Check out the Graphic Design/Illustration Design Firm Behind Target's Amazing Interactive "WOW" Gift Cards


With holiday shopping season in full-swing, it comes as no surprise that leading retailer Target (known for its amazing brand marketing) is delivering top notch graphics with its gift cards, some of which even double as interactive toys, games and puzzles.

With so many unique illustrations and graphic designs, we thought it would be fun to track down one of the graphic designers behind the gift cards that keep us so entertained and inspired.

Graphic design/illustrator duo Don and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature have tackled several design projects for Target, including environmental graphics and several gift cards, including the company's most popular WOW gift card of 2011, a Lego 3-in-1 (which sold 350,000 copies). Read more on the Blog here.

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Design Inspiration from Around the Globe: Get Lost in Herman Miller's Film Series "Why Design" by LA-based Firm "Hello Design"

The design team at Los Angeles-based interactive design agency Hello Design recently embarked on a unique design-focused journey for Herman Miller’s Why Design film series that will keep you captivated and, perhaps, ready to invest in a Herman Miller chair.

Visiting eight cities, the Hello team captured 7,268 photos and wrote 600 lines of code, according to AIGA/Los Angeles (who toured Hello last month), to capture the spirit of legendary Herman Miller designers including surfer Yves Béhar, paper sculpture artist Irving Harper, the company’s original graphic artist Steve Frykholm, and more.

No matter what type of design interests you, whether it’s industrial design, architecture, interior, graphic design or digital media, Hello’s amazing digital storytelling ability will help you discover new creative inspiration from these amazing designers from around the world. Watch one episode here and more on the Blog here.

Packaging Design Trends: Playful, Interactive Novelty Packaging for Food, Beverage & Holiday

Leading fashion forecast and trend analysis company Stylesight cites Novelty Packaging as an emerging trend in a recent Packaging Highlights Report, stating “playful concepts are breathing new life into food and drink packaging.” Read more about this fun packaging trend on the Blog here.


Above: 1 Conceptual design for Annie’s Instant Oatmeal by FIDM Graphic Design Alumna Kathy Calderon // 2 Delilah interactive chalkboard coffee packaging designed by Lun Yau // 3 Three-inch Sweet Relish Dunny packaging designed by Sket One // 4 Corporate holiday chocolates self-promotion packaging for Daines & Associates Architects by Think Packaging // 5 Bzzz Armenian Honey packaging designed by Backbone Studio

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