5 Indie L.A. Fashion Designers

Viereck dress copy

Whether customizing dresses in trendy Silver Lake or costuming rock royalty for the stage, these five female designers turn their beautiful visions into daily reality in Los Angeles.

Deborah Vierak Gwen Stefani, the Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers go to Deborah to stay ahead of the crowds. For the rest of us, the FIDM Fashion Design grad's label Vierak delivers instant L.A. glam minus the rhinestones at local boutiques and nationwide. (image above)

Carol Young Undesigned by Carol Young is all about recycled fabrics turned into instant urban nomad wear—perfect for packing for your next global trek. Wrinkles included. (image below)

Young copy

Stella Neptune Owner Eva Kisevalter turned her obsession for cashmere into an of-the-moment upcycling business selling screenprinted old cashmere to Hollywood kids.

Matrushka  This boutique, on the coolest stretch of Sunset in Silver Lake, features owner Lauren Howe's girlie dresses and in-store fittings.

Clare Vivier From her Silver Lake flagship, handbag designer Vivier turns out color saturated upmarket clutches, hobos, and satchels that sell to hipsters nationwide.

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