Just Accepted Student Drew Scott is Founder of Successful Scrapbooking Business


Seventeen year old, Andrew Michael Scott (Drew), is a graduating high school senior from Tehachapi, California. He will be heading to FIDM’s Los Angeles campus to begin Fashion Design classes in July. He already has a successful scrapbooking business, Scrappy Happiness, which was recently featured on the news. The California native has been creating online videos about scrapbooking since age 13, and offers classes online. Last year, Drew earned $130,000, which he invested back into his business.

"I think FIDM is the right school for me because it brings the business aspect into each major. Business is definitely one of my strongholds so having it intertwined with my major just seemed like a perfect match. I have talked to people who have been to FIDM and they have learned more than I ever expected to learn. After hearing their stories I feel everything I ever want and need to learn will be taught in such an amazing and inspirational environment."

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