Industrywatch: Fashion Brands See Growth in Boomers

Older woman copy

Baby boomers continue to break the rules as stylish 60-somethings and up adapt the latest trends, creating growth in a segment of the market previously considered stagnant. As grannies toss aside figure concealing muu muus in favor of booties and leggings, luxury and mid-priced brands are taking notice, reinterpeting trends and even showing fashions on older models. It makes sense. As the Financial Times reports: "With 78 million (American) boomers, aged 60-something and above, who control 70% of domestic insome--that is a lot of purchasing power." To see the kinds of elegant women with buying power that epitomize the trend check out Ari Seth Cohen's popular blog Advanced Style. The brands whose business models already recognize these powerful purchasers? Eileen Fisher, Chico's, Ralph Lauren, and St. John Knits are a few. On the retail side, upscale retailers like Neimans, Harrods, Saks, and Bergdorfs have always known where the deep pockets are. It just wasn't sexy to talk about it, says in the same story.

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