Interview: Grad Is Visual Manager at Free People in Topanga Canyon


"If someone had told me two years ago that I'd be the Visual Manager of my favorite brand, I wouldn't have believed it," says FIDM Visual Communications Alumna Brittany Bush. "I couldn't have done it without the help of such education teaching and support from the Career Center." We caught up with Brittany to chat about her exciting career.

What is your current job title and responsibilities? I am currently a Visual Manager for Free People in Topanga Canyon (URBN INC.) My position in our store carries many responsibilties that ensure high sales year round. As a visual manager it is my duty to create excitement for our customer and team members using concepts, trend stories, class focuses, inspiration boards, and overall new merchandising techniques.

Our company really thrives off of culture, photography, social media, and music and our product represents these aspects of a young woman's life. This is where I am able to bring visions of this lifestyle to life through our product.

How did FIDM's Career Center help you with this job? While I was a student at FIDM, I really utilized the career center as much as possible. My Career Advisors, Ray Garcia and Marco Antonio, were helpful in so many ways. During my second year, I heard that Anthropologie was seeking interns and it was the perfect time for me to get in. I reached out to Ray Garcia on how to make this possible and he gave me all the information I needed.

I landed the position as Visual Intern shortly after and it was there that I really got to learn the ins and outs of working hands-on in the industry. Once graduation came, I wasted no time on the job hunt. I made an appointment with Mr. Antonio (who was previously my Lifestlye Presentation teacher) and he let me in on all the tips to finding a succesful career. I went straight home after our meeting, full of motivation, and applied the advice given to me and voila! Within a few weeks I recieved a call from our Store Manager and got the position!

How did FIDM in general help prepare for your career? Before I had any plans of even going to college, I had no direction as to what I wanted to do with my life. I have always been really into designing things by hand and FIDM was just a pipe dream at the time. Upon being accepted to my dream college, I was introduced to so many new career paths that I never even knew exsisted. Every teacher and every course I had taken was such an eye opening, inspiration for me.

FIDM set me up for what was really to be expected in this industry. My teachers had all either previously worked professionally in the industry or were current in the industry and knew how to get me prepared for this career. Without sugar coating anything, they were able to build up my confidence and the thick skin that is needed to suceed as a newly graduated, work hungry individual.

I once heard the saying, "You can't write a symphony without a low note." Before FIDM, I had enough with the low notes. Thanks to such wonderful staff, college, teachings, and experiences I am well on my way to writing a beautiful symphony.

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