Industrywatch: Technology Seeks a Perfect Online Apparel Fit

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With fit the number one reason given for returns, tech firms are in a race to find a formula that can replicate online that magic moment in a real dressing room when the customer looks in the mirror, falls in love, and stays in love.

True Fit technology, being tested by Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Guess, crunches data that the customer supplies about what fits and what doesn’t in her current closet with proprietary information from apparel companies about their patternmaking and fit specs. The program also weighs factors like favorite brands and body type before making recommendations. Once a personal profile is on file, it is shared with member retailers for a monthly fee.

“We’ve got to learn and we’ve got to move fast,” said a Nordstrom spokesperson regarding getting a better online fit the first time around. Returns of items that don’t fit “are the biggest problem we all have with the Internet,” confirmed BCBG spokesman Stephen Budd a Wall Street Journal story.

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