Footwear Design Grad and MPD Student Are Brother and Sister


Meet Tony Hsu, a Footwear Design Graduate, and Annie Hsu, a current Merchandise Product Development Student who is currently interning at Kellwood as a Production Assistant. "Since I already have a prior degree, I only wanted to back to school for a year," explains Annie, who co-founded the social Dog Haus Running Club in Pasadena, which has over 300 members. "My brother suggested I look into the programs and FIDM was the right fit for me."

Tony, who is an Assistant Designer at Chinese Laundry, says that FIDM prepared him for the footwear industry. "I am able to apply these skills that I learned on a day-to-day basis at work," he says. "FIDM has a great track record of putting students to work through their enormous network in the fashion industry."

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