Just Accepted Merchandise Marketing Student is Graduate of Arizona State University



Full Name: Chloe Maples

Age: 22

Hometown: San Clemente, California

FIDM Major: Merchandise Marketing Professional Designation Program

FIDM Campus and Start Date: Los Angeles, July 2012

Admissions Advisor: Susan Pope

Tell us a bit about yourself. I love to travel and see the world. I also love to go shopping and hang out with my friends. I gain inspiration from the different styles that I see through my travels and I love to incorporate that into my fashion.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? Graduating from ASU with a bachelor's degree in Business Communications. To be able to navigate the largest university in the United States was definitely tough to do.

What made FIDM right for you? FIDM was right for me because they had a program that focused on exactly what I want to do and is tailored for someone who already has a bachelor's degree.

Describe your entrance project. My entrance project was for a store that specializes in the basics that everyone could use, but they each had a twist. The colors focused on black, white, grey, and brown and you could get anything from a white t-shirt to a work suit.  Every piece of clothing had its own special twist on it so that you can show off what makes you different.

What are your career goals? My career goals are to become a buyer for a major department store. My dream is to move to New York and become a buyer for Bloomingdales.

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