MPD Alumna Has New Job as Merchandising Assistant at Zappos


Alumna Jasmine Muhtaseb just started an exciting new position as a Merchandising Assistant for Women's Contemporary at Zappos. "My current duties include order writing, product categorization, assisting with product selection, inventory managemnet, communicating with our vendors, attending trade shows, stock analysis, and montitoring sales and forecasting reports," she explains. "I am blown away by the company culture so far. We get to enjoy free meals, a company library, nap rooms, an all access gym, and free healthcare."

Jasmine says that she often heard that FIDM was great to its Alumni while she was still in school. "Now, as an Alumni, I have learned to utilize the connections FIDM offers to help me progress in this industry," says the Merchandise Product Development Graduate. "My instructor and mentor Rebecca Eliason has been so supportive throughout the whole process and made sure I connected with all the right people to get where I am today."

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