What's New, What's Hot: Lady Gaga's Armani Musical Instruments, Victoria Beckham Designed a Car

Giorgio Armani for Lady GagaNews broke this week that the always outrageous Lady Gaga is working closely with Giorgio Armani on costume designs for her Born This Way Ball tour in Asia. Given that the "The Edge of Glory" singer has worn meat as a dress, fashion editors and bloggers have been wondering how the designer, known for classic silhouettes and clean lines, would dress the super star. We now know he's created four, avant-garde costumes, including a bodysuit made of dismembered musical instruments,  alien-inspired headwear, and three pants-less looks, which will no doubt make all that dancing she does much easier.

When Posh Spice Victoria Beckham teams up with one of the world's top luxury car companies to create a custom automobile, you know it will be nothing less than spectacular and chic. That's Range Rover Evoque by Victoria Beckhamexactly what she did, and exactly what it is. The fashion designer has been working on a custom design for Range Rover, called the Range Rover Evoque, for the past eighteen months and the custom car was just unveiled in Bejing. "I looked at yachts, luxury jets, and classic cars," Beckham said of how she researched for the project. The new Evoque features a rose gold-plated interior, hand sewn leather seats, and a bespoke four-piece luggage set. Like we said, nothing less than spectacular and chic.

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