Students Produce Samples of Boxing, Dance, and Equestrian Sportswear for Cotton Inc. Just Design It Competition


FIDM Students from various majors competed in Cotton Inc.'s Just Design It competition during the last two quarters. Students worked in groups of three to research a specific sport activity and the fiber properties, technical construction, and consumer needs required for success.


Teams attended workshops to increase their knowledge of cotton fabrics and how they can be used to enhance activewear products. The groups produced one sample each from their product lines, which were judged by industry experts.


First Place: Boxing - IMPD Students Linda Solano Diaz, Brodie Silver, and Amanda Ziegler. 

Second Place: Dancewear - Business Management Students Amanda Gebran and Imani Steiner and Interior Design Student Danny Lucero.

Third Place: Equestrian - Business Management Students Leslie Seo and Helen Ton and Graphic Design Student Patrick Pin-Tsung Lee. 



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