FIDM Student Angie Allison Designs Prom Dress for Fashion Club Shoot


One of five specially selected FIDM Fashion Design Students, Angie Allison participated in Fashion Club's Pretty in Pink Prom Challenge, upcycling a dress she sourced from Goodwill into a prom dress. The challenge was to design it for Mila Kunis (as if she were the client), with style icon Elizabeth Taylor as her muse.

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a local girl. I grew up in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles, which is about 3 miles west of the LA FIDM Campus. I love animals, especially my black cat, Gerald. My favorite people/icons in the world are Lady Gaga (my number 1), Lana Del Rey, Jessica Lange, and Sharon Needles. My interest in fashion stems from my love of illustration, Kubrick, Hitchcock, art, and Halloween. I'm all about self-expression, so the ability to transcend my visions onto a physical manifestation is such a gift fashion design has given me.

Tell us a little about your experience in the prom dress design challenge for Fashion Club: I brought on board to the Pretty in Pink Prom Challenge by the designer of the Boho Princess look, Liz  Robles. It was a great experience where all the designers had meetings to discuss and critique each other's work. Individually, I had to source materials from the Fashion District that would enhance the original thrifted dress, rather than completely reconstruct it. I wanted to make it easy for people to see the dress's transition from point A to point B.

Where did you buy the thrifted dress? Miracle Mile Goodwill

What aspect of your design speaks to the fact that is was designed "for" Mila Kunis? Mila Kunis has the cool chick vibe going on, but she manages to keep a glamourous style that doesn't take away from her overall wicked appeal. My direct inspiration came from an Eli Saab dress she wore for the Moscow premiere of Friends with Benefits that featured embellished shoulder pieces.


How were you inspired by Elizabeth Taylor? Elizabeth Taylor has always been such an icon in my life since I was a child, thanks to countless hours of watching her movies with my grandma. She is a timeless beauty and I wanted to keep true to the fit and flare silhouette she favored. It was always about her and her beauty, which is why I went with the clean, classic silhouette. The color of the dress is also an homage to her famous violet eyes.

What was your favorite part about the whole experience? My favorite part was getting my work to be part of a photo shoot for the first time. It's like seeing your first child graduate, I'm guessing.

What’s your favorite class at FIDM so far? I can't choose just one, so I will have to say all the classes that fall under history (Survey of the Western Art, History of Costume, and American Political & Economic History). To me, fashion is innovation through renovation and restoration, so it's vital to take from the past and push it into the future. Even a class like American History, that's not as visually stimulating as art or costume, provides me with inspiration for design.

What are your career goals and how is FIDM helping you get there? My dream is to be a costume designer and to be featured in FIDM Museum's Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition someday. FIDM has provided me with industry connections, 3rd year programs, a library of garments, excellent teachers, and a smashing library. They give me the tools, I just need to go out there and use them. After all, Star Wars is revving up for a sequel trilogy, and there is no way I'm letting myself not be a part of it.

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