Career Center 411: Turn Your Seasonal Job Into a Permanent Job


The holidays were a great time to generate a paycheck for your December shopping expenses. Although seasonal jobs aren’t guaranteed to become permanent positions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove otherwise. Here are a few ways to clearly show your interest in having a full time job.

1.   Offer to work flexible hours

The more availability you have, the more hours you’ll compile. Offer to work evening and weekends. Employers don’t want to bother with the hassle of reworking schedules on a weekly basis.

2.    Showcase your skills

A seasonal job is a like an audition. This is your opportunity to shine and show them your worth as an employee. Stay positive and show them you’re willing go to beyond the job expectations.

3.    Know the brand

Set yourself apart by showing your familiarity with the company products. Taking the time to understand and research a company never fails to catch the eye of a manager or director.

4.    Show your interest

If you’re serious about moving forward with the company, show your interest in moving into a staff position in your possible area of expertise. Employers often times like to promote within.

5.    Be assertive

Take on extra duties! Be a leader and take initiative in projects that will get you noticed. Once the season is over, send a “thank you” letter to express your satisfaction with the company.

Whether you’re looking to stay with a company or not, it’s still important to show your skill set to any employer. The possibilities that you can snatch a great reference will prepare you for greater things!

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Arali Melendez

Student Clerical

FIDM Career Center

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