Just Accepted Graphic Design Student Follows His Passion For the Arts



Full Name: Cory Morinishi

Age: 22

Hometown: Cypress, CA

Current year in school: Senior in College

FIDM Major: Graphic Design

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles, October 2013

Admissions Advisor: Susan Pope. She's the most encouraging, helpful, and supportive woman you will ever meet.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Graphic Design has always been my passion. Back in high school, I printed T-shirts out of my garage and released my own brand named Enryo. Graphic Design has continued to be my favorite hobby along with playing instruments, basketball, volleyball, golf, skiing, bodyboarding, and photography.

But when I was applying to colleges, I was accepted into University of California, Riverside as a Biology major with an interest in pre-medical studies. Coming from a family working within the medical field, academics was always positively reinforced, so naturally, I initially wanted to become a physician. However, after my third year, I decided to take the leap and pursue my true passion, which ultimately was not biology.

Despite the difficult transition, I gradually built my portfolio at Golden West College before getting accepted into FIDM's Graphic Design program. I am currently working at a design start-up company, Ahava Design, where I both design and screen-print T-shirts. I aspire to develop my brand further and eventually release it to a wider spectrum of consumers.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Because I am the only person in my family with a strong passion for the arts, I have found that being confident in my own career aspirations and paving my own path has been my most significant accomplishment. When I was still at UC Riverside, I was unsure about whether or not I should make the big transition from Biology to Graphic Design, but by accepting the challenge, I feel that life has opened many doors for me. As a result, I have learned that in order to live a happy and fulfilling life, it's important to allow your passions - and not your desired income or status - to fuel your life's work.

What made FIDM right for you? From my years at UC Riverside, I remember sitting in my Biology and Organic Chemistry lectures, pretending I was taking notes on my laptop when I was actually doing graphics for leisure and for friends. My fascination with T-shirt design, which had really grown at the time, eventually drew me to FIDM, which has a specific emphasis on Graphic Design for apparel. FIDM's connections within the surf and skate industries are also unparalleled and they would help me develop my vision for my future work.

Describe your entrance project. I thought it would be a good opportunity to create a real-life application for my entrance project, so I further developed Enryo, the brand I began in high school. I made a catalog cover, a magazine ad, and shopping bags, which feature my logo and aesthetic that I envision for my company, which is a hybrid between surfwear and streetwear that represents individuals with an urban active lifestyle. Along with the surf-to-street lifestyle, Enryo designs maintain Christian themes and values ingeniously embedded in contemporary designs, with proceeds used to support missionaries around the world.

What are your career goals? Upon graduation from FIDM, I would hope to have started an internship with a company from which I would acquire on the job experience related to Graphic Design in the apparel industry or entertainment industry. I would also hope to have continued working with Ahava, developing my skills, and using my education at FIDM to successfully launch my own brand and line of apparel, specifically within the action sports industry.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I expect to learn anything and everything that will help me succeed and follow my passion.

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