Career Center 411: Advisor Spotlight Angela Leavitt

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FIDM Orange County Career Advisor Angela Leavitt

Q: How many years have you been an advisor?

A:  Seven and a half  years

Q. What kind of jobs did you have in the industry and how did it lead you to FIDM?

A: Entrepreneurship was my passion and I was lucky enough to have it come to fruition. My handbags were sold in stores such as Fred Segal, Betsey Johnson, and Macy’s. This experience, plus my love for education, creativity, and the spirit of giving back are what brought me here.

 Q. What is your favorite part about being a Career Advisor?

The students’ excitement and passion for the industry is one of my favorite parts of being a Career Advisor. I love being able to guide the students toward their ultimate dream job.

Q. What do you feel is most important for incoming students to know regarding their career path? How about alumni?

A: Expect the unexpected. It is important to realize that people want you to be successful. Make sure you (students and alumni) use all the services that FIDM provides. Networking is also key.  Everyone around you is a potential step into the industry. The old cliché treat others how you would like to be treated is true. Do not burn bridges; although there are many companies out there, it is still a small industry. So always be the best you!

Q. What Career Advisor techniques do you use to help guide students and alumni in the right career path? i.e. LinkedIn, Networking, etc.

A: Network, network, network! It is amazing how many opportunities will come your way by getting involved and putting yourself out there. Make time for an internship and volunteer. Also, it is important to join an organization with similar interests. Get involved in student activities and/or your community. Employers love to see internships and extracurricular involvement on your resume and it is a great networking tool. Social network sites such as LinkedIn are also invaluable.

 Q. What do you look for in an outstanding candidate for a job opportunity?

A: Most importantly an optimistic, confident and can-do attitude. Remember the employer is not interested in spending time with “ Don or Debbie Downer.” Be cheerful and smile; it is contagious.

Q. Your top industry pet peeve?

A: ‘Mizzplealleings’ on resumes! Make sure you have three different people read your resume three different times. It is your key to an interview.

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