Superbowl Countdown: Our Seven Picks for Most Inspiring NFL Motion Graphics Spots

 Above: “NFL Total Access” by Capacity

While most of our digital media posts are dedicated to topics like theatrical and video game advertising, short films and motion graphics, we can’t overlook the enticing visual graphics that dominate the sports marketing industry.

We’ve dedicated this week to sports marketing in anticipation for Superbowl Sunday, including this round-up of the best NFL motion graphics, title graphics and digital media spots.

For sports graphics enthusiasts, Graphics Mafia is a great site for your visual inspiration, founded by creative director and 2D/3D animator Brian McCauley.

“A lot of people get into sports motion graphics as stepping stone to other types of digital media, which is great, but I want everyone to know that you can make a great career out of sports motion graphics,” says McCauley in an interview with FIDMDigitalArts.com. “Just like any career, with passion and discipline you can truly create great art.”

Watch the rest of our picks for the best NFL motion graphics, including McCauley’s sports graphics reel on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

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Trend Watch: Varsity Lettering, Pocket Details, and Pattern Infills Spotted in Athletic-Inspired Casual and Streetwear Apparel


Above: 1 Small Check Pocket Tee by Huf // 2 Metallic Paisley Boxy Tank by Brothers Stret Luxri, owned by FIDM Graphic Design Student Joshua Lirio // 3 Win T-shirt (back) by Password Athletics, owned byFIDM Alumnus Miguel Urias// 4 Supreme/Champion® Parka (back) // 5 Stussy+80 Tee by Stussy 

With Superbowl Sunday approaching this weekend, it’s no wonder that athletic-inspired apparel graphics are catching our attention this week for Tuesday’s Trend Watch. From streetwear brands to men’s casual wear labels, design elements that hint at traditional sports uniforms are dominant.

Leading fashion trend forecasting and analysis service WGSN cites “super-minimal typography and bold numbers” in simple colorways as key design elements for men’s casualwear, street and denim brands.

“Moving away from multicolored and pictorial influences, designs are simple, referencing the classic varsity style for single color typographic designs,” states Alice Clarkson of WGSN.

Check out more examples about this athletic-inspired streetwear trend and more on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.

Four Vintage-Inspired Superbowl Sunday Graphic Designs: Typographic Posters, Unique Tailgate Invites & More

As much as we love the slick on-screen animations and motion graphics that dominate the visual landscape of Superbowl Sunday, these vintage-inspired graphic design pieces caught our attention for their unique, organic qualities.

Above:  Custom “San Francisco 49ers” and “Baltimore Ravens” Typographic Posters by August Park Creative

Check out the other four vintage-inspired Superbowl graphics on the FIDMDigitalArts Blog.


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