DEBUT Grad is an Assistant Designer at ASICS (Interview)


Full Name: Kelly Knaggs

Age: 21

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Current Job Title: Assistant Designer, ASICS

FIDM Major: Advanced Fashion Design

Tell us a bit about yourself. In my downtime I am a very active person. I am addicted to snowboarding and running. When I'm not outside I usually paint, sketch, and draw. I have always loved to draw and I have been doing it since I could pick up a pencil. After I finished FIDM one of my hobbies was actually sewing. Now that I know how to sew very well I started messing around and making clothes (i.e. dresses, jackets, shirts, etc.).

I was also doing a freelance project for a client recently where I had to make a custom leather jacket by myself!! I had never sewn leather before, but in the end the jacket looked spectacular and the client was very happy. I am definitely inspired by art and what peoples opinions of art are. I have traveled a lot with my family and to see the world is definitely an eye opening experience.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? My proudest moment so far would have to be when I was in DEBUT. That was the one program I wanted to be in since before I came to this school. It was actually what drew my attention to this school in the first place. When I designed an entire collection by myself from concept to actual garment the feeling was amazing. There is no way to explain how unbelievable it was to walk on that runway after my collection hearing the applause from the crowd knowing that it is for you because of all the hard work you put in the year prior.

What made FIDM right for you? The fact that this school is so small was great because I knew the teachers would treat us as individuals and not as a clump of students. The school also focused on the things we needed to learn in order to be prepared for the industry. I just felt that it was a great fit for myself and I would benefit a lot from coming here.

What are your career goals? Right now, I have reached one of my goals, which was to get a job at a major active wear company which I did. In the future though, my main goal is to create an apparel company, more like a corporation resembling a Nike or Adidas or even like a Quiksilver or Burton. I want to be a business giant. Trust me, I have no small goals. I am constantly looking to push myself further and achieve things that seem impossible until you reach them. I always told myself that I wanted to a billionaire someday -- and you have to start somewhere.

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