New MPD Student in San Francisco Shares Her Experience at the FIDM Job Fair


Aliké Boggan is a new Merchandise Product Development Professional Designation Student who attended FIDM's Job Fair during her first week of school.

As a brand new student, what were your impressions of FIDM's recent Job Fair? I relocated from LA to attend FIDM - SF because I'd received a great industry job offer in the area. As a result, I didn't plan to attend the Job Fair, but I'm thrilled I did! It was unparalleled. The Career Center Staff laid out the proverbial red carpet. The attention, detail, time, and resources extended to us started before we even met with the visiting companies!

The support continued throughout the fair as the advisors stayed close and were available for assistance. In addition to seasoned job hunters, it was also beneficial to students who've both never entered the work force, and presently employed students.

What did you think of the companies and representatives you met with? The quality of the companies and their reps in attendance almost had me wishing that I had not accepted a previous job offer. I met both interesting people and exciting brands. Not only were there great people there, but notable professionals from the industry who have the ability to be extremely instrumental in a student's career development! It was also the best opportunity to begin a dialogue and/or relationship with the counselors in the Career Center!  

What are you most looking forward to as a FIDM Student? Having had such a dynamic experience within less than a week of my student career at FIDM, I now have high expectations. So, I'm reaching for the stars! What I'm most looking forward to is enjoying all the experiences I will have here, not knowing the details of my destination, but knowing something special is happening in my life as a student at FIDM.

There is a vivid image in my mind of recounting my time here and sharing my knowledge with others in the Industry, as a representative and respected resource of FIDM.

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