Student Blogger Update: MPD Student Launches Clothing Line at the Biltmore


Over the weekend, I had the privilege of presenting my line alongside my mother, who is also a Fashion Designer. I launched a clothing line called "masterPiece Collection." It's a brand consisting of graphic tops and leggings, inspired by pop culture, art & architecture. Many FIDM Students were there as stylists, photographers, reporters, and models. I gained a lot of knowledge from this experience. Learning to put on a fashion show from start to finish, I now know what it takes; and it's a lot of work! If it weren't for FIDM, I wouldn't have had any idea on how to start this clothing line and build it into a brand. I haven't even graduated yet and I feel like i've learned a ton.

This story contributed by FIDM Merchandise Product Development Student Johnae Elease.


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