FIDM Beauty Grad Sophia Chang is a YouTube Star With More Than 10 Million Views


Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Alumna Sophia Chang has more than 10 million views on YouTube and 115,000 subscribers. This full-time beauty blogger runs the site Fashionista804 and creates a variety of fashion and beauty videos that have become incredibly popular on her YouTube channel. We recently caught up with Sophia to learn more.

How did you get started making YouTube videos and when did things take off?

I started in my junior year of high school just for fun. It became a hobby for me because I loved being a girly girl and playing in makeup. It didn't begin to explode until last year. I just started taking my videos and their content to another level, and then the following just came naturally.

Why do you think you have been so successful online?

I think the most important thing was just giving great content to my viewers. I just wanted to make videos that my audience could relate to and apply to their daily lives. Having a big personality, being creative, and artistic with my videos has definitely played a huge part with my success from YouTube.

How did FIDM help prepare you for your career?

FIDM taught me more about the business side of the beauty industry. I learned great product information that I could apply to my product review videos. I gained a lot of information on how to deal with starting my own business or working for a big mainstream cosmetic brand. If I ever wanted to take another route in my career other than YouTube, I believe that the material I learned from FIDM will help me be the best candidate I can be in this industry.

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