Industrywatch: Net-a-Porter Goes Editorial

Lucy-Yeomans-crop copy

Lucy Yeomans, new editor-in-chief of Net-a-Porter, the luxury ecommerce site explains why she left her position as top editor at U.K.'s Harper's Bazaar to develop the totally "actionable" fashion magazine of the future—as well as a new print edition—in an interview with Business of Fashion.

"Will every magazine be a retailer in five years?"

"I think so. I think the magazines with pages laden with products absolutely need to be shoppable. One hundred percent. Otherwise you're just not delivering service....But I think there's still a place for inspiration."

Yeomans plans on starting a Net-a-Porter print magazine 4 to 6 times-a-year for the fashion lover who still gains inspiration from a themed edition, longer stories, and the lush feel of color photography on glossy paper.

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