dirty hair.

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11. Lauren Mullally | laurensvanityy

Want to make your Holidays more festive? Looking for back to school advice? Check Out Current Digital Media MajorLauren Mullally's channel for the best of both worlds! Watch Lauren below as she talks through some versatile hair styles for beautiful back to school locks.

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12. Sophia Chang | Fashionista804

Beauty Graduate Alumna Sophia Chang has been quite busy since graduating FIDM. In addition to a massive YouTube following, this  budding entrepreneur and beauty vlogger has since launched her own successful lipstick endeavor with popular brand Gerard Cosmetics. Watch Sophia Below as she announces the release of her lipstick in collaboration with Gerard Cosmetics, "Kimchi Doll".

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13. Jarmaine | JLovesMac1

If you are looking for entertainment and education all in the same place, look no further. FIDM Beauty Graduate  Jarmaine keeps the good times rollin'! Whether its walking through her fitness regiment or dancing it out on the beach, Jarmaine's vlogs will keep coming back for more. Watch Jarmaine below as she details her health and fitness routine.

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14. Amanda Daucher | Amanda Daucher

Visual Communications grad, Amanda Daucher, has an aptitude for life hacks. Always making life easier with her clever DIY's and How-To's, its no wonder Amanda's videos are so well received. Watch below as Amanda teaches us how to save our wallet and construct a Kimono right here at home.

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15. Lindsay Albanese | Lindsay's Latest 

FIDM Alumna and celebrity stylist veteran Lindsay Albanese is a serious style expert who  contributes to Instyle Magazine and US Weekly's notorious "Fashion Police" column and serves as a Style Expert for various segments on television and the web including E! News, The Today Show, EXTRA, GMA, The Real, and CNN. 

Her YouTube Channel "Lindsay's Latest" includes her expertise in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, style, and organization tips and tricks every Tuesday. Watch Lindsay below as she demonstrates five versatile ways to wear a belt.

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16. Cicily Boone | Cicily Boone

Current Beauty Major Cicily Boone is a fun-loving vlogger who has curated a channel full of advice for party planning, date nights and even back to school. These great tips, accompanied by her bright personality, have made her channel a YouTube attraction. Watch Cicily below as she shows us how to create a holiday drink favorite, from the comfort of your own home.

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17. Molly Bailey | Missmollyanne14

Graphic Design Student Molly Bailey has been a  vlogger since 2013, and has since managed to start a successful, revered YouTube channel through which she documents her common routines, product hauls and beauty reviews. Watch Molly below as she gives her best advice on how to stay productive!

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A Warning to Students Regarding Student Loan Debt Relief Solicitations


It has come to our attention that companies offering student debt relief or counseling have targeted our students and alumni through social media. Many such companies are scams and the U.S. Department of Education and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have issued warnings about them.   

Solicitations mentioning FIDM contain false, misleading and defamatory statements about our college. We believe these ads are unlawful and violate both federal and state law. We appreciate that our students have brought these ads to our attention and we are pursuing  legal action against these firms. Since 1969, FIDM has consistently placed students first and this remains our top priority today.

The U.S. Department of Education’s warning regarding loan forgiveness scams can be found here. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warning can be found at the links below: 

If you encounter any messages of this nature, please let FIDM know so we can take appropriate action. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 800-624-1200.




5 Mobile Fashion Business Tips from Jordana Fortaleza of J.D. Luxe


FIDM Alumna Jordana Fortaleza recently took over our Instagram and shared some insight into her mobile fashion business, J.D. Luxe. Jordana co-founded J.D. Luxe, which has expanded from an online and mobile shop into the first ever "truck and mortar" store in a Westfield mall called The Village.

Over the course of Jordana's J.D. Luxe Instagram takeover, we've rounded up some advice for running a successful mobile business. Below is a recap of the J.D. Luxe takeover and a list of the five top tips.

 Mobile Fashion Business Tip #1: Keep a fresh stock of merchandise


It's always a good idea to have products that will set you apart from the competition. By utilizing up-and-coming and local designers, Jordana keeps her mobile business fresh and unique.

Mobile Fashion Business Tip #2: Stay healthy


Staying healthy is important to Jordana. During her takeover she said, "I always start my day strong, especially when I'm tackling 12 hour days at the office, the store, or designing our new JD Luxe Fashion line." Eating right, sleeping enough, and exercising are all contributing factors to staying energized and being successful.

Mobile Fashion Business Tip #3: Go with the flow


As forerunners in the "truck and mortar" business, J.D. Luxe really had no guidelines to setting up their first shop. Jordana was hands-on during the entire process to ensure that things went well during opening. She mentions that there were trial and errors but that will always come up in the business world. Going with the flow eases the stress levels of taking on new ventures.

Mobile Fashion Business Tip #4: Create a visual experience


 Jordana and her production team for J.D. Luxe are always traveling to different locations to shoot for their lookbooks. Keeping a consistent and cohesive look is also important when running your own business in general.

Mobile Fashion Business Tip #5: Surround yourself with a positive team


Having a great team to work with is essential to having your business grow successfully. The J.D. Luxe team believes in each other and in their brand and according to Jordana, they are "constantly strategizing new content for our viewers, collaborating with bloggers, scouting new locations, and ensuring the best customer service."

J.D. Luxe's doors are always open to passionate interns who want to experience the mobile fashion truck business. They are also offering FIDM Students an exclusive 15% OFF online orders by using code: FIDM15 and 15% off in-store by showing their FIDM student ID! You can find J.D. Luxe locations at:

Interested in owning your own business or pursuing a career in fashion? Take our online career quiz and make sure to follow @fidmcollege for more tips and takeovers!

About the Author:

This blog post was created by current Visual Communications student Taylor Shanle. Taylor is from Crescent City, a small town in Northern California, where she started an official FIDM Fashion Club at her local high school. She is now a Social Media Intern at FIDM and is constantly inspired by the LA lifestyle.

Follow her on Twitter: @BlondeAmbiition and Instagram: @BlondeAmbiition



Trendwatch: Teen Social Media Habits Shift to New Apps


Trend forecaster WGSN's latest analysis of teen and tween social media habits tracks the migration from established sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to newer, erasable sites. Most popular right now are Snapchat, Whisper, and Tumblr. What they all share is the ability to not leave tracks across the Internet.

"Gen Z has rendered Facebook passe," according to WGSN, who reports that 3 million teens have left the site in the last 3 years. Meanwhile, their parents, grandparents, and older siblings continue the online bragfest.

How does this translate for marketers? "Companies need to evolve with their consumers, analyzing their core audience to determine which platforms provide optimal engagement," says WGSN.

Take your social skills up a notch with a degree in Social Media from FIDM.



Visual Communications Graduate is Enjoying a Successful Career With Bealls Outlet (Interview)


Name: Breeanna Roach

FIDM Major/Grad Year: Visual Communications/2009

Current Job: I work as a Store Manager for Bealls Outlet. The company originated in Florida and has expanded throughout the Sun Belt region. We are a private retailer that has over 450 stores and we carry numerous departments including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing as well as home accents, bed and bath, and kitchen maintenance.

Tell us about your career with Bealls Outlet. I began with the company a little less than three years ago in Prescott, Arizona. I started as a Supervisor and was quickly made a Lead. Most recently, I was promoted to a Store Management position and relocated to Phoenix. Since then, I've managed our Mesa location for about four months before being bumped up to our Sun Lakes store.

During my time in Sun Lakes I was selected to be one of five training managers Bealls Outlet’s first internship program. I trained three interns in a 10-week course on retail management. Currently I am preparing to open our newest store in Phoenix at the Legacy Village, which has it’s grand opening on November 12, on Baseline and 24th Street.

I am consistently working with my team to develop and train them in all areas of the store. A huge part of my position is consistently watching sales trends, analyzing and interpreting traffic flow and sales reports ,and managing budget and payroll. The operational aspect is so huge and works hand-in-hand with the merchandising aspect of the business. 

How did FIDM help prepare you for your career? I never intended on being in retail, however, the diverse courses that are offered at FIDM made me well-rounded in the industry. I am able to space plan, and read and interpret schematics. I am able to look at a product or a space and visualize a concept, take that concept, and interpret it to my team and see it to completion. Retail can sometimes be so up and down that you have to learn how to pull those creative strategies and run with it. Nine times out of 10 it's a home run, so learning to trust your instincts and learn from your mistakes is so important.

We hear you also have a blog. I created A Life Among Flowers as a creative outlet to host my ideas and knowledge about the fashion industry. It’s also a place that I have conceptualized business growth from. The core foundation lies in the belief that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Fashion can be so critical, and it’s time to embrace our diversities and cherish what makes us unique.

What are your ultimate career goals? I would love to work in a corporate setting where I am able to develop strategies for stores and travel into the field to help implement them. One of my favorite things is walking into a store that may need a little pick-me-up and working to develop the staff and improve all areas of the business from talent to merchandising, operations, and business. It’s so thrilling to see the changes you can make to a business and an individual. It just takes the right attitude and lots of positive energy.



