Ask an Admissions Advisor: What Major Is Best if I Want to Create a Clothing Line?


Associate Admissions Director Mary Kate Del Campo answers your questions in our weekly series, Ask an Admissions Advisor.

Question: If I want to create my own clothing line, is studying Fashion the right path or should I be focusing on another major?

Mary Kate: When a prospective student is interested in creating his or her own clothing line, the FIDM Fashion Design major is a starting point for a conversation about majors.  If sewing, draping, and sketching excite you, this might be your path. Another possible option is FIDM's Merchandise Product Development program. Our Bachelor's Degree program in Business Management, which combines one of our creative degrees (such as Fashion Design or Product Development) with specialized business skills, is a great option for students who want to learn more about launching or running their own business. 

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Photo credit: FIDM Instructor and artist, Lisa Hoffman

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