WGSN Assistant Editor Chris Tsuyuki Visits FIDM

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Assistant Editor at WGSN, Chris Tsuyuki graduated from FIDM in the fall of 2011 and recently returned to her alma mater to visit the students in the Product Development Premier Marketing Group—an elite group of students with special access to guest speakers.

Chris writes primarily for the juniors directory at WGSN, covering emerging trends in the market. She recently published a report for WGSN based on the 1995 movie Clueless, for which she interviewed 18 and 19 year old females. She wrote a trend analysis about the fashion of the film and how it's influencing junior girls style.

Not only does Chris cover the juniors market, she also writes for several other WGSN directories, including the vintage directory. She just wrote the City By City update for San Francisco, which is a large scale city guide. She writes the west coast art listings. She covers west coast music festivals, fashion tradeshows, the LA Textile Show, as well as LA Fashion Week. She covers retail, and recently published on a story on 2012 holiday messaging, including the visual merchandising, signage, and hangtags.

Chris said she had wanted to go to FIDM when she was 17, but her parents insisted she earn a BA degree first. So, she studied Creative Writing at CSULB, and interned at WWD.

She stressed the importance of internships, no matter what your actual job responsibilities are. She said that at WWD, mostly what she did was FedEx packages and steam clothes.

"But, if you work hard and you prove yourself, you can get a lot of amazing opportunities," she said. "They ended up taking me to LA Fashion Week." She also got the opportunity to do some writing and go on some of their photo shoots.

After earning her BA degree, she worked as a freelance journalist in the music industry, and worked in PR, film, and the legal field. It was at this point in her life that she decided to attend FIDM to study Product Development.

While at FIDM, she interned for a small indie designer, where she got experience helping her with all aspects of the design process, including sample fittings and patternmaking. "The designer took me to New York Fashion Week, which was an amazing opportunity," she said. "I also got to go on buyers meetings with her, and help shoot the lookbook. It was just a great experience."

Chris also talked about the merits of FIDM's Product Development program. She said to the students, "It's a really amazing program that you guys are in. It gives such a good overview from end to end of the entire process, so you can jump in at any point and be able to talk with everyone from pattern makers to textile designers. And that's very, very important—especially for me and what I do."

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