Downtown LA Sample Sales Step Up for Pre-Christmas Shopping


Starting this Friday, October 30, till Friday, December 18, the Downtown LA California Market Center will open its showrooms to the public every Friday and some Saturdays for its fabulous sample sales. Located walking distance from the LA campus, the Mart is home to many California denim, womenswear, childrenswear, and accessories brands. For exact hours, location, and parking info.



FIDM's ASID Student Chapter Wins Design Contest For Kick-Off Kit Challenge



FIDM's American Society of Interior Designers Student Chapter was just named winner of the ASID 2016 Kick-Off Kit Design Challenge. Their entry (pictured above) was accompanied by the following Design Statement: 

"We believe the best way to illustrate the value of our ASID Student Chapter is with a statement, 'Life By Design'. We added a hashtag to make the statement fresh and appealing to a younger demographic. The design showcases that we all have a choice as students to design the life we want and can color it any way we see fit. The point is to stress the importance of joining our ASID Student Chapter because of all the doors it will open and the possibilities that await. All of us on the leadership team firmly believe that we've been given opportunities as members of our chapter that wouldn't have occurred otherwise."

 The ASID Student Chapter Board Members are: Kate Killgore - President; Justin Jakubisn - Vice President; Bella Xu - Student Representative to the Board & Secretary; Kelsea Fulton -Treasurer. 



Just Accepted Merchandise Product Development Student Has a B.A. From the University of Oregon



Name: Emily Yackley

Age: 25

Hometown: Portland, OR

Previous College: B.A. Journalism & Advertising from the University of Oregon

FIDM Major: Merchandise Product Development

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles Campus, Fall 2016

Admissions Advisor: Cathy Chambers

How did your advisor help with the process? Cathy was amazing. She was so helpful from the minute I walked onto the Orange County campus to this very day. Cathy has given me great tips on how to make my project the best it could be and gave me encouragement throughout the whole process. Cathy is a great communicator and always had quick responses to my questions. She listened to what my career goals were and supported me 100 percent throughout the application process.

Tell us a bit about yourself. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and I absolutely love this city and state. I love to travel and while I was a student at the University of Oregon I was able to study abroad. I studied in Seville, Spain and I have a special place in my heart for that city. I was there for five months and went everywhere I could in Europe while there. I learned so much about myself and what I want out of life from that trip. I’m a very active person and I love being outdoors. I’m always looking for great new workouts to try by myself or with friends. If I’m not working out I’m usually hanging out with friends for happy hour. Working out always leads to good food in my mind.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My proudest accomplishments so far have been traveling to Spain and living away from my family and friends for a short period of time, graduating from the University of Oregon, and being accepted into FIDM. 

What made FIDM right for you? I knew FIDM was right for me for a while. I thought about attending right after high school, but I wasn’t ready to move that far away from my family at that point. While visiting some friends this past summer in Costa Mesa, California, I decided to stop by and talk with someone on the Orange County campus. This is when I met with Cathy, and she was so encouraging I had to go for it and apply. The whole time while I was putting together my application and project I was having so much fun and I knew this was the right step in my life right now.

Describe your entrance project. For my entrance project, I was asked to take five garments, all the same type, which are sold in stores right now, and create my own modified version. I then wrote a target audience that would buy the garments I created. I created a fictional character named Ashley Johnson, but I thought of myself while writing about every aspect of her life but most importantly how she and I like to purchase clothing from a company that has time and time again to value customers and create high end products. I chose to use tops from Nordstrom since I typically shop there for my own clothes and am inspired by them every time I go in. I chose a variety of tops from high-low to leather peplum tops so I could expand my range.

What are your career goals? My goal upon graduating from FIDM is to be a buyer or a trend analyst for a major company. I think its fascinating how trends repeat themselves but in new ways. I want to make an impact on the fashion world and let my creative side be seen and heard. I’m ready to work hard and pay my dues in order to get where I want to be in my career.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? While attending FIDM, I expect to learn the essentials to become a great businesswoman in the fashion industry. I expect to learn what materials work best together for certain types of garments, how to design via sketch on paper or computer, and track trends. I’m excited to learn from the experienced teachers, other students, and people in the industry. I’m ready to challenge myself in something new and take the next step in my life.



Meet Social Ambassador Shannon Reddy

Fidm shannon

Get to know FIDM Social Ambassador Shannon Reddy, a Merchandise Product Development Student at our Orange County campus. Follow Shannon on Twitter @FIDM_Shannon for live updates about her life as a student at FIDM.

Q&A with Shannon:

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, California

Describe your style: I believe my personal style is still evolving as I get older. I would best describe my personal style as  feminine with an edge. I am very trend-conscious, so my style currently has a modern '70s feel to it. I absolutely love the color black, and waist definition.

Currently listening to: When I started answering this question, "Come With Me" by Nora En Pure was playing.  

Favorite brands: Clothing: J.O.A., Reformation, Jetset Diaries. Shoes: Free People, Jeffrey Campbell, and Raye. I also highly admire Antonio Berardi, Marchesa, and Vera Wang.

An icon who inspires you: Diane von Furstenberg lived every little girl’s dream by becoming a princess, and then created a powerhouse in the fashion world. Audrey Hepburn’s timelessness inspires me, and I also love Sophia Amoruso's boldness as an entrepreneur.

Favorite place to eat in Orange County: I love Panini Cafe, the particular location I visit is in Aliso Viejo!

Dream job: To be an influential fashion blogger with my own clothing line.  

Best advice for FIDM Students: Be organized, sit in the front row of class, don't procrastinate, and ask questions!

Orange County’s best kept secret: There are tons of hiking trails with beautiful ocean and canyon views.  

Your FIDM experience in three words:  Fun, enlightening, and special

You know you went to FIDM when: You analyze every single aspect of the retail stores you are shopping in!

More about Shannon: 

Hi there! My name is Shannon Reddy. I work at Chica on Del Mar, a small boutique in San Clemente. I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and moved to California when I was 2 years old. I have loved fashion for as long I can remember. Though growing up as a ballerina, in private school, wearing a uniform left me a little style impaired until I got to high school. Throughout those 4 long years, I really started to develop my own personal style, and became seriously interested in the fashion industry, but had yet to consider fashion as a career. I graduated from Dana Hills High School in 2013 and decided to study psychology at Saddleback Community College with plans of transferring to a university. While I was there, I started taking fashion courses for my elective classes and realized that the fashion industry was where I needed to be! I love fashion, it is a huge part of my life and has definitely influenced who I am as a person. However, I have to admit that my one, true love is my dog, Jaxx. I know I sound like a crazy dog lady, but bear with me! I love animals and in the future I hope to be involved with charity work that benefits their well-being. I also aspire to be a fashion blogger and design my own clothing line.

Connect with Shannon:

Twitter: @FIDM_Shannon

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors:

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here



Meet Social Ambassador Anna Harvey

Fidm anna

Get to know FIDM Social Ambassador Anna Harvey, a Fashion Design/ Film & TV Design  Student at our San Diego campus. Follow Anna on Twitter @FIDM_Anna for live updates about her life as a student at FIDM.

Q&A with Anna:

Hometown: Eden, Utah

Describe your style:  I have a classy style but with a twist. It’s very dressy and feminine, but with a hint of masculinity. I love dresses, tights, oxfords, or heels. I also really love the Pocahontas/warrior princess style. Moccasins are amazing.

Currently listening to: I've been addicted to Lana Del Rey for over a year now. When I'm not listening to her, I love City and Colour, Hole, and The Smiths.

Favorite brands: Alexander McQueen and Ted Baker. I love clothes that are well-made and timeless.

An icon who inspires you:  Alexander McQueen. He always pushed the envelope and created innovative designs out of materials that were unconventional.

Favorite place to eat in San Diego: I absolutely love Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in Escondido. It has a Jurassic Park feel, plus it has amazing craft beer and food.

Dream job: To be a costume designer for Film and TV, especially movies and television shows like Star Wars, HBO's "Game of Thrones", or any Wes Anderson film.

Best advice for FIDM Students: Embrace every opportunity available to you. Study, practice, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it.

San Diego’s best kept secret: I personally love downtown San Diego. The American Comedy Club has great comedians and such a warm atmosphere. On Thursday nights, The Field Irish Pub has live Irish bands. It kind of makes you feel like you walked into the Shire.

Your FIDM experience in three words: Ecstatic, grateful, determined.

You know you went to FIDM when: You make an Anna Wintour joke and everyone gets it.

More about Anna:

My goals are to one day design costumes for film and television.  I just finished 4 years of active duty in the Navy as a military policewoman. It was both a challenging and wonderful experience. I love visiting new places and meeting new people, so I am definitely looking forward to networking with people who love the fashion industry as much as I do. I have had a lot of crazy adventures and couldn't be more thrilled to start this one!

