Interviews with Top Movie Costume Designers

12 years slave copy

New York Times writer Rachel Lee Harris has been interviewing the costume designers of this year's likely Oscar contenders in a series called "Clothes and Character." She spoke to 82-year-old Patricia Norris about her process for 12 Years a Slave.

"Research was very difficult because there are no photographs of slaves. And if there are etchings from the period, you would think they were done by a white guy in New York because it's always the happy slave leaning against a tree eating his lunch. So I just went to reading."

If movies and costumes are your passion, check out FIDM's Film & TV Costume Design major. FIDM Museum & Galleries will be showing many of the year's costumes at the 22nd Annual Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit opening February 11th on the downtown campus.

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