MPD Student Is Assistant Technical Designer at Forever 21


Name: Michelle Huang

Major: Merchandise Product Development

Job Title: Assistant Technical Designer at Forever 21

What's a typical day like? I'm responsible for the main line, Forever 21, under the women's category. A typical day at Forever 21 consist of many many fit sessions. We always have samples to fit and to correct, but most importantly, sending out comments for production approval. It is our job to make sure the fit of the garment well accommodate our customers and that it looks good on the hanger and body and it functions well. For Forever 21, it is about speed to market, so being a quick and a fast-thinker is a given for the job. 

How has FIDM helped prepare you? I'm an MPD major with an emphasis in technical design, expected to graduate in June of 2014. The new program offers a variety of opportunities to work with patterns (pattern corrections are super crucial, we have to know how to correct patterns in order to better communicate with the vendors to achieve the desire look and fit) and familiarize ourselves with tech packs, which is what we, as technical designers, breathe day in and day out.

FIDM has been very helpful along my education journey. I've learned so much through school what the job requires. Not only did the college provided me with apparel knowledge, but the internship program definitely helped broaden my skill sets even more. Technical design is a very technical field, we are very specific with numbers and patterns, thanks to FIDM and my internships, I've landed on this position.

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