Connect with Anna:

Twitter: @FIDM_Anna

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors:

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here



A Chat With Project Runway Season 14 Finalist Candice Cuoco


Project Runway Season 14 finalist Candice Cuoco, an alumna of FIDM's Fashion Design Program, is the designer of House of CCUOCO, a women's collection that has been featured in ELLE UK and British Vogue. We recently caught up with the San Francisco native to chat about her FIDM days, filming the show, and why she always wears black. 

How did you first hear about FIDM? I was a student at the Academy of Art when I heard of FIDM. I learned of the program and how tailored it was to what I needed in a design major. I had a fashion design background and wanted something that would get me through college fast so I could start my career. FIDM has a fast and intense program and I, like always, was up for the challenge.

How did FIDM help prepare you for the real world as a designer? FIDM helped ground me as a designer. One has to realize the obstacles you are going to face as a designer in the “real world.” There is this cross-pollination between fantasy and reality with designers. I myself still struggle with it. Paying close attention to designing for a real customer and making it commercial enough to sell without loosing your brand DNA or integrity was the most valuable lesson I learned.

Also, understanding your brand character inside and out helps your customer get to know and trust you. I also highly recommend as a designer going into his or her own business right out of college to take the Business Management Program after Fashion Design. There is no fashion without “the business of fashion.”

How does San Francisco inspire you and/or your designs? San Francisco is a very eclectic city with so many styles and personalities that leave me with an endless amount of inspiration. Mostly it’s the women in and from this city that have touched my soul and have driven many of my designs.

What made you decide to audition for Project Runway? I received an email asking if I would be interested in auditioning for Project Runway. My daughter, who is nine, was the first person I shared the news with. I was actually on the fence as to if I wanted to do it or not. My daughter got right on her little tippy toes and pointed her finger to my face and said, “I will be so disappointed in you if you don’t give this a chance, Mom.” At that moment I knew I was going.

Also, when you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, you are extremely confident as to where you are going and what you want your future to look like. I had all of my five and ten year goals lined up, but I knew, and I was right, that Project Runway would launch me there 10 years sooner.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 3.38.43 PM

What was the experience of filming the show like? The way I looked at it the whole entire time was this: I get to wake up, be taken well care of, design and complete only one garment in a day, have it critiqued by individuals like Zac Posen (who I would have killed for one critique in my whole life while in college) every week ,and have the materials and space provided with a possible award at the end of it--all while being shared with the world on national television. It was a dream come true. I grew exponentially as a woman and designer while being on that show.

Do you watch yourself on TV? I only wish I had the time. Most people don’t know this, but while designing my collection for NYFW on Project Runway, I was also designing my 32-look collection for London Fashion Week. We are now in buying season and already have moved onto my FW17 collection. I have two beautiful kids and also another small business on the side. Fashion is my life; I truly mean it when I say I live, eat, breathe, and sleep with my passion. It rules my life and I love it. People tell me to take a break and slow down but when you are in love with what you do, you don’t want to slow down.

You have have such a distinctive personal style. What inspires it? My style has evolved over years of listening to what others want to see me as. What you see today is a reaction to that--me pushing back saying, “I hear what you want me to be but I’m going to show you who I really am.” I enjoy black; it represents a dark past, one that I have flourished and grown tremendously from as a woman. I see it, not as a dark depressing color, but a very poetic one. Black has a story--my story. It very much is my comfort zone.


I feel beautiful in black, from my clothes to my hair, right down to my shoes. The only color I wear is the red stained on my lips. So the inspiration from my style comes from celebrating myself as a woman, the good and the bad, past, and future. I encourage all women to find what beauty means to them.

What advice would you give fellow FIDM Grads or current students who want to appear on a fashion competition series like Project Runway? Go in with a very open heart and a very open mind, but always, always stay true to who you are.

FIDM is hosting an exclusive Twitter Q&A with Candice this Thursday, October 29, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. PDT to celebrate the season finale of Project Runway. To participate, follow @FIDM and @HouseofCcuoco on Twitter and send questions now using #AskFIDMCandice. Then, check back on Thursday to see if she answered your question!

Watch Candice on Part 1 of the Season Finale of Project Runway Thursday at 9:00 p.m./8:00 p.m. on Lifetime. 

FIDM is Always a Star on Project Runway.




Big Brands Share Sustainability Strategies at SF Forum

N face copy

Fashion Incubator San Francisco (FISF) is hosting an open forum on the subject of  "Doing Good While Growing Your Business" on Wednesday, November 4. Speakers to include James Rogers of North Face, Una Murphy of Levi Strauss, Nancy Taylor of Gaiam (formerly of Athleta) and moderator Nick Aster, founder of, a leading platform for conversations about sustainability in business. Students are $10, rsvp.



FIDM Grad's House of GLAUDI Collection Rocks Style Fashion Week


FIDM alumna Johana Hernandez unveiled her House of GLAUDI collection and brought the house down at L.A. Fashion Week's "Estrellas de Moda," a fashion show presented by Style Fashion Week and The Hispanic Heritage Foundation. "House of GLAUDI is a contemporary, luxury lifestyle brand that you will love!" Johana describes. Her collection was the grand finale, with a star-studded runway that included Telemundo host Jessica Carillo, American Horror Story star Laura Flannery, and actress Ashley Campuzanos of East Los High. Also in attendance at the fashion show production were journalist Myrka Dellanos and television personality Rosie Rivera. 

Lisa Vidal, the evening's host and star of BET network's Being Mary Jane, had high praise for the designer, who also presented the collection last month at New York Fashion Week. "Johana Hernandez leads by example in our community as a positive role model for other Latinas." 

Catch Johana in this high energy, behind-the-scenes video as she and the models prepped backstage before the show, and follow her on Twitter @GLAUDIJohana for the latest on House of GLAUDI.



FIDM x G. Baby Dolls Instagram Halloween Challenge


We recently told you about wildly talented FIDM Visual Communications Grad and Blythe doll artist Gina Soriano of G. Baby Dolls, and now FIDM Social Media is collaborating with Gina for an Instagram Halloween Challenge. The FIDM San Francisco Grad has attracted a loyal following on Instagram @GBabyDolls where she shares the creative process behind her intricate, hand-crafted dolls, for which she also does all prop styling and photography. 

Gina has designed a style-savvy, FIDM-inspired doll named Fiona that you can qualify to win! Read details below:

FIDM x G. Baby Dolls Instagram Halloween Challenge

Enter for a chance to win Fiona! She’s a style savvy, FIDM-inspired doll created by custom doll artist and FIDM Grad Gina Soriano.


1) Follow @FIDMCollege and @GBabyDolls on Instagram

2) Repost a photo of Fiona

3) Use your Instagram caption to tell us why you deserve to win 

4) Tag @FIDMCollege and @GBabyDolls in your post, using the hashtag #GBabyFIDMGiveAway

All entries must be posted by Friday, October 31 at midnight. The winner will be selected at random and announced on Instagram.


See more examples of Gina's dolls below:







Join FIDM for an Exclusive Trunk Show & Meet-and-Greet with LA Style Blogger Dani Song


Prominent LA style blogger Dani Song is coming to FIDM! Her first order of business: an exclusive styling workshop that she'll be leading with a group of FIDM Students on Thursday, November 19. Later on that day, FIDM will be hosting an intimate meet-and-greet and trunk show with Dani and her line, Anarchy Street Jewelry. Enjoy refreshments while you shop Anarchy Street Jewelry and mingle with Dani and business partner Sennett Devermont. 

Dani Song Meet-and-Greet Details

Thursday, November 19 at 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. 

FIDM Museum Shop 

919 S. Grand Avenue, 

Los Angeles, CA 90015 

RSVP: Reservations required; email

To get a glimpse of our meet-and-greet with Dani Song on social, be sure to follow FIDM on our social media profiles:

Twitter/Periscope: @FIDM

Instagram: @FIDMCollege

Snapchat: @FIDMCollege

About Dani Song

Dani Song is a digital media influencer, entrepreneur and all-around social butterfly based in Los Angeles. Highly influenced by street wear culture and her world travels, Dani’s personal style is a perfect mix of edgy and feminine, over-the-top and minimalist, cool and chic. Through social media, Dani chronicles her lifestyle and fashion point-of-view through street-style imagery and a keen sense of humor, and has turned into a top source for aspiring females. Dani’s unique and inspiring personality has been leveraged to create business relationships with accredited brands and retailers, including RevolveHarrodsAnarchy StreetCover GirlSamsungRevolt TVPacSunAbercrombieW Hotels, and many more.



Celebrate Grand Ave Arts on Saturday, October 24th in Downtown Los Angeles


On Saturday, October 24, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. .to 5:00 p.m., celebrate the vibrancy of the arts in Downtown Los Angeles with Grand Ave Arts, an all-day event that includes open rehearsals, architecture tours, museum exhibitions, performances, food and drink, and more. Participating museums and cultural institutions include: The Broad, Center Theatre Group, Colburn School, Grand Park, LA Central Library, LA Master Chorale, LA Opera, LA Philharmonic, MOCA, The Music Center, and Redcat--all just minutes from FIDM's Los Angeles campus. 




