Industrywatch: Men's Shoes on the Rise

Cole Haan copy

"Men's footwear is on fire at retail, thanks to style twists on old classics," reports Footwear News in a Los Angeles Times report. The high-end is leading the pack with Gucci, Prada, and Vuitton upgrading high-tops and women's shoe designers like Louboutin and Jimmy Choo interpreting trends like studs and red soles for men.

"With global designer footwear annual revenue pegged at more than $15 billion for 2012 and men's business growing to 40% of total luxury goods, it's no wonder retailers are so enthralled," explains Vincent Boucher in the Times. Bloomingdale's VP Kevin Harter confirms: "Men used to have a pair of black shoes, a pair of brown shoes, and a pair of sneakers. That's just not the way it is anymore."

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