The Bachelorette Episode 6 Recap: Futbol, Revelations, and Three Men Go Home

After last week's trip to Germany, FIDM Alumna Desiree and her remaining suitors are now in Barcelona, Spain. The visit begins with Drew getting the first date card and a rose on their chemistry-filled outing. Toward the end of the date he confesses that he and Kasey overheard James saying that if he can make it to the top four, it will give him enough exposure and momentum to be the next Bachelor. Desiree is furious, but greets the group in front of the RCD Espanyol De Barcelona futbol stadium.


Juan Pablo feels right at home until the guys realize that they will be playing a game against Desiree and her team of professional female players. The women win 10-2 and Des spends a bit of time with Chris where she reads a poem that she wrote for him. Kacey then confronts James about the his fame hungry ways, but he denies saying the comment, even though he's cleary lying.

Des confronts James, but decides she needs time to process his denial. She has a one-on-one date with Zak. They visit the Sant Lluc gallery for some sketching (including a live male nude portrait) and enjoy a romantic wine cellar dinner. Zak gets a rose while James gets yelled at by Drew. The rose ceremony sees Chris, Brooks, and Michael getting a rose, which means James, Juan Pablo, and Kasey are going home.

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