12 Tips for Commuting to Campus from FIDM Students and Grads

FIDM Header


Have you joined us for our weekly Twitter chats yet? Every Thursday from 4-5 p.m., we host a Twitter chat talking about specific FIDM topics. Last week, we asked FIDM Students and Grads to give us their best advice when it comes to commuting to school. They all had some wonderful tips and tricks for current and prospective students who commute.

Here are 12 of the best tips we received:

1. Practice makes perfect


Don't be afraid to look silly in your car! Practicing your presentations or speeches out loud is the best way to be prepared.

 2. Always be prepared


Create an energetic playlist and grab your favorite coffee before heading out early. This will help jumpstart your day!

3. Keep calm and carpool


Carpool, carpool, carpool! This will help cut the costs of parking and gas for anyone who drives. Also, patience is key during traffic.

4. Beat the traffic


Taking the metro is a cost-efficient way to get to campus while saving yourself the hassle of dealing with traffic. Consider a rolling backpack as your new best friend, it will save you from carrying heavy loads to and from class.

5.  Jump into an Uber Pool


If you commute to the San Francisco campus, set your clipper card on auto refill and never let refilling your card slow you down. Uber is also a great option for all campuses and taking Uber Pool makes the cost even lower.

6. Two birds, one train


While you're cruising along, get some last minute homework done! Make the most of your train ride and use the commute to get work done.

7. Take advantage of free parking


By parking for free at a Metro station, you're avoiding parking fees and traffic in Downtown LA. The LA campus is just a short walk away from the nearest Metro station.

8. Have a cash flow


Always keep cash on hand for parking or transportation. There's nothing worse than getting onto a bus or pulling into a parking lot and realizing you don't have any cash.

9. Timing is everything


You can never trust the traffic going to any FIDM campus. Make sure you head out early and give yourself plenty of time to get there. If you're early for class, you can get homework done or enjoy some Starbucks.

10. Feed the meters


Street parking can be tricky sometimes, but if you're lucky enough to find a spot or if you have a late class, then go for it! Make sure to keep change on you at all times.

11. Carry a clipper card


San Francisco students, look into getting a clipper card! It's an easy option for anyone commuting to campus in the Bay area.

12. Student parking perks


Parking in Downtown LA is hard sometimes, but there is a $5 FIDM parking lot just for students.  If you have a morning class, you should be able to get into the lot with no problem. If you're commuting in the afternoon the lot may be full, but it never hurts to ask the attendants!


Make sure to check back next Thursday for another FIDM Twitter chat and answer along!


About the Author:

This blog post was created by current Visual Communications student Taylor Shanle. Taylor is from Crescent City, a small town in Northern California, where she started an official FIDM Fashion Club at her local high school. She is now a Social Media Intern at FIDM and is constantly inspired by the LA lifestyle.

Follow her on Twitter: @BlondeAmbiition and Instagram: @BlondeAmbiition



Merchandise Marketing Student Wins NRF Scholarship

Kennedy Bramer_b copy

Merchandise Marketing major Kennedy Bramer won a National Retail Federation (NRF)  scholarship from FIDM to attend this year's in Philadelphia. The yearly summit for e-commerce retailers, hosted over 5,000 digital and omnichannel retailers at the super networking conference.

"The best thing was hearing industry executives from various brands and companies give words of wisdom on how to be successful in retailing," says Kennedy. "They told us about jobs that are emerging in the industry that I had no idea about. It was very exciting!"

Kennedy plans on continuing her education at FIDM in the Bachelor's program, with graduation planned for Summer 2018. Then it's onward and upward in her career as a trend analyst or buyer.



FIDM Chair Anne Bennion Remembers Designer Carole Little

Carole little copy

California designer and apparel company founder Carole Little passed away in September at the age of 79. In 1974, when she founded her company she recognized a gap between moderate and designer labels, creating a distinctive look that took off, with "an eye for prints that no designer has yet to live up to," recalled Sally Richmond of Directives West in the California Apparel News obituary.

The brand got national attention after People magazine featured top model Lauren Hutton on the cover in Little's chic '80s career uniform of silk shirt and trousers. Carole Little, Inc. grew to be a $350 million enterprise employing 1,200 people by the early '90s. Located in South Central Los Angeles, the company was involved with the community and helped start a charter school called The Accelerated Schools in response to the riots.

Current FIDM Department Chair Anne Bennion (Textile Design and Knitwear), an in-house textile designer at the firm, remembered the influential designer in Apparel News:

"Carole Little was an inspiring and creative mentor to many artists and designers. She offered me, and so many others, creative opportunities, experience, and trust. She was a quiet, shy person, but her voice continues to resonate within me, and I hear her spilling out, informing and lighting my classrooms still."



Industrywatch: Who What Wear Is Target's Latest Partnership


Celebrity fashion site Who What Wear has struck an ongoing deal to bring socially-driven street style to Target on a monthly basis starting February 2016. In a new twist on fashion collaborations at the mass market retailer, the line's womenswear designs will be inspired by conversations on the website and with Target's customers about what they really want plus data about what is selling on Who What Wear.

Co-founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, both former Elle editors, started their fashion retail website in 2006 with the idea that people want to wear what celebrities are wearing. They went on to found Clique Media Group, whose other properties include a beauty site and lifestyle site My Domaine.

With a price point $50 and under, the Target line promises to feature bright colors, the prints and patterns people are asking for, wardrobe basics like slim black pants, and "lots of striped shirts," according to an online video featuring Power and Kerr. To be introduced at 800 store and online.



Downtown Arts District Free Friday Night Concerts

SWIMM copy

One Santa Fe, the new Arts District apartments in downtown LA, is sponsoring a series of free Friday night concerts under the stars. The series kicked off this weekend with the band SWIMM. Bands play from 8 to 9:30 pm; food and drink vendors are on site.  Check out the schedule for upcoming bands, gather some friends, and explore downtown some Friday night!



Just Accepted Merchandise Marketing Student Transferring From Orange Coast College



Name: Sanjana Kumar


Hometown: Originally from Myanmar (Burma), but have been living in Irvine, California for five years now.

College/Work: Currently attending Orange Coast College and working at Charming Charlie.

Major: Merchandise Marketing

Campus/Start Date: FIDM LA, July 2016

Admission Advisor: Shirley McDonald

How did your advisor help you with the admissions process? Shirley helped me a lot with deciding on my major, and also making sure that I knew all of the options that were open for me, so that my parents and I felt comfortable. She made sure I was following up with the entrance project and I was pushing myself to do the best.

Tell us about yourself. I moved to United States from Myanmar about five years ago. I love to dance, act, and of course, I love everything about fashion.

What is your proudest accomplishment so far? My proudest accomplishment has to be the process of fitting into the new world and culture in United States. Moving across the world is definitely not easy and the harder part of it is learning the language and the culture of the country. But with the help of family and people around me, I am able to proudly say that in just five years, I have learned everything and have fit in well.

What made FIDM right for you? I love fashion and I especially like the business part of fashion, so that's what I loved about FIDM. It has the perfect major for me where I can learn about fashion and business at the same time.

Tell us about your entrance project. My entrance project was about a boutique called K.S. The name K.S. came in my mind because my parents already have clothing stores in Myanmar with the name, and I have always wanted to take the family business to another level. K.S. is for girls that are always on the go. K.S offers a wide variety of outfit choices whether it is date-night wear or just casual outing.

What are your career goals? After FIDM, I would love to start working as a retail buyer and get experience and hopefully even be able to start my own business in the future.



Attend FIDM's "Business of Blogging" Panel in Los Angeles on November 5


FIDM is thrilled to host a "Business of Blogging" panel discussion for current FIDM Students, Alumni and industry guests on Thursday, November 5. Join us to mingle with social media experts, and learn about how top bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers work with brands.

Panelists include style vlogger and Fashion Design Graduate Lindsay Albanese, Instagram fitness star and Merchandise Marketing Graduate Mandy Martini, Forever 21's Global Social Media Manager and FIDM Instructor Mario Moreno, and social media talent agent Christina Jones. The panel will be moderated by Emmy Award-winning journalist and FIDM Instructor Tom Henkenius. 

Business of Blogging Panel Details

Thursday, November 5 at 6:30 p.m.
FIDM LA Campus
Student Lounge
919 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 91005

RSVP: Reservations are required. To RSVP, click here. 

