Visual Communications Grad Puts Talents Together


Amber Day has been busy since graduating FIDM in 2011. On the heels of her interview with The Cool Hours, the multi-talented freelancer answered a few more questions on how she does it:

How did you decide on Visual Communications?

After my third quarter as a Fashion Design major, I realized that I wanted to do more than design clothing. What I loved about Vis Comm is that it gave me a wide variety of classes and career options. From set illustration, to marketing events, to graphic design, Vis Comm gave me the experience I needed to jump into the fashion industry and the guidance to choose which direction to head in.

How did you realize Fashion Illustration is what you wanted?

I didn't really take fashion illustration seriously until after college while working in the Public Relations office at FIDM. That really crafted my talents in networking and gave me the confidence I needed to turn a hobby into a career.

Can you tell us about current projects?

I have recently designed a line of kimonos under the name A + D that will launch at the end of the month. Also, I am illustrating a Fall 2013 bag preview series for until October. And I'm collaborating with local fashion bloggers to put together a collection that captures Los Angeles style.

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