Just Accepted Merchandise Marketing Student Transferring From St. Louis University



Full Name: Xin Zhen

Age: 19

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Current Year in School: Freshman at St. Louis University

FIDM Major: Merchandise Marketing

FIDM Campus and Start Date: LA Campus, Fall 2013

Admissions Advisor: Seung Kim

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I enjoy staying home and doing some reading or online shopping. I love to watch movies; Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is one of my favorites. Also, I like playing chess with my friends.

What made FIDM right for you? First, the major I chose combines my fashion dream and my future career (taking care of our family business). Second, I felt a passionate atmosphere when I first visited the campus.

What are your career goals? For my dream, I would like to become a fashion stylist, but I need to take responsibility for my family, so the career I have set for the future is related to banking. If my dream doesn't conflict with my career, it will be fantastic to combine both.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I want to learn everything about the fashion industry and use this knowledge to succeed in the future.

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