To participate in our panel on social, be sure to follow FIDM on our social media profiles:

Twitter/Periscope: @FIDM

Instagram: @FIDMCollege

Snapchat: @FIDMCollege


About the Panelists

FIDM Grad Lindsay Albanese 
“E! STYLE COLLECTIVE” Style Expert and Vlogger

Subscribe to Lindsay's YouTube Channel 


Lindsay Albanese is a style expert television personality, celebrity wardrobe stylist, and fashion vlogger. In addition, she is also the resident style expert and stylist for the E! Network and E! Online, where she curates fashion spreads and hosts fashion videos for the site, as well as hosts regular broadcast style segments for E! News. Lindsay's credibility in the style space comes from being a celebrity wardrobe stylist in the entertainment business for the past 13 years. She has traveled the world styling clients, and has styled the likes of Shay Mitchell, Sarah Hyland, and Emily Deschanel to name a few. She has also hosted various style segments on NBC's "Today Show," CBS's "Queen Latifah Show," CBS's "The Doctors," and FOX's "The Real." Two years ago, she started her "Lindsay's Latest" YouTube channel where she posts fun and accessible style tip videos every Friday. Lindsay is the only credible, professional wardrobe stylist with a thriving channel on YouTube, and her content is based off of her experiences in styling every size, shape, gender, age, and everything in between, thus making her the true "expert." All of this experience proves that Lindsay offers something unique and informative to the digital fashion space. She prides herself in being the stylist-next-door, and her mission is to take the intimidation out of fashion, one person at a time!

FIDM Grad Mandy Martini
Fitness Instagram Star 

Follow Mandy on Instagram @MandyMartini


FIDM Merchandise Marketing Grad Mandy Martini is an entrepreneur in the fields of blogging, Instagram and yoga. Vogue named her one of “The 10 Most Inspiring Yogis on Instagram” and ELLE Magazine named her as one of the “The Best Yogis on Instagram.”

“When I graduated I didn’t know what I wanted to do, there was so many options. The thought of being in an office everyday or following a 9-to-5 schedule with a boss watching me made my skin crawl. I decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I made ‘me' my brand,” she says. “I am now lucky enough to make five times more than I did working my ‘normal’ job, and my income has no limits, no roof or amount of time that I need to put in to make more. I have a flexible schedule. I make my own hours. I decide who I want to meet, who I want to work with, and what to wear. No one telling me to live inside a box. The most rewarding thing is knowing that all the hard work I do goes to myself, and in the process I get to help empower people all over the world– that CAN’T BE BEAT.”

Digital Talent Manager Christina Jones


Christina Jones is a digital talent manager representing top beauty and lifestyle influencers. Brought up through the traditional media side, Christina transitioned over to the digital realm three years ago after seeing the creative opportunity and conversion influencers have. As a talent manager, her job is to guide her talent with relationships and partnerships to create a longevity and strong personal brand.

FIDM Instructor Mario Moreno,
Forever 21 Global Social Media Manager

Follow Mario on Instagram @FollowMario


Mario Moreno is a strategic marketer and influencer who drives value and results across social media channels in his current role as the Global Social Media Manager for Forever 21. He has demonstrated significant growth for the brand by doubling the annual fan count of Forever 21's social following, increased revenue significantly across all platforms, successfully launched/created the @forever21men profile, and developed a localized strategy for the brand to support international markets. With a deep understanding of millennials and branding, mixed with a curated and well-developed creative eye, Mario has been able to create strategies that work and accomplish a variety of objectives. In addition, Mario also teaches part-time at FIDM Los Angeles, as the Social Media for Business Marketing Professor.   

About the Moderator

Tom Henkenius - Emmy Award-Winning Journalist and FIDM Instructor


Tom Henkenius is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the principal partner in the marketing agency he founded in 2010, Thunder Communications. Tom is also a proud FIDM Instructor and recipient of the 2014-15 Outstanding Faculty Award.



Merchandise Product Development Grad Opens 30Fifteen Yoga Studio in Venice

30Fifteen Studio

FIDM alumna Emily Tonkin, who received her Merchandise Product Development degree in 2010, has expanded her 30Fifteen lifestyle brand to the U.S., opening a yoga studio and retail space in Venice, California. The 30Fifteen label started out as an activewear brand in the U.K., specializing in tennis apparel for women, but is now headquartered at the studio in Venice. The focus in the U.S. is to grow their community and continue to encourage and empower women to reach their full potential. "30Fifteen has always been driven by the phrase 'feel good, look good'," says Tonkin. "We sell a lifestyle. We showcase our latest collection and wholesale products as well as offer small movement classes and an array of wellness treatments." In addition to yoga, pilates, and yogalates classes, 30Fifteen Studio offers massage therapy, healing, body work, and angel readings. 

Any FIDM student interested in taking a class at 30Fifteen will receive a 15% discount off their purchase of a single class. Head to to see the class schedule and use coupon code FIDM.



20 Stylish DIY Halloween Costumes for the Design-Minded College Student



Ghosts, witches, and pumpkin spice lattes (oh my!). Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to talk costumes. You’re already picking out pumpkins and watching all the scary movies you possibly can. But if you’re like me, you wait until the very last minute to put together a costume. This year, you’re in luck because I pulled together 20 of my favorite DIY Halloween costumes for all of you fashion-minded college students.


Whether you’re a Disney fan, Harry Potter fanatic, makeup enthusiast, or pop-culture junky; I’ve got you covered! Going as a group or with your significant other? I have you covered, too! These DIY costumes are super easy to create on a low budget which is perfect for college students who love fashion.


Halloween is a great time to show off your creativity and fabulous sense of fashion.  So throw out those old cat ears and get ready to win “Best Costume” at every Halloween bash!


Here are my top 3 DIY Halloween Costume Pins:





Indiana Jones

Guys, this pin will lead you to 10 of the most stylish costumes ever! For example, this DIY Indiana Jones incorporates pieces many of you probably already have in your closets. Talk about easy and cost effective!



Sleepy Holly

Are you a huge movie buff? These stylish DIY costumes are ideal for you! Recreate some of your favorite movie icons with these stylish costume ideas and be the talk of the night.




We all love the feeling when we get “like” notifications from Instagram, so go as yourself this year! This easy DIY Instagram costume will get you tons of “likes”.


Click this link to check out FIDM’s Pinterest board to see all 20 stylish DIY Halloween Costume ideas!


About the Author:

This Pinterest board and blog post was created by current Visual Communications student Taylor Shanle. Taylor is from Crescent City, a small town in Northern California, where she started an official FIDM Fashion Club at her local high school. She is now a Social Media Intern at FIDM and is constantly inspired by the LA lifestyle.

Follow her on Twitter: @BlondeAmbiition and Instagram: @BlondeAmbiition



FIDM Grad Using Kickstarter Campaign to Sell Ultra Cool Wristwatches

Juliette M
FIDM students and alumni are always on the cutting edge of design and technology, so when we heard that one of our graduates was using Kickstarter as a platform to promote her design studio and sell her line of architecture-inspired wristwatches, we wanted to learn more. 
Name: Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli
Age: 29
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Previous college (if applicable): University of California, Santa Barbara
FIDM Major: Interior Design
FIDM Campus: Los Angeles
Tell us a little about yourself: I graduated from UCSB in 2008 with a degree in Global Studies, then packed my bags, sold my belongings, moved to Brazil (where my husband is from), and began DJing with him as part of a duo. We did that for about a year until we decided to move back stateside where we had the plan to one day open our own business. With my educational background heavy in research and writing, I got into public relations where, over the course of six years, I represented clients ranging from award-winning film producers and historical hotels to start-up tech companies and advertising agencies. My passions however, have always been in design. My dad has worked as an industrial designer his whole life and I grew up close to his projects as well as his design perspective. One of my first memories about design was when I was in my early teens and my Dad telling me about a hotel Philippe Starck designed...I was hooked.
What made you choose FIDM? I wanted to make a quick transition from PR into design and I wanted a school to prepare me with the skills I needed to get a job and get rolling. FIDM's Professional Designation pathway was the perfect answer. I completed the program in 15 months and was hired at a firm before I graduated.
Where have you worked since graduating and what did you do there? I began working as an intern at a top hospitality firm in West Hollywood and was then hired there as a junior designer. I support the lead designer in developing visual project components, sourcing FF&E materials and writing the project specifications. 
Tell us about the design studio you just opened up? JOOGII (pronounced joo-jee) is a phonetic combination of my name and my husband's name. We created JOOGII as a creative outlet to make things we love that we think other people will love too. It's really that simple. I became very interested in product design after taking Furniture Construction and knew it was something I wanted to pursue. It's very different than interior design, there is something more immediate about it that I am attracted to. However, it has a whole range of challenges that make it more difficult than interior design. With product design, you are designing for a mass audience that will determine the product's success. 
JOOGII is representative of our experiences living in different cities and melding with different cultures. We love how each city we have dwelled in and visited has its own unique atmosphere, but moreover, how there exists a common thread of curiosity, ambition, and creativity that connects people in these cities across the world. With a passion for design, we create products that reflect our experience living in different cities while embodying our personal style.
What services does your studio provide? We are a boutique product design studio and plan for JOOGII to offer a range of products. We just kicked off a pre-order campaign on Kickstarter for our first collection of wristwatches that my husband and I designed together.
Our wristwatch collection was influenced by Bauhaus architecture and was designed with the intention to examine "what is essential?" It was something the Bauhaus founders contemplated and we thought it would be interesting to explore the concept 100 years later in a technologically advanced and connected world.
Why Kickstarter to sell your wristwatches? Kickstarter has become a great platform for designers to fund their projects. Some of my favorite designers and architects have launched their projects on Kickstarter including Zaha Hadid and Olafur Eliasson. Through crowdfunding, creators have the ability to bypass the need for formal investors, who sometimes can take creative control. A lot of companies also use the platform for market research to see what is trending and how a product responds on the market.
How do you think your experience at FIDM helped you prepare for your career? FIDM gave me the knowledge of key digital tools that are an absolute necessity for any type of design job. They also gave me connections to professors and faculty that have already been instrumental in developing my career. 
What advice can you offer to current or potential FIDM students with your major? Hustle. There are so many creative people in L.A. and if you want to stand out, you got to get after it. Be a problem-solver. Design is challenging - problems come up and you have to dig in and figure it out. I just read an article recently that I really connected with where one of the top industrial designers in the world said that he keeps the mindset that failure is not an option. I keep this in mind every time I hit an obstacle and it helps motivate me to find a solution.



Just Accepted Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing Student Will Expand Her Family's Nail Salon Business

Kim Huynh

Name: Kim Huynh

Age: 24

Hometown: Newport Beach, California

FIDM Major: Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles, Fall 2015

Admissions Advisor: Cathy Chambers

Tell us a little about yourself: I was born and raised in Southern California; my parents immigrated to the United States after the Vietnam War hoping for a better life. Fast-forward over thirty years later, my parents have successfully accomplished the American dream and have their own chain of nail salons in Southern California.

I’m an avid traveler so I always find myself agreeing on adventures whether they are local or across the world. When I’m not traveling and exploring the great outdoors, you can find me at music festivals. 

How did your FIDM Advisor help you with the admissions process? My FIDM Advisor, Cathy Chambers, helped me by checking up on my via email or cell phone. She was patient with me as I put my entrance project together. She wanted me to get in as much as I did, which provided me with much needed confidence. Before I arrived for my interview, she sat down and took the time to review my work. We talked about options- the goals I wanted to accomplish- she really listened to what I had to say. Cathy is an incredible advisor and I am grateful she was so encouraging. 

How did you choose your major? Cathy told me I should go for Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing rather than what I initially proposed, which was Interior Design, because my family owns a chain of nail salons in Orange County, Happy Nails and Spa. In order to assist with the family business and help it expand, I needed the resources and knowledge. What better way to do that than by learning from a program that caters specifically to the beauty industry? The major is perfect for what I need. After much thought, I realized Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing is best fit for me and I could not be more thrilled.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Since my parents own a chain of nail salons I have had the great opportunity of being able to work with them and see their accomplishments. Unfortunately, times have changed but our salons have not. I have started the process of rebranding their company. There is a location near UCI in Irvine at the Campus Plaza where I was given the chance to turn it into something more modern like I wanted. I brought the outdated salon to 2015. The income has gone up exponentially since we bought it back from the franchisee that did a poor job of running it. We have better management, the technicians are better trained, and the décor is a little more hip. It has been a year since we’ve reopened and my friends love it!

What made FIDM the right choice for you? Again, my parents own nail salons and I’ve always wanted to help them run them. It’s hard to see where the nail industry is going because fashion is constantly changing. When I researched schools and discussed more in detail what my options were, FIDM just seemed fit for me. FIDM offers programs that pertain to the beauty industry that no other colleges have. I now have the resources to help carry on my parents’ legacy.

Describe your entrance project: Holly and Hudson, the nail lounge, was my entrance project. Holly and Hudson is an actual salon my parents and I are opening together; we are branching out from the standard nail salon. It is scheduled to open by January. The idea is create a lounge within a salon. Nail salons should be a place to escape the hustle and bustle of a chaotic day. We want our customers to feel relaxed. For my entrance project I created a bulletin board with design material and fabrics as well as images of what the salon will look like. I also did a write-up explaining the concept of the salon and my vision for it.

What are your career goals? In the next couple of years, I want to expand my parents’ company. I want Holly and Hudson to become a brand I am proud of and that customers will love to return to. I think it’s so important to share to the beauty industry the culture in which nail salons originated from. It’s not just a service, it’s a profession. I want nail salons to be more than just a manicure and pedicure; I want it to be a career for many.

What are you most excited about learning at FIDM? I’m most excited to learn from teachers and students who have made their dreams come true. I think textbooks can build a solid foundation for success, but people are what make those successes come to life. I am eager to meet fascinating people who will challenge me to become the entrepreneur I know I can be. FIDM has already been so helpful. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me the next couple of years!



FIDM Alumna Chan Luu's Hawaiian Home Showcased in Town & Country Magazine

Chan Luu home

FIDM grad Chan Luu opened up her beautifully designed home on the lush Hawaiian island of Kauai for a full spread in the October 2015 issue of Town & Country. The jewelry, accessories, and apparel designer recently launched a home collection, so the feature in the lifestyle publication comes at the perfect time.

The home was designed by Mark Lee and Sharon Johnston, the husband and wife duo who also designed Luu's Pacific Palisades home, and features a 7,500 square foot space with 4 pavilions grouped around a courtyard, an outdoor dining area, and lanai, in addition to the bedrooms and Luu's studio. "I want a house that's like I'm living outdoors," Luu told the designers. To accomplish that, over half of the space is open air, and the indoor spaces feature strategically-placed skylights to let in natural light. 

Besides showing off her gorgeous house, Luu talks about her upbringing in a wealthy family in Saigon, what drove her to California ("the weather," she says), and what prompted her to attend FIDM. "Fashion was always in my blood," says the designer, who was discouraged from attending art school by her parents. Now, with a degree in fashion design under her belt and a namesake fashion and lifestyle empire to run, Luu travels the globe for the majority of the year, a far cry from the bright young girl who moved to Los Angeles with only a dream and $400 to her name.



FIDM Grad Jene Park Shows at NYFW

Jene park copy

FIDM Grad Jene Park took over the creative reins at haute rock fashion label Thomas Wylde just in time for New York Fashion Week. According the LA Times Image section, Park, who was formerly COO at the label, "got rid of all the shoulder pads—no more '80s!—and made the clothes cleaner." Her debut show included cocktail sheaths, mini-skirts, and crop tops rendered in laser cut buttery leathers with a soft palette of white, ivory, dusty rose, navy, and black.

The Fashion Design grad worked for BCBG and had her own line before joining Wylde in 2006. 



FIDM San Diego is Participating in City-Wide Open House Event

FIDM San Diego

FIDM's chic, ultra-modern campus will be among the sites offering tours in Open House San Diego (OHSD), a free, city-wide event that opens the doors to some of the city’s most iconic buildings, including architecture and design studios, museums, schools, hotels, and high-rises. The award-winning campus was redesigned by renowned architect Clive Wilkinson and features a vibrant color palette, cool furnishings, and imaginative common rooms, as well as stunning views of Petco Park. This is the first time the Open House event is being held in San Diego--it's been successful in other cities worldwide, including Chicago, New York, London, and Sydney--and FIDM is excited to be a part of it and show off this unique and state-of-the-art campus. Open House San Diego is this weekend, October 17, 2015, and FIDM will be open to the public from 10 am to 1 pm. 



10 Good Eats Near FIDM San Francisco


Written by Merchandise Product Development Student Mehanaokala Pilago

From Thai to Italian cuisine, Merchandise Product Development Student and Social Ambassador Mehanaokala Pilago gives an eclectic recommendation of places to eat near FIDM San Francisco.

1. Mocca on Maiden Lane 

Address: 175 Maiden Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108


Personal Favorite: Shredded Chicken Sandwich 


Photo credit: Perry & Roses

Located in the tiny, elegant alley known as Maiden Lane, Mocca on Maiden Lane is arguably the best family-owned and operated Italian deli in the city. With freshly-made salads, pastas, sandwiches, and treats, it's a one-stop shop for getting a quick bite to go, or sitting down to enjoy the street jazz musicians while chatting with friends. 

2. Ramen Underground 

Address: 356 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108


Personal Favorite: Chicken Teriyaki Don


While wandering around the city one afternoon, I stumbled upon the smallest ramen restaurant packed with people from all over the world. This tiny ramen house is home to the best freshly made Ramen and Donburi bowls. With organic ingredients and an amazing atmosphere of happy employees and customers, Ramen Underground has found its way to the heart of San Francisco. 

3. Thai Stick 

Address: 925 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94109



Located on both Post Street and Filmore Street, Thai Stick is a lively restaurant and bar for delicious Thai food and entertainment. This popular hangout spot has great drinks and Thai cuisine to satisfy every customer!

4. Caffé Central

Address: 133 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Word of Advice: Make sure to ask for the student discount!


Caffé Central is the go-to spot for all FIDM San Francisco Students. Located right below the FIDM San Francisco building and next to Crate and Barrel, this cafe has everything from delicate pastries and boba, to waffles and sushi burritos. 

5. Cafe Madeleine 

Address: 300 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94104



Located just one block away from FIDM San Francisco is Cafe Madeleine, an inviting cafe with the most delicious baked goods and pastries. They offer all homemade and fresh items, and it's a great place for early study sessions before the campus opens. 

6. Bio Cafe

Address:  75 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94108



The Bio Cafe is unique for its freshly made pastries, deli goods, kombucha, and chocolates (all made gluten free). This tiny cafe has found a fantastic niche market of organic customers looking for freshly made, affordable goods in the Financial District.

7. Naan-N-Curry

Address: 336 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102



One perk of living in such a diverse city is being blessed to have food from all around the world. Naan-N-Curry Indian restaurant is a modern authentic Indian cuisine with a great atmosphere. With hand-drawn table counters and amazing food, it is a definite must-try in the city!

8) SOMA StrEATfood Park

Address: 428 11th Street, San Francisco CA 94103 



People from all over the city come to this amazing food truck park filled with lively energy and happy customers who enjoy unique foods from around the world. With streaming Christmas lights, music, tables, and umbrellas, it is an amazing place to get a quick bite or hangout with friends on a Friday night. 

9) The Box SF

Address: 1069 Howard Street, San Francisco CA 94103



I consider The Box to be a late-night snack joint. It's located near the Civic Center in San Francisco and has a wide variety of delicious food, from burgers to falafel wraps. 

10) Brenda's French Soul Food

Address: 652 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94102



I stumbled upon Brenda’s one day while exploring the city. The décor you see when walking through the door is absolutely gorgeous, with raw cracked concrete walls and mirror walls. It just has an amazing, unique atmosphere. Brenda’s is famous for its freshly made beignets, chicken wings, and French toast. Make reservations or get there super early to beat the lines!

More about Mehanaokala: 

Growing up in the tropics, I have lived in a swimsuit since I could walk. I decided to launch my own Brazilian swimwear label a few years back, and plan to create my own empire to create high quality, unique swimwear that embodies feminism. After traveling through Indonesia to find manufacturers and source factories, I finally began unraveling my dream of being a "girl boss" and an entrepreneur. Currently, Khushti Kini's operates online and in a few boutiques in Hawaii. My dream is to continue growing and expand fully into the wholesale contemporary swimwear market. FIDM has helped me develop my skills in Product Development and achieve my goals, as well as given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge in fashion.

Connect with Mehanaokala:

Twitter: @FIDM_mehanokala

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here



FIDM Alumna Turned Hollywood Stylist Now Stars on House of DVF

Cat Wennekamp

FIDM alumna turned Hollywood stylist Cat Wennekamp can now add reality television star to her impressive resume because she's competing to become the next brand ambassador for Diane von Furstenberg on E! network's House of DVF. The 26-year old says she started deconstructing and refashioning her clothes as a child, and launched her career as a stylist and creative director after attending FIDM. Besides working with such recognizable fashion labels as Guess, Paige Denim, and Levi's, Wennekamp has dressed such A-list celebrities as Ansel Elgort, Sarah Highland, and Kiernan Shipka, and has had her work featured in numerous magazines including Vanity Fair and InStyle. You can see Cat in action when House of DVF airs on the E! channel, Sundays at 10pm. Good luck to you, Cat!



Two Denim Pieces from Pharrell Williams' Collection for G Star Raw On Display at FIDM LA Library

Williams copy

Two denim pieces from Pharrell Williams' collection for G Star Raw are on display in the Downtown LA FIDM Library. Part of the innovative materials collection, the textiles are made of recycled ocean plastic. "Plastic pollution is found in all the world's oceans. Ocean currents throughout the globe converge in 5 large gyres, one of which is in the Pacific Ocean," says In addition to the fashions, ocean plastic is being recycled into packaging by Method soaps, while Studio Swine has fabricated ocean waste into chairs and stools.

Pharrell Williams summarizes: "Let's turn plastic into something fantastic."

Quarterly textile report by Cynthia Aaron, FIDM Library



@FIDMCollege Instagram Takeover: J.D. Luxe Mobile Fashion Boutique Owner Jordana Fortaleza


Join @FIDMCollege on Instagram, from Wednesday-Friday, October 14-16, as we host an Instagram takeover with Merchandise Product Development Graduate and J.D. Luxe mobile fashion boutique owner Jordana Fortaleza

Instagram Takeover Details

Over the course of three days, you'll get the chance to experience the daily life of a fashion truck owner. Fortaleza will curate a series of photos on FIDM's Instagram page, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run J.D. Luxe, and featuring helpful tips for aspiring fashion mobile boutique owners.

To participate in our Instagram takeover, follow @FIDMCollege and @JDLuxeFashion on Instagram. Get to know more about FIDM Grad Jordana Fortaleza below, and visit her website.

 About J.D. Luxe Owner Jordana Fortaleza

Started in 2011 by FIDM Graduate Jordana Fortaleza and her business partner Tyler Kenney, J.D. Luxe came about as a result of the two entrepreneurs being inspired by the mobility of food trucks. As a result, they built the J.D. Luxe mobile boutique, the first of its kind in Los Angeles. Traveling throughout California, the two have made stops at the most popular hot spots in the Golden State, including Coachella, BeautyCon, and local farmers markets.



Meet Social Ambassador and Fashion Design Student Jill Nofziger


Get to know FIDM Social Ambassador Jill Nofziger, a Professional Designation Fashion Design Student at our Los Angeles campus. Follow Jill on Twitter @FIDM_Jillnn for live updates about her life as a student at FIDM. 

Q&A with Jill

Hometown: Snohomish, WA

Describe your style: Classic, dark, and strong. 

Currently listening to: Lady Gaga (always), Electro Swing, and Disney soundtracks. 

Favorite brands: Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier. 

An icon who inspires you: Lady Gaga. Be weird, be powerful, be generous, be you. 

Favorite place to eat in LA: Sushi! Blue C in Hollywood. 

Dream job: Creative Director of Costuming at Disneyland. 

Best advice for FIDM Students: Organize and give yourself breaks! As a full time student with a spouse, pets, commute, and a full time job, I needed to learn how to prioritize my daily tasks, otherwise I'd go crazy.

LA's best kept secret: Ventura is a great weekend getaway! It has beaches, shopping and great restaurants! It is like visiting Santa Barbara or Santa Monica but half the price. You can also take the train there for about $30. Great for students! 

Your FIDM experience in three words: Challenging, Fulfilling, Engaging.

You know you went to FIDM when: Your school materials won't fit in your car. People think I'm moving! 

Connect with Jill: 

Twitter: @FIDM_Jillnn

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here.



FIDM Alumnus Dean Renwick Takes Young Fashion Designer Under His Wing

When 8-year old Raina attended Sask Fashion Week in Canada, she was so excited about what she'd seen that she went home and made a dress. Little did she know that FIDM alumnus Dean Renwick would be so impressed and inspired by her passion for fashion that he would offer to mentor her for the summer.  Here's a glance at how the pair spent their time in the studio.  



5 Places to Shop Near FIDM: Orange County


Written by Visual Communications Student Natalie Castaneda 

There are so many sites to visit near the FIDM Orange County campus, including the beautiful beaches, fun amusement parks, and of course, the amazing shopping locations. 

Plato's Closet


The best thing about Plato’s Closet is the fact that you can sell your unwanted clothes, and it turn they will pay you, in cash, on the spot. The store is located a block away from South Coast Plaza and 10 minutes away from FIDM OC. If you’re not looking into selling that shirt you swear you’ll wear someday, you can still go in and check out the things they sell. They sell a variety of things, from shirts to accessories. Not only that, but the prices are reasonable.

La Belle 


Just two shops down from Plato's Closet, you’ll find La Belle. The small boutique is organized, and the customer service is great. Many frequent customers say that La Belle is a hidden treasure because of it’s location, because you'll fall in love with the merchandise once you find it. All their clothing and accessories are fashion-forward and on-trend, and everything they sell is quite affordable and high in quality.



Vice is probably the most hidden boutique out of the other boutiques listed. It’s located right across the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in Costa Mesa. If you’re driving down Baker St., chances are you might not even see the store unless you’re at a stop light. The store looks really classy and sophisticated, yet their merchandise is very trendy. Vice has a reputation of friendly employees and with that comes great customer service. If you have a later class or some free time after school, Vice is definitely a shop  you'll want to check out. 



The style at MASqUE is a bit more unique and pricier than other boutiques near FIDM OC, but the store has a lot of mini sales. Here's a shopping tip: instead of looking at regular priced items first, start off with the sale. Secondly, MASqUE has a lot of dresses that could be used for any formal event.

No Rest for Bridget


No Rest For Bridget can be found in four different locations in Southern California: El Segundo, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the closest one to FIDM Orange County, Costa Mesa. The Costa Mesa location in particular is the go-to spot in my opinion, because it’s the closest one to the warehouse. The warehouse is located in Irvine, and it’s open only a few times a year for customers to shop. The only way you can get the dates for the warehouse events is by subscribing to their email. Overall, No Rest for Bridget has amazing merchandise, because it perfectly reflects Orange County’s style: refreshing, youthful, and trendy.

Connect with Natalie: 

Twitter: @FIDM_Nata

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here.



East Eats LA


Written by Desiree Kose, Merchandise Product Development Student

I am pretty much obsessed with everything that has to do with Eastern cultures, especially the cuisine. That being said, if you’re anything like me or just love a good place to get some grub, I have two fantastic places for you to try (all within a 10-15 minute drive from DTLA). The first place is a cute little spot called Chunju Han-il Kwon, a restaurant that's famous for its Budae-jjigae. If you have no idea what that is, it’s a hotpot stew complete with Ramyun, that was originally made for soldiers back in the day. Over the years, it has become a table favorite. You'll definitely have to try this spot out if you like spicy and hearty food.


My next adventure led me to a little place off Western and Wilshire, where I was told to go for my shaved ice fix. You see, I grew up in Hawaii. When it’s hot outside you eat shaved ice, so when I heard about Sul & Beans, I had to try it out. I tried the classics: the Injulmi Toast and Injulmi Shaved Ice. Let's just say that the first bite was heaven. I highly recommend the toast if you like Mochi. 

Connect with Desiree: 

Twitter: @FIDM_Desiree

More about FIDM Social Ambassadors: 

The FIDM Social Ambassador program is a team of FIDM Students who blog, tweet, vlog, photograph, and discuss their first-hand FIDM experience on social media. To apply to be a member of the FIDM Social Ambassador program, click here.



FIDM San Francisco Instructor Edward Dahl's Music at LA Fashion Week

  Elena fashion copy

FIDM San Francisco Instructor Edward Dahl collaborated with designer Elena Sylvniak (of Project Runway fame) to stage her show of LAMAUHII Couture at LA Fashion Week. Dahl composed the music, assisted in the choreography, lighting and stage cues for the show that will be staged at Union Station on Saturday, October 10th. Dahl's group SpacEKrafT will be performing SpaceOpera at the event.



Visual Communications Graduate Makes Custom Blythe Dolls (Interview)


Name: Gina Soriano

Major: Visual Communications

Grad Year: 2014

CompanyG.Baby Dolls

When did your interest in dolls and art begin? I was never really into dolls as a kid, but I have always been interested in art. I come from a family of creative types (mom is a graphic designer, dad a chef). My parents had a collection of art books that I used to peruse. I’ll always remember the first time I became aware of my creative vision. I was in the first grade and everyone in class was given a picture of a lion to color.

While all my classmates were busy coloring theirs brown, I decided I wanted mine to be rainbow-unicorn-Jem-inspired. I was so proud, but I’ve never seen so many six year-olds offended by the inaccurate representation of a lion before. Everyone started to point and laugh at me, and I sat there crying until the teacher came over and took notice of my multicolored lion of fabulousness. She said, “This one is very special and I’m going to hang it at the front of the class so everyone can see it.”

Now I’m 31 years-old, making custom dolls for a living and I still think like the six year-old me. No matter what it is I’m doing, I just want to stand out and make beautiful colorful things.

What made you choose FIDM? I had researched and visited other art schools in the area but was ultimately impressed by the professionalism at FIDM and the schools strong ties within the fashion industry.

Tell us about your career as a doll artist. I love being a part of a worldwide community like Blythe. It’s crazy to think how this plastic doll has brought people together from various corners of the world. Our community of artists and collectors is relatively small and closely knit; it almost feels like we are a little family sometimes. It’s also an interesting feeling knowing that there are only a small number of people in the world that do what I do.


How did FIDM help prepare you to run your own business? When I started attending classes at FIDM I was already a couple years into running G.Baby Dolls. Everything I learned prior to schooling was through trial and error. FIDM has helped me become a more professional and polished artist. Proficiency in programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator has been valuable for me because I use the former almost every day. I’m more aware of my brand identity and I have a broader understanding of how to translate that into meaningful content, product, etc.

Follow G.Baby Dolls on Instagram.



FIDM Library Presents an Inspiration Room

15179j Textile Design Show_Inspiration_DSC3339_b

Need to jump start your creative juices this quarter? Visit the downtown FIDM Library Inspiration room and soak up some atmosphere. Drawing on resources in our amazing library, the hands-on display includes materials ranging from mannequin hands, conical bras in faux fur and vinyl, fibers made from crab shells and banana skins, exquisite over-sized art books, a fragrance organ, and fantasias from Visionaire celebrating all the senses. The room is located just off the entry to the library in the Research Room; October 7 to 13, open Library hours.



Textile Design Student Reagen Gass Interprets Eileen Fisher

Reagen gass

The challenge of designing prints for Industry Partner Eileen Fisher was to design "no print- prints," says Reagen Gass, whose moody, subtle vertical drip painting on a dress is on display in the 3rd floor windows. Gass had never heard of Eileen Fisher before the project. But she quickly figured out that the project called for "an interesting print that would not distract from the lady wearing it."

The youngest student in the program, Gass is finishing the P.D. program after coming to FIDM with an A.A. degree from a community college in her native Colorado. As soon as her parents took her to visit FIDM, on a side trip to Disneyland, she knew the school was right. Though she always wanted fashion, pattern and print spoke to her and so did the Textile Design major.

"I'm so happy I did it," say Gass of the quick program. "It brought out my creative side."



Textile Design Student Heidi Ruiz Does Eileen Fisher Project

Heidi ruiz

Heidi Abigail Ruiz found her creative voice in the Textile Design program. "I really like the bold colors and defined shapes that go with casual menswear," says the A.A. student with one more quarter to go. "I really like fashion but I wanted a major that did not include sewing. Textile Design is more like doing art."

When the challenge of designing for the Eileen Fisher brand came along, Heidi got hands-on experience in working with a client in the real world. "I really admire the sustainable philosophy of the brand. I focused on texture—something I love—and developed an organic mossy feeling texture for the dress."



Textile Design Student Eniola Hundeyin Interprets Eileen Fisher


Eniola Hundeyin decided to add Textile Design to her resume once she realized that "99% of design is the fabric." The Textile Design student, who also studied Fashion Design at FIDM, plans on starting her own brand of luxury loungewear one day. "I like designing textiles, so I can think ahead of everyone in the chain," says Hundeyin who is also participating in this year's DEBUT Runway Show.

Collaborating with industry partner Eileen Fisher presented an interesting challenge. She had to adapt her whimsical, heightened style to the restraint of a brand that loves neutrals. "My print is more of a motif inspired by undersea life." Her dark blue sea shells bob and weave on the sleeveless skimmer silhouette supplied by the apparel company.

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, the road to fashion school has not been straight for Hundeyin. She first went to school in London, graduated college in Toronto in Urban Planning, and then followed her path to Los Angeles, a city she now adores.

"I love that I can be or do anything here. This is where I want to make my career," says the talented and determined designer.



Industry Partner Eileen Fisher Teams with Textile Design Students

Textile Design Show_Fisher Group_DSC3302-Edit_b

FIDM Students from the Textile Design major collaborated with the Eileen Fisher brand to create a group of prints that align with the famously minimalist brand, known for its emphasis on neutral colors, fine fabrics, and sustainability. The beautiful results, on exhibition in Los Angeles's 3rd floor windows, were shown for the first time at last night's Textile Design & Fashion Knitwear Student Show.

The showcase and collaboration put together by Department Chair Anne Bennion was sparked when FIDM grad Kassie Knecht (Visual Communications) contacted the school in search of a partnership. The Assistant Store Leader of concept store The Fisher Project in Beverly Hills, Kassie got the downtown showroom involved in relaying the brand message to textile students and letting them see and feel wardrobe samples. "We gave them a deeper knowledge of our buyer," says the showroom manager.

"Students really heard us. Their storyboards were impressive and they gave us beautiful interpretations of the brand," says Kassie. The store on Robertson will be showing the nine dresses made with student textile designs at a reception for students and their families soon.



@FIDMCollege Instagram Takeover: IMPD Student and Former Nasty Gal Intern Chigo Ikeme

   Chigo IG


Join @FIDMCollege on Instagram, from Tuesday - Wednesday, October 6-7, as we host an exclusive Instagram takeover with International Manufacturing & Product Development Student Chigoziri Ikeme. 

Instagram Takeover Details

Over the course of two days, you'll get a glimpse of Chigo's Paris travel diaries that she documented on a FIDM trip with her IMPD classmates. Ikeme will curate a series of photos on FIDM's Instagram page, featuring written commentary about her trip. 

To participate in our Instagram takeover, be sure to follow @FIDMCollege and @TheChicIdentity on Instagram. Get to know more about Chigo Ikeme below. 

About Chigo Ikeme

A former Fashion Club President, Chigoziri Ikeme is a recent Merchandise Product Development graduate and current International Manufacturing & Product Development student at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She has a slight obsession with textiles and thrift shopping, and has been involved in the fashion industry since she was 16. 

Chigo's internship with Nasty Gal came about after seeing the internship opportunity on the company's website. A day after submitting her application, she met the Nasty Gal recruiter who served as a mock interviewer for her Brand Portfolio presentation. Impressed with Chigo's portfolio, the Nasty Gal recruiter asked her to formally interview for the internship she applied for at the company's headquarters, and was hired as their Fabric R&D intern a week later